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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Of course, the year I move away from DC the Nats make the playoffs. I would have sold a kidney to get a ticket.

    • Rave: The year I move close to the stadium the Nats make the playoffs! If only I liked baseball.

      • Nats are going to get whooped up by the Braves. Horrible GM mistake by pitching Strausaburger early in the season. Look at Kris Medlen if you want to real way to come back from Tommy John surgery. Horrible seats in that picture. I ll be right behind the Braves dugout when the Braves take the series up here next month!

  • Rave: I seriously love the Smithsonian’s Seriously Amazing website. So many amazing random facts:

  • Rant: students shooting other students over who is better dressed http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/student-shot-by-classmate-pushed-others-out-of-harms-way/2012/09/20/c6383da2-0326-11e2-9b24-ff730c7f6312_story.html?wpmk=MK0000205

    Rave: I start a new job Monday working for a philanthropist and their foundation and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be transitioning out of the private sector!

  • Is there something wrong with the site or can I no longer identify myself as other than anonymous without logging in?


  • Rant: Broke up with girlfriend. I initiated it, but I’m still miserable. There’s no way around this, is there?

    Rave: Uh… pass.

    • talula

      Ugh, that sucks. It’s just has hard being the person who initiated the break up than the person who was dumped. At least for me, I felt crushing guilt over initiating the break up with a long term ex. It’s normal to feel miserable, but it will get better.

    • Having gone through a very painful breakup, I have come to embrace the cliche: the only way is through. Take the time to feel the pain, reflect internally, and commit to improving yourself. Hope happier times are in your future.

  • Rant 1: I read this week that DC is re-drawing their benchmarks for testing improvements on racial and socio-economic lines. I just don’t see this as anything other than fudging the numbers to make the school or school system better. I don’t see how it benefits the kids in the least.

    Rant 2: Guy that participated in murder of principal betts free after 18 months only to be killed in a home invasion this week (as perp). Don’t feel sorry for him. Feel sorry for the system that gives such a sweetheart deal to a murderer.

  • Rant: friendship slipping away with a once-close friend who only wants things on her terms and is passive-aggressive when she’s upset over slights, both real and imagined. I’ve called her on it before but I’m getting tired of this pattern.

    • That’s tough. I’ve only just now come to the realization that my once-best friend is not even a friend anymore. She refuses to call or write (ok, that’s her thing) but won’t even send her phone number (claiming she will call me with the info, but then never does). It definitely creates a void, but on the other hand it’s better to invest in those friends who return the effort.

  • Rave: Redskins Football Season & DC Brau.

    Rant: Work is beginning to feel like endless penny pinching of my time, like I’m sacrificing my best years… It’s hard to see a doctor, or to alter my plans to pick someone up from the airport because they keep me so booked up on wildly varying projects that can’t wait. I’m a web designer for crying out loud…. Just because I can do a lot of things, it shouldn’t mean that I should constantly do them all at once. *mumbling*

    Rave: It’s Friday! F’ This S*it at 2pm!

    Rave: Heard about the Colonial Parking Scandal on WTOP and they mentioned POP.Com… Prepare for a bunch of “new wackos” to start posting now 😛

  • Rant: On-line dating. What does it take to get women to write back? This whole process has been humiliating. I’m a relatively good looking, successful guy, who can’t seem to get anyone to write back. What gives ladies? Who exactly are you replying to? “I’m supposed to get excited because she has a back pack on?”

    • Scrillin

      It’s gotta be you, man.

      OKCupid worked like a charm for me, and I’m weird.

      The key is friendly. Most women in my experience want to date a guy they could be friends with, too.

      Be friendly and focus on non-physical things that make them special, and it will all fall into place.

    • pablo .raw

      I’m someone who has not dealt too much with online dating and the whole thing is really interesting to me. So let me ask you, have you tried the old fashion way? meeting women at parties, bars, etc.? That also works! Are the new generations depending too much on online dating for finding a partner?

      • Yes, have tried the old fashioned way. Not too much success. The profession that I am in doesn’t afford me to do traditional things often, so going on-line seems like a great way to meet people while off doing the god’s work.

    • Plenty of Fish worked out pretty well for me. (much, much better than eharmony)

      Just be patient and try not to get frustrated.

    • As someone who has done a fair bit of online dating, you can’t take it personally if someone doesn’t reply. She could have already met someone, or be busy, or found a stupid dealbreaker in your profile. It’s a numbers game.

