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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

Wishing those who observe a Sweet and Happy New Year. Mayor Gray adds his wishes via a press release:

I would like to offer my fondest greetings to the District’s Jewish community as the High Holy Days begin. The period that begins with Rosh Hashanah and culminates with Yom Kippur is a time to reflect on the Jewish principle of tikkun olam – repairing the world through acts of service, justice and kindness – and to resolve to lead our lives anew with a focus on doing justice and loving kindness.

The Jewish community has, for well over a century and a half, been an integral part of the District of Columbia and the United States, and I am personally thankful for the innumerable contributions of Jewish people to our communal cultural, civic and social life.

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  • Rant: So cold! I stubbornly refused to pull out my winter coat this morning, even though the weather warranted it. I warmed up a little while working out, but my bike ride to work from there was chilly and I haven’t been able to warm up since.

    • This is the weird time of year when it’s cold in the A.M., and you need a coat, but by the time the late afternoon rolls around it’s in the 70s or 80s. I wore tights to work today but will probably regret it later.

      • Yeah, I figured it was better to be chilly at 5:45am than have to lug a coat home at 4pm. I suppose it doesn’t help that I washed my hair last night and it’s still a bit damp.

    • Forgot to add my rave: Really looking forward to my lunch today (homemade potato and mushroom soup + golden beet and apple salad).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I was in a good mood, literally until I walked into the building I work in. That can’t be a good sign. I’m contemplating telling them I no longer want to be low middle management.

    Rant: I had been hoping to use my low middle management position as bargaining chip for more money at my annual review.

    Rant: Thinking about work way too much.


    Rave: Testing a new pickle recipe.

  • Rant: Friday night, while we were out of town, someone tore our back gate from the fence. This is a solid wooden gate, about seven feet high and must have taken quite a lot of time, effort, and noise to tear from its hinges.

    Rave: nothing was stolen even though they managed to break into one of our locked storage bins. I guess there was nothing there that was easily sellable.

    Rave: amazing group of neighbors who called to tell us what had happened, took a quick inventory, moved some sentimental items to their own house, and secured the door.

  • Rave – Panda babeh!

    Rant – People who steadfastly refuse to move to the back of the bus to let more people on. I’m talking about people who stand there, with their ear buds firmly in place, looking at the front of the bus and seeing people squish themselves in, and refuse to budge when there’s tons of space behind them!

  • Rant: Fierce hangover this morning.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: The end of something is the beginning of something else. But, does “the end” really exist? or is it just that things transform into something else? Once again, is personal reinvention time.

  • Rant: Incredibly itchy welts that just appeared over the weekend on the top of my thigh. Anyone have good recommendations for a walk in/urgent care clinic in DC?

  • mtpgal

    Rave: I picked up a free book from an Irish author at the metro today. Thanks for the heads up, PoP!

    • Shoot, I saw them setting up this AM at the Columbia Heights metro, but I thought it was a fundraising/petition group! Deployed my patented Street Fundraiser Countermeasures ™ and everything.

  • Rave: Awesome time at Go Ape in Rockville this weekend! I definitely recommend checking it out if you are looking for fun outdoor activities.

    Rave: Beautiful weather all weekend.

  • Rave: Awesome weekend with friends, new and old, doing the Atlantic City Triathlon. So much fun and a great way to end the tri season.

    Rant: Performance Appraisal time – I’m fine appraising my work but when we get no opportunity to provide input to our managers and supervisors, it feels a little one sided…

    Rave: Had a pretty great year in work – looking forward to what the next year brings.

  • Rave: Had the most fabulous weekend and day yesterday, not actually doing much. I was in a good mood haze well into the night.
    Rave: Got in a run this morning. So nice to have cooler weather to run in!
    Rant: Back to reality.

  • For the person with the welts, try DC Immediate & Primary Care in Cleveland Park: http://dcimmediatecare.com/

  • Rant: Someone gets shot in the head and another person gets shot in the hip, and it doesn’t make the news (except a blurb on PoP). This took place in my neighborhood (Capitol Hill), and it is amazing to think that I rode my bike to Harris Teeter and passed this exact spot less than twelve hours after the incident and there wasn’t a sign that anything was amiss. Without PoP, I wouldn’t come close to knowing what nonsense is going on in my own neighborhood.
    Rave: This marks the one-year anniversary for when I first picked up my beloved cat at the DC pound. He has been a mischievous and loving furball, and I’m so glad I was able to find him.

