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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: Lots of Brookland love on the blog this morning

    Rant: Lots of flies from all the construction going on in and around our block in Brookland. I swear I’ve never seen so much redevelopment in one place in over a decade in the city.

    Revel: Eat at Menomale if you haven’t. It’s seriously good.

  • bfinpetworth

    Rant: I’m working out in Sherman Cir. this morning and this young guy walks buy talking on his phone: “Like, you know, n***** turned his back on me and walked away, you know what I’m sayin? Man, if I’d had my gun with me I’d’ve blasted him.” This is the problem with DC.

    Rave: The rest of my workout in Sherman Circle. Beautiful weather we’re having here right now!

    • I was walking past the McDonald’s on the corner of 18th and Columbia when a man walked out the door and bumped into another man carrying iced coffee. The coffee splashed on the first man, who then proceded to get very angry, eventually saying, “Man, THIS is why I should carry a gun!”

      I mean, really? Are you going to shoot someone over accidentally spilled iced coffee? What does THAT say about our society and city?

    • Great – in Sherman Circle, two days after Neil Godleski’s killer was found guilty of first degree murder. I don’t see an easy solution until the politicians start talking truthfully to the community about these matters and what can be done to help put together a family environment that gives kids the best chance to succeed. Staying in school and getting married are big parts of that formula but you never hear any pols railing against illegitimacy and the disappearing concept of marriage and fatherhood, for example. Sooner or later, the great generation of grandmother’s that we have now is even going to be gone. What will happen then?

  • Rant: At the office at 6:45 this morning (normal arrival time is 8:30)
    Rave: I’m leaving at 3:30 this afternoon
    Rave: Springsteen tickets at Nationals Park for tomorrow.

  • Revel: Three day weekend for me (I work for Jews).

    Rant: Just not enough hours in the day

    Rant: My co-worker is so nosey, I can’t do anything without her interrogating me.

    • I’m with you; however, I’m glad they made him take down that offensive, stereotypical, and tasteless picture of Asians he used for the drink. There is no place for that.

    • This bothers me too.

      Even though it’s impossibly offensive, it seems to be exactly the kind of free speech that the 1st amendment was intended to protect. It’s a tounge-in-cheek way of calling out our political leadership’s casually racist attitudes with causal racism. So, it’s not racist to be racist, but racist to make a point that racism is wrong.

      I wish he had the time and money to fight.

      • It’s always interesting to see who PoPville gives a pass to on the question of racism, and the logical gymnastics they use to rationalize the double standard.

        • I hear you but you can’t lose your sense of humor about it either. In fact, I think this calls attention to the double standard. If Jim Graham had disparaged black business owners, for example, what do you think the reaction would have been?

        • Seriously? There’s not a lot of gymnastics going on here at all. Marion Berry made a classless, racist statement, small business owner calls him out with satire, DC government go after small business owner.

          Marion Berry is the racist and DC has given him a pass for way too long. Now he’s using government agencies to strong-arm his critics into shutting up. This guy is a crook, and a criminal, and every day he’s in office, DC is worse off.

        • what double standards? if you think that, you’re probably not understanding the issues very well.

  • Rave: Finally dragged myself out of bed early enough to swim laps before work

    Rant: Forgot my towel and had to dry off with my sweatpants…

  • Rave: Our friend Frank spent all day in my backyard as a grease monkey working on our old car and voila, timing belt is fixed, and we are back in action. Beats the $1000 quote from auto repair shop. Frank rocks!

    • Id love to have a friend like Frank! I feel terrible when I leave my mechanic. 🙁

    • But the emergency brake light is still staying on even when the brake is not applied. What did you guys do up in there?
      Guess that’s enough reason to justify leasing a new Equinox…

  • Medical Question: I’ve had a skin tag on me “back there” for a few years. Often when it is irritated, I sometimes sit in Epsom Salts and it will ease the pain. Just curious, has anyone esle had one of these “back there?” I really want to go to the doctor but it is very embarrasing.

    • I’ve never heard of a “skin tag” before but a google search on that pulled up, as the first result, this:

      “A cutaneous skin tag is a common skin growth that is usually harmless (benign).”

      But, as with anything, suck up the “embarrassment” and go to the doctor. It might not be benign and, whether it it or isn’t, the doctor can remove it. Better to have it removed than avoid the doc, no?

    • I once had a skin tag in an embarrassing spot. Went to a dermatologist and she removed it very quickly and easily–and my insurance covered it because she classified it as a “suspicious” growth.

    • I had one removed. Mine wasn’t “back there” but I’m sure your doctor has seem much worse is his/her day.

      Honestly, the whole removal process took less than 5 minutes as an after thought during a check-up. I basically said, “hey doc, can you remove this skin tag?” He said, “sure let me go get my tools.”