      Also you can increase your odds of getting a response if you: (1) target women you have things in common with and are realistically in your “league” (ie if she’s the hottest girl on the site she’s probably getting hundreds of messages and yours is lost in the mix; (2) write a message that’s friendly, light, and is specific to her or her profile.

    • binpetworth

      As someone who’s been on the receiving end of a lot of weird online dating emails, my advice is to keep it short and sweet. Write hello, mention something specific that struck you about her profile/interests that you think you might have in common, and then ask her out. That’s right–mention meeting in person. Can’t tell you how many men want to have a long online chat and not actually go anywhere; if you’re on a dating site, it means you want to go on a date.

      • Haha, I think we wrote basically the same response at the same time. I agree with you but I think I’d be turned off by someone asking to meet in person in the first message.. better for the 2nd or 3rd. But yes, if you have good online rapport, it’s best to take it offline quickly to see if you have real-life chemistry.

      • I so agree with this. I actually stopped my profile because there were to many guys who would email back and forth and after a while I sussed out they were married! And so many men were writing to me online, it was a little overwhelming. I just wanted to meet in person and go on a lousy date.

        So I got offline and started taking classes in things I’m interested and although no dates have come out of it, so far so good. I’m learning a lot about the subject and myself, and hopefully sending “I’m out there” vibes!

    • What is a typical email you’ve sent a woman? Maybe we can identify the problem.

      • I’ve been writing to the form/template that everyone has mentioned here. Short and sweet, targeted, relevant to what has been mentioned on the profiles, etc. I think the issue comes down to skin color and racial preference. I prefer white women, but I’m not white. Thoughts on that?

        • You should just state it upfront. That’s one problem with okc, not being able to specify that except in the narrative. I’m asian and find out later that either the men I’ve been writing to is either TOO into Asians or have rules about not dating Asians. Ever.

        • May I ask why you prefer not to date women of your own race? Just curious, I’ve never heard of that preference before

        • well, since most people still prefer (or end up or just feel more comfortable) dating within their race (including white women), you’ll automatically have a harder time. it does sound to me like you’d have better luck meeting people in person.

    • You need to make sure your messages give her some material to work with in her reply. So ask her a question, one that isn’t totally trivial. I found that my best messages were when I pretended that the profile was written by one of my best friends, what would I have keyed in on to write to them about? It kept me from being too stilted and let more of my own personality come through (and eventually helped me find someone!).

      I also agree with the other replies that you have to very quickly indicate a willingness to meet. We all have plenty of people in our lives we can swap emails with, finding another one is not why anyone is using OKCupid.

    • This girl actually writes a blog about emails she gets from guys on dating sites. It’s pretty tongue in cheek (and maybe a little mean), but perhaps it can give you some insight into what girls think/look for in your emails.


    • I feel your pain…in the same boat as yourself. I write personalized short, normal messages. Majority of messages no response at all. Not sure what site you use, on Match there is an easy click to tell the person you’re not interested after reading the message or can simply write back a response. So, in my opinion sometimes no response is out of laziness. Match tells you when the message was read. All I can say is just keep on trying, all a numbers game. Good luck.

    • Okcupid has worked ok for meeting people but no one who wants anything serious. it’s super casual. i tend to reply to messages when there is a question of some sort or that the person has read something of my profile and mentions a common interest. i eventually would like to meet in person so maybe by the second or third message, there should be plans to meet. i get tired of just messaging.

      match.com did not work at all. as an asian female, i mostly got messages from older men looking for a wife.

    • Be interested in something other than physical features and ask her about herself. The key is to seem genuine without seeming creepy. Good luck. I found my current bf online and it’s be fantastic. He responded to my post by asking me what my favorite museum was and then I answered his question and asked him some instead of the usual “I think you’re really attractive. Let’s go out” messages.

  • em

    Revel: A co-worker gave me his extra ticket to last night’s Nats game

    Revel: Nats season tickets for next year (one of the 20 game plans)

    Revel: NLDS tickets

    Revel: My wife, who used her time before heading into work today to buy said season pack and NLDS tickets

  • RAVE: O’s wildcard and first round playoff tickets purchased!