    • Same here– I only read about it on PoP (though someone on one of the listservs was asking if anyone heard shots that night). Sure, it’s not entirely surprising given the housing projects that are there, but it’s still very unusual for the neighborhood and especially upsetting given the recent upswing in violent crime here. I’m very surprised that it didn’t get more coverage, but hopefully the police are giving the matter the attention it deserves.

    • It makes the news when a white person is shot.

  • RANT: Why am I so invested in the Redskins? They break my heart. Sundays are depressing as is….but with a Skins loss…and the way they lost. Brutal. Are the Nats going to break my heart too? Hope not….
    RANT: I went out on Saturday to an open bar party….and I am still struggling.
    RANT: Does anyone like their job? Is it possible to like one’s job? Will I always be chasing a better job….a more fulfilling/meaningful job!??

    • I think most of us feel our jobs could be more fulfilling or meaningful, but there simply aren’t that many jobs that involve saving the world. I think it’s important to do things outside of work that you do find very meaningful, whether it’s volunteering or taking care of someone or just going out of your way to make someone smile.

    • I really want to know the answers to your questions in your third rant. I mean, is it possible that most people like their jobs? I really doubt it. Could someone *really* like being a banker, an accountant, an assistant, a manager… or most jobs??

      • Allison

        Yes, I think it’s genuinely possible to love a job– even a traditional one. I’m a law student (but I work a lot as a clerk) and sometimes I completely forget that 5:00 has rolled around, or voluntarily stay until 6:00 because I’m enjoying the problem I’m working on. But, only crazy people become lawyers so maybe that’s different.

    • A couple years ago I had a job I loved. I wasn’t changing the world or anything, but my coworkers were fantastic, great boss, interesting (to me) issues, and we actually got stuff done. I’m now in a job I like well enough, it isn’t wonderful, but it isn’t soul sucking either (I’ve done that before too). For me, it is all about the environment I’m working in rather than what I’m actually doing. But I don’t think anyone loves every job they have. I think it ebbs and flows.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Who I work with plays a big part on liking my job too. Sadly, a bunch of people I like moved on this year plus I got a new even worse boss than before.

        I had a dream about my all time favorite job last night, that is probably making me hate my current job a little more today.

    • My two cents on my experience:
      I don’t necessarily love every moment of every work day but if I step back and look at the work I am doing, I enjoy it, I feel like it’s meaningful, and that I’m gaining great experience and opportunities doing it.
      That said, sitting in my office, day-to-day, I’m not inspired every moment. I find while the overall objective of my position of wonderful, it’s the management and operations side that drags me down and makes me sometimes not want to show up…

  • All raves today, folks. Downton Abbey season three, and BABY PANDA. Life is good.

    • Oh wow, I didn’t realize Season 3 had started. I’m sure there’s a way to watch the episodes now, but I’m going to hold out until its debut in the States. It’s the perfect show to sink into in the middle of winter.

  • Rant: Gross, disgusting woman eating a few waffles out of a bag and leaving crumbs all over the place on the metro this morning who didn’t stop until I said something.
    Rave: Awesome weekend with my GF.

  • Rave: Had a close to perfect weekend. Good times hanging out with friends, got my fall veggies mostly planted in the garden, movie at the Uptown, capped off with a great lazy Sunday with the man.

    Rant: Sleeping terribly lately and it’s affecting work in a big way–so tired that I’m having a hard time concentrating and getting things done. I have an emergency stash of Ambien, but I really don’t want to rely on it. Not sure how to turn off my brain when it’s time to go to bed, but if anyone has suggestions they’d be more than welcome.

    • Allison

      I tend to get all worked up and problem-solvy right before bed too. It’s silly, but I find reading comics in bed helps. (I read Garfield– that fat cat and his spider-squishing lasanga loving ways gets me every time) but any favorite comic can help. Laughter (okay even internal chuckles) decreases stress and will help you sleep better.