      Slice, cauterize, band-aid, done. I didn’t really even hurt. No follow-up appointment even. Just call up and have it done because it was the smallest deal ever.

    • Or take a small piece of dental floss and wrap it around. It will “die” and fall of in a few days.

    • Just go to the doctor and have them address it. My grandpa, who was a doctor, used to say that he always looked at the human body like an inspector looks at a piece of meat to be inspected. Many came before him, and he would just treat them for the problems presented. Personal judgment wasn’t and shouldn’t be something to fear at the doctor’s office.

    • You HAVE to read this poem – Bessie’s Boil by Robert Service!


  • Rant: Rash of burglaries around the 700 blocks of Irving and Columbia Rd NW. Please make sure your doors, windows and skylights are locked and that your alarm is on. Word on the street is that the suspects live on the 700 block of Columbia Rd NW and that they watch when people leave to go to work.

    Also, if you see something, say something. If you see anything suspicious please don’t be afraid to call 911 right away. It’s the only way these guys are going to get caught.

  • Rant: People to make anti-anything movies, esp. in light of the recent anti-Islamic film that has sparked riots in Libya, Egypt and now Yemen. We all live on this planet…so let’s start respecting our individual beliefs and stop spreading messages of hate.

    • Rant: People who commit acts of violence in reaction to movies claiming their religion is violent.

      • +1. Yeah, because I am just waiting for the nuns and priests to attack with their rosaries and crucifixes when the Catholic Church is presented as evil in a homemade movie. Seriously, though, let’s focus on why people are reflexively violent in some cultures, not on some guy who made a stupid video.

        • Why can’t we focus on both?

          • I am with you. Disconnect these things. I don’t like religious bigotry. I also don’t like reactionary violence. Can’t we all agree?

        • You’re seriously implying that centuries of violence haven’t been committed in the name of Catholicism/Christianity?

          • No, I’m referring to current policy problems in the Middle East. What are you talking about? We don’t have a violence problem associated with religion when it comes to Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judiaism, etc… This isn’t a history discussion about whether religions can be used as vehicles for violence. They can. But to deny that radical Islam is a problem is foolish. When you hear of Catholic suicide bombers, crazy Methodists attacking women and children in market places, and Jewish vigilantes hijacking planes and murdering U.S. troops, come talk to me.

          • First you say there is no violence problem with Judaism, then you say there are violent Jews. I’ll come talk to you when you finish talking with yourself.

          • When was the last time Christians murdered someone for insulting their faith?

          • July 1, 2009. George Tiller was killed on the steps of his church because he was an abortion doctor.

          • Anonymous 12:00: I think you’re being challenged with reading comprehension problems. I never said Jewish people were violent. Quite the contrary. I said, when you hear of Jewish vigilantes hijacking planes and attacking U.S. troops, come talk to me. Ask a friend if you still need help figuring this out.

          • Yeah, Christians never do anything. It’s not like they’ve staged bonfires using the Koran for kindling.

          • theheights, that was one individual acting on his twisted beliefs. No preacher or minister told him to murder anyone. Their are imams who preach hatred in their mosques, and encourage believers to commit violent acts.

          • 1. That was a Christian acting on his beliefs. 2. How do you know what his pastor (or any other pastor, for that matter) preached? You can’t make excuses for one faith and attack another for similar acts.

  • Rant: Nothing to do! I literally have NO work at the moment.

    Rave: Listening to Fun. all morning! Decided to expand beyond “We Are Young” and they’ve got some good stuff.

    Rave: Started ASL class last night! I’ve been siging for years but its good to go over the basics again.

    Rave: Just signed up for Mint.com. Budgeting, here I come!

    • talula

      I’ve been loving their song “Some Nights”, awesome stuff!

    • In case you (or anyone else) is interested in another budgeting software program, check out Pear Budget (pearbudget.com) – it’s super cheap & easy to use. You do have to enter everything in yourself, rather than the program automatically drawing from bank statements & credit card statements, etc but then you also don’t have to give anyone your credit card & bank account user names & passwords. I’ve found it to be very helpful.

    • Where are you taking ASL? I’ve taken an on-line class at Gallaudet and an evening course through Graduate School USA. Would like to continue learning.

      • It’s through my church, taught by one of our Deaf members. It’s technically for beginners but I figure if we go all the way through December I’m sure we’ll get to the more complicated stuff.

        Also, Montgomery College has an ASL certificate.

  • Rave: (Very) early bike ride this morning in the dark, quiet streets under the quarter moon. It was beautiful.
    Rave: I love, love, love this weather. I’m breaking out the scarves and knee boots tonight.
    Rant: Nada!

  • What’s up with Kwame Brown? I saw him driving the tan/brown Lincoln Navigator with DC #2 license plates last Friday near 3rd street SE and M Street…is this his personal car or is it owned by DC?

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