    Rave: Almost weekend time! Fun things planned

  • Rave: Got tickets to tonights nats game for $8!!!!!!!! (love me some nosebleed seats!)
    Rant: Got through the virtual waiting room for playoff tix but couldn’t get any… oh well!
    Rave: What better way to say au revoir to summer than a baseball game!!

  • Rant: Growing up in my teens and 20s, I had no pimples. Zero. Now I’m breaking out all of the time. Prescription retinoids (also used for the fine lines and wrinkles I’m getting now) are supposed to work, but it’s been a couple of months and I see no difference. OTC stuff and antibiotics didn’t work either. This is ridiculous. Why couldn’t I have been normal and gotten over this by now???

    Rave: It’s Friday. It’s cliche to say that, but this week has been really rough at work and I can’t wait to get home.

    • I’ve found tea tree oil to be really helpful for pesky breakouts. Have you tried it?

    • Try Lush products. Specifically this: http://www.lushusa.com/Grease-Lightning/02896,en_US,pd.html?cgid=cleansers in combination with this: http://www.lushusa.com/Tea-Tree-Water/9999900405,en_US,pd.html Found these to work better then countless OTC products I have tried.

    • only thing that works for me is antibiotics so I’m kind of out of luck. I wouldn’t recommend being on them long-term, but it was really nice to have perfect skin for my wedding.

    • Obviously different things work for different people, but I like the Lush products mentioned here, as well. My skin is very temperamental-I broke out a lot in my tween years, had clear skin through most of high school, went through a period in my late college/just post-college years where I was breaking out again, then had clear skin, and now have just started breaking out again in my late 20’s, so I’ve tried everything. Those and the sulfur mask from Peter Thomas Roth (though I’m sure any sulfur mask woudl be similar) seem to be the best products for me.

      Also, if you’re a woman, have you tried any kind of hormonal birth control? I’ve had a pretty good amount of success with using it to curb my breakouts, though I know it’s not for everyone (and I know it causes some women to break out more).

      I’ve heard amazing things about the oil cleansing method, too. You use a mix of castor oil and a second oil or your choosing (olive oil and sunflower seed oil seem to be the most popular two) and allegedly it cleans out your pores and helps with breakouts. I can’t personally vouch for it, but a good friend swears by it and she has amazing skin.

      • I can’t take hormones doe to a previous complication from taking them (and have tried tea tree oil), but I’ll try what else you all recommended- thanks!

  • Rant: Online ticket sales in general. Why do you make me do multiple searches through different price ranges to see if you have the tickets I want. Yes the best available function is nice, but what about cheapest available? Or best available under X price.

    It was fun waiting in line online for Nats tickets and be willing to pay up to 100 a ticket only to find after all of that waiting and multiple searches none of the 35 or 55 or 65 tickets were available only the 315 dollar party suites.

    • And why make me enter a captcha code EVERY TIME just to find out no tickets are available? Can’t that step come after I’ve found tickets I want to purchase?

  • Rave: Grass seed is sprouting.

    Rave: First sunday of the fall — means I can officially start drinking my supply of Pumking!

    Rave: brisket for smoking all day tomorrow after a long trail run in the early fall morning and will be just in time for the awesome slate of football games on tomorrow night.

    Rant: Contacts are dry today.

    • Man, Pumking is the BEST. We couldn’t even wait until the official start of fall, but we are keeping at least one bottle “in reserve” for some kind of special occasion.

      The BEST DAY EVER was when we found a sports bar outside Baltimore that had Pumking on tap, and the happy hour special for a pint was $3. We keep going back just in the hopes that they have it, but no luck so far.

  • Rant: I hate it when the veggie option has more calories. Shake Shack shroom-burger, 570 calories; hamburger, 360 calories.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Interviewed someone I hope my bosses hire.

    Rant: Work is still boring.

    Rave: It’s Friday and I have a fun outing with my sister planned for tomorrow.

  • RAVE: Nats game last night! Awesome atmosphere….nothing like fall baseball! Happy man.

    RAVE: I met a really cool girl on the metro last night on my way back from the stadium. And it ended there…but good convo nonetheless.

    RAVE: FRIDAY/SKINS/Twin Shadow on Monday!

  • Rave – the Nats, of course! Was at the game last night, and it was an exciting one to watch. Detwiler pitched a gem.

    Rant – Slightly hungover. Oh well, it was worth it! 😀

  • perhaps you have developed an allergy to something. My nephew had pimples until he stopped dringking milk products, then they diappeared in days.