    • If it’s a question of turning your brain off, you can keep a pen and a pad of paper next to your bed to write down all of the things running through your mind that are keeping you awake. Then your brain can relax and you can go to sleep knowing you won’t forget about any of it.

    • I find distracting myself with something else I have to focus on helps, like doing a crossword puzzle. I also have to keep a piece of paper next to the bed to write things down so I don’t obsess over them.

      And not to state the obvious, but sex right before going to sleep is an excellent way to relax. And way more enjoyable than sudoku!

  • Rant: I’m in a very should I stay or should I go type of situation with my partner. We’ve been at each other’s throats for a long time, but we both want to work it out. How to decide?

    Rave: hashbrowns!

    • Maybe try counseling? It helped us through a rough patch recently. It can at least help you figure out whether you want to stay and work through things (and give you the framework to do that), or call it quits.

      • Even the counselor told us to split up! I know it’s nuts but we really care for each other…Maybe we can be best friends instead of partners, sigh.

        • Go. If even the counselor is telling you to break up, you should listen. You’ll end up much happier in the long run (or even the not very long run). Relationships do not have to be that hard, they really don’t, I promise. I’ve been there and I can’t describe how much happier I am now and how much easier my current relationship is.

        • Hmm… I think if your counselor “told” you to split up, they aren’t a very good counselor. Not an expert, but it’s my understanding that except in cases of abuse/someone’s safety is threatened, it’s not really their role to give a recommendation like that. Which isn’t to say that you SHOULD stay together, but it’s a decision you need to come to yourselves.

          • ^Completely agree! That’s inappropriate of the therapist and I’d find another immediately. There are no rules on whether you have to stay or go, it’s truly your decision, but having some mediate/structure the decision-making process can be very helpful.

    • why would you want to try if you’re always at each others throats? thats sounds horrible. are you both naturally fighters?

  • valentina

    Prince is a guest on The View.

  • rant: my ex got married over the weekend. my aunt and uncle went to the wedding, even though they are aware of how much their relationship with him upsets me. he cheated on me. and, i believe family is important above all else.

    • That’s cold blooded. Question- is he marrying the person he cheated on you with? Why is it that they’re friends with the x? How long were you two together? Do you have a significant other?

      I’m sorry for prying, but you put it out there- and I live for this type of stuff

      • you live for this? for the misery of others? that’s disturbing. maybe you should get a new hobby. i am allowed to rant, just like everyone else, without having to see insensitive comments like this one.

        • I don’t think anonymous was trying to be insensitive, and that is why he/she apologized for being nosy. However, if you put your business up on a public blog, I think you have to be willing to let people comment on it and ask questions. If you wanted it private, you shouldn’t have ranted about it here. That’s how this feature works: you rant or rave, and people give their two cents.

          • Yep. In fact, I think Anonymous was actually trying to be sympathetic although the phrasing could have been a little more clear.

          • i am not saying that there isn’t a right to ask questions, which i might have answered had he not said he lives for stuff like this. that’s really sick and disturbing to me.

          • Let me rephrase- I don’t enjoy the misery of others. I live for not letting assho-les win. I’d like to help you out. There is no way, no how, no whatever, that b.s. would be tolerated by me.

            I live for finding out the whole story. Clearly, your ex has no boundaries on what is acceptable, for you. Also, your relatives know but they don’t care? How do they still communicate? Why do they still communicate? Facebook? Live in the same neighborhood? Have the same hobby? Your ex is an assh-le.

            At the same time, if something makes you uncomfortable, don’t keep putting up with it. If your aunt and uncle were important to you, they needed to be aware that entertaining the offer of going to this dude’s wedding threatens their relationship with you- to the point where you would literally not want anything to do with them if they continued the behavior. And if they tryuly knew that their relationship with you would be over- and did it anyway, then then they would be choosing him over you. In which case, you should be willing to make good on your feeling of not wanting anything to do with them.

            Basically, what I’m saying is everybody is walking all over you! How dare they! But, the worst part of it is you are letting them. It’s not them, it’s you.

            I don’t know the whole story though. I live for giving advice to people- you are the only one responsible for your own happiness.
            Be willing to remove people from your life that don’t make you happy. F’ em. Things are complicated, but really they’re not.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: My office computer randomly decides to go into the blue screen of death and restart itself when I visit certain websites. Today, one of those websites was PoP and the other was major league baseball.

    Rave: It always gives me the blue screen of death whenever I try to use the office intranet, too. Sorry, HR, I can’t access the personnel handbook!

    • Ugh I hate the blue screen of death!! IT, however, doesn’t seem too concerned that my computer decides to die at least twice every week…

  • Rave: Discovering music/artists I’ve never heard before. This weekend I heard the Quebe Sisters and Gene Watson for the first time (both on Bluegrass Country.) I must have watched one of the YouTube videos for “Fourteen Carat Mind” 20 or 30 times this weekend.

    Rant: Cold office!

  • rant: all of the articles I’m reading about voter ID laws in states like PA are making me worry about voter disenfranchisement in this fall’s elections.

    • Don’t worry. People somehow manage to show ID for collecting welfare benefits, boarding a plane, going to school, collecting unemployment, going to a hospital, etc… Heck, you even have to show ID when you want to attend a rally featuring the President himself. They’ll manage.

      • Congrats, you win today’s ignorance award. The fact remains that there are a good many people who do not have a photo ID. Maybe this is incomprehensible to you, but that changes nothing. Another reality is that these people without IDs are disproportionately poor. So you’re cool with disenfranchising the poor with a dismissive “they’ll manage,” but dcchica isn’t. Good for her because of that.

      • Huh. When I collected unemployment two years ago I didn’t have to show ID. It was all handled (conveniently) over the phone. Pretty smooth process, actually.


      • Also, dc_chica, not to worry. A poll released Saturday shows the president 11 points ahead of Romney in Pennsylvania, a state not won by Republicans since 1988. I’m not sweating over the voter ID law. Plus, it’s coming before the PA Supreme Court any day now.

        In any event, Romney’s running such piss-poor campaign I’m pretty sure all the GOP voter suppression tactics will be for naught any damn way.

  • Rave: Mom arrives on Thursday!

    Rant: Still SO MUCH cleaning to do before then! My room is simply horrid…

    Rant: Having issues with some friends that I never thought I’d have issues with. It feels like we’re in high school again. Apparently its true: Men and Women really CAN’T be friends.

    Rave: Leftover chili with spinach and bacon for lunch! To be eaten outside!

  • RANT: Whether you’re Republican, Democrat or otherwise – don’t regurgitate your party slogan and claim it as the catch all for your particular political leanings. The beauty of not being an elected official is that you DON’T have to tote the party line. You can see the gray! You can look at every situation as wholly unique. I don’t get it! Economics – spend money on smart shit – don’t spend money on stupid shit. Sometimes it’s OK to spend government money on stuff sometimes it crosses the line and we are wasteful. War – leave everyone alone unless they fuck with you. Ideologues drive me nuts – lazy approach to governing & thinking!

  • rant: need to go to the dentist. badly
    rave: good friends who are there for you without having to ask
    rant: he didnt ask for my number. that surprised me.
    rave: i actually was disappointed when he didnt ask for my number. i know that sounds weird, but normally i could care less so the fact that i was interested enought to be slightly disappointed over nothing is an overall positive

    • You could have asked for his number, no?

      • i knew this was coming 🙂 very true but at the same time it wasnt some complete rando, so i was a little more cautious. honestly, didnt really think about it until after the fact, but ive done my part to show interest and he can figure out a way to contact me if he wants. 50/50 we hang out again. friend of a friend so you can see the reasons for being a little hesitant.

        • “ive done my part to show interest”

          I don’t know what you’ve done (or not done) but people can miss or misinterpret signals. Maybe he’s interested but you’re sending the wrong signals or being much too subtle. The mature thing to do is to not play games and simply tell him you’re interested in him. Sure, it opens you to rejection but it might also open doors with someone special.

          Well, at least that’s my personal experience – many years ago someone was VERY interested in me (I found out years later). At the time, I was also VERY interested in them. We were too shy/scared to do anything about it. Who knows where our lives would be if we hadn’t let fear of rejection and shyness limit our lives.

    • By any chance did something very awkward (and unrelated) happen at the end of the evening?

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