  • Rave: tomorrow’s my birthday! I love birth week.
    Rave: Nats.
    Rave: home opener for the DC football team!

  • Rave: Working at home today.

    Rant: Busy preparing for a big, stressful meeting on Monday.

    Rant: Feeling stressed in general these days.

    Rave: Looking forward to (what I hope will be) an amazing time with my sister at Hillwood on Saturday.

  • Rave: just got my free try glasses on from Warby Parker and half of them look good. finally! now just need to decide which one. or which two. so excited!!!

    Rave 2: it’s friday! looking forward to finally unpacking from my trip over the weekend.

  • Rave: My friend just had a baby.
    Rant: It’s the 6th baby in the last six months among my friends. My husband and I have been trying for a year and it hurts every time there is a new baby. I’m excited for them, yes, but also really disappointed and angry with myself for not being normal.

    • I’m sorry. I sort of know what you’re going through and have friends who have been trying/tried a lot longer. 1 year is normal, though, for trying. have you read “taking charge of your fertility”? have you taken it to the next step (RE) yet? I know how hard it is to have patience. there are many ways to make a family and I hope you find one that makes you happy. good luck!

  • Rave: By the picture posted I’m assuming people are getting their playoff strips in the mail as of yesterday(?)

    Rant: I asked my ticket rep when we would get ours last week and she couldn’t tell me, said we would receive tracking emails when they were sent out (because we will have to sign for the package, hence I will have to be home). If they are indeed coming as early as today that would be an important tidbit to know as someone who is currently at work! I thought we were past ticket mailing incompetence. It only took them 6 years to get our address right ….

    • em

      That looks like a computer print out from someone who bought online…

    • saf

      Anon – if you hadn’t called your ticket rep “she” I would have assumed you were my husband.

      We have had ENDLESS problems with ticket delivery, including the year we got someone else’s tickets, and the years that they INSISTED on sending them to the house during the week with no notice and no way to pick them up.

      I wish they would set up a mechanism to allow us to pick up tickets at the park.

      • Apparently changing addresses required a protracted international negotiation since the tickets were still being printed in Canada for several seasons. The Nats ticketing system must not be fluent in Quebecois.

        But, hey, they got it right this year! The first year in 4 that I haven’t had to stake out my old apartment building, intercept the FedEx guy and convince him that the package was indeed for me! That was fun.

  • rant: in the next 2 months I have to fire a dud we hired a few months back. this person is fresh out of school and just does not “get it”. what do you get from an undergrad degree these days? their sense of entitlement is astounding. they only make an effort to “charm” people instead of just showing up on time and working their tail off. I don’t want you to be nice to me as your boss, I want you to TRY REALLY HARD. good luck in life, buddy.

    • double rant: I feel like a failure for hiring this person.

      • Don’t feel bad. There will other people who will work hard and better to know now, early into the process rather than later. If it makes you feel any better, my new hire, fresh out of under grad, came into my office and asked me the time and what time the meeting started. My reply, “Check your watch and check and outlook. And in the future don’t ask you boss those questions!” Ermahgawd…

    • I feel your pain…except I WISH my program area director would let me fire the new guy. Similar circumstances, except he has a masters and has been around for a year…and still just doesn’t get it. He’s a total ass-kisser but delivers shoddy work, and was pissed when we hired someone else into the position above him instead of giving him a promotion. Um, listen…if you want more responsibility, you might want to prove to us that you can actually handle the tasks you already have. And you’re not doing that.

      Ok, rant over.

      • ugh, thanks for commiserating, guys. I’m just floored at how people feel entitled to a job and think that showing up for (sometimes less than) 8 hours a day earns them a nice salary and benefits. if you see other people around you working harder and making far better work, why does that not clue you in? if you see your boss getting frustrated and taking action to let you know your work isn’t up to par, why are you responding with only gestures?

        I’ve had this conversation with some friends lately and it’s shocking how common it is for young employees to think it’s okay to spend all day on facebook, shopping, and WATCHING TV at work (and stupidly not cover their tracks). there are TONS of people out there who want this kid’s job and instead of getting in early, kid rolls in towards the end of the “acceptable” time to arrive and spends the last 45 minutes of the day straightening up his desk like that counts as him working 15 minutes “late”. man, I’m starting to think I’m going to enjoy giving this one a wakeup call.

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