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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Yesterday a reader commented the following on the post about the 8th & T Shooting: “I live here too. Was it the guy with dreads?”

    If this commenter witnessed the shooting or can describe the suspect, please contact the Third District Detective’s Office and leave a message for Detective Pepperman. 202-673-6918.

    • Rave: 3D being in touch with the community. Thank you guys (and gals).

      • I live on that block too. I think the person was just wondering if the shooter or victim happened to be the guy with long dreads who hangs out at 8th and T all the time conspicuously dealing drugs.

        Can you give us any info on the shots fired around 2:30 this morning? Were they related?

  • Rant: living paycheck to paycheck. Need to cut some fat out of the monthly budget and get priorities in order.

    Rave: This is all within my control and I am not really struggling, just making bad decisions.

  • Rant: Is it me or are directions from Mapquest, “smart”phones, navigation and the like getting worse and worse.

    So yesterday I had an appointment to go to on Forrest Glen Rd. in Silver Spring at 8:30a. The directions said to basically take GA Ave all the way to Colesville, make a right, drive 1.6 miles and then take the 495 N (I think it was) ramp towards N. VA/Bethesda and that my location would be on the right and that was it (which in and of itself sounds crazy because how is it just on the right of a highway…) Well if any of you know the area, a snail moves faster than 495 at that time. So I do that and take the 495 ramp but get right back off because of traffic and I saw nothing on the right.

    So then I decide to do an alternate route which says to get back on Colesville and take Sligo Creek Parkway which is almost impossible to get on because some brainiac decided that the left turn arrow should not work M-F from 6a-9:30a, I mean how the hell do you expect people to turn with all tha traffic on Colesville at that time of the morning? Luckily people got tired of waiting for the turn or though they were not going to get across and got out of the turn lane and then I was up, pulled into the intersection (in my lane) and turned on the yellow, got on Sligo Creek and then onto Forrest Glen but I am already crazy late.

    All of this come to find out from the people that I met with that all I had to do was take Sligo Creek from DC OR BETTER YET just freaking take GA all the way and TURN RIGHT onto Forrest Glen. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?????????????? Talk about pissed off!

    Why on earth would navigation or whatever give me these circuitous directions when all I had to do was simply go straight and turn right, simple as that. I was so annoyed to say the least.

    • Your Jaguar doesn’t have a GPS?

    • MsNesbitt

      I feel you. Recent MapQuest/Google Maps directions took me to a dead-end residential driveway when I was looking for a church on a rather busy street.

    • I know! If only there was some way you could have checked the route in advance and avoided that whole quagmire! If we can’t depend on the computers, what can we depend on?

      • Looks like it is time to start using our brains again. I know, I for one have lost some IQ points with the recent advancements in technology. Back in the day (10-15 years ago), I would have pulled out one of those yellow city book maps and figured it out by starting from my endpoint and working my way backwards.

        It really does make you wonders about those movies and those that say that computers will end up being the start to our fall as we know it. I mean something this simple and it has me going all around creation…

    • I think we are all being easily fooled. There are people that believe and I can see their point that the gov has a lot to do with a lot of this kind of stuff. They can track you when your phone and GPS is turned off, turn your phone on when it is off, activate your mic and cameras when off…you don’t have to believe me, do you own research. Don’t think all of the technology doesn’t come with a price tag. Wait until they figure out how to really control the internet. I am not a conspiracy theory guy but it makes more and more sense.

      • Allison

        Heh, I don’t have a smartphone and was lost in D.C. a few months ago. I had a giant map of the city (you know the ones that once you unfold them you can never figure out how to fold them up again, except that your Dad swears he’s the only human who can) spread out on the dashboard while I was at a stoplight, and some dude in the car next to me looked at me like I was an alien from mars because I was using a map.

  • Rave: Managed to land tickets for the Neil Armstrong memorial service tomorrow.
    Rave: Having a boss who’s cool with me taking the day off last minute to attend.
    Rant: Nightmares. Didn’t sleep well at all last night.

  • mtpgal

    Rave: Mt P library!! You’ll be seeing this girl after work!

  • Rant: The People who Constantly Stop you to Sign their Petitions/Causes. I know I can just ignore them — but it’s constant, every time I leave my office in metro center, and even when I get off the metro at woodley. I am passed the point of being nice, saying no thank you, etc. I just want to walk about freely withough being propoisitoned every two steps by someone waving at me and delivering his so witty opening line.

    • I feel you–I also work right near Metro Center. It’s given me ample opportunity to perfect my “do not speak to me under any circumstances” scowl.

      • I am right with you all. I seem them everyday and most of them leave me alone at this point because I give off that “Don’t even think about talking to me look” or I have my sunglasses on and walk right by them. But there is always some young, new one out there that doesn’t know better…they have even started saying, don’t I know you, didn’t we go to school together? Umm, that isn’t possilbe, you are like 18-23, no possible way.

        I REALLY hate the fact that a lot of them have now taken up residence by the food trucks. I just want to get lunch and enjoy it in peace damnit!!

  • Rave: Lovely fall weather, and my uncle’s coming to visit. We’re going to Founding Farmers, which I’ve never been to.

    Rant: Fall allergies. Never got them before, and I’m miserable (took a Claritin, but it’s not kicking in yet). I’m a sniffly mess today.

    Also, my doc says I have high cholesterol, which I didn’t expect–I have low BP, exercise frequently, and eat pretty healthily, but high cholesterol does run in the family and there’s a history of heart disease. So I gotta go back and talk to her about how I should modify my diet/exercise regimen, because this came totally out of left field!

    • anon. gardener

      if you haven’t done this already, you might get your thyroid checked. A high cholesterol reading after years of normal was the first sign of thyroid failure for almost everyone in my family. Insist they check for antithyroid antibodies – sometimes the TSH number looks okay but you actually do have something going on.

      • Do you see an endocrinologist for your thyroid issues? I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid when I was 19. I’ve been on synthroid for years and my TSH levels are stable, but I still have symptoms. My GP doesn’t want to increase my dosage and doesn’t seem interested in exploring other options, which is frustrating. I’m wondering if I should see a specialist.

        • anon. gardener

          I had a hard time finding a good endocrinologist – they all seem to focus on diabetes, not thyroid issues. I got an evaluation at NIH, and they really helped me straighten everything out. Now I follow it with my primary care doc. If you’ve got symptoms, then your synthroid dose isn’t doing the job – but it can be hard to get a doctor to listen to you.

          • How did you go about getting the NIH evaluation done? I’d be interested in doing something like this if possible.

          • anon. gardener

            go to http://www.clinicaltrials.gov and use search term thyroid, and limit to Maryland. I think the study i was enrolled in is NCT00001159. The people at NIDDK are wonderful, and as researchers have a completely different point of view than your regular doctor.

      • I didn’t get a thyroid test done this visit, though I had one a few years ago and it was OK. I will bring that up though, thanks for the advice. My mom has thyroid issues that popped up late in life.

    • Allison

      Re: Founding Farmers– get the butternut squash ravioli!!!! Your tastebuds will thank you profusely.

  • anon. gardener

    Rave: Mosquito abatement, finally – trucks went down our block last night around 11. Hoping spraying for mosquitos becomes a regular thing, and that they figure out how to go down the alleys.

    • Didn’t know DC was doing abatement? Any idea where we can get more info or a schedule of spraying?

    • Rant: The spraying of toxic chemicals willy-nilly in our environment where there is no immediate public health threat.
      Rave: Modern sprays are far, far better than things like DDT.

      • anon. gardener

        Um, someone in the District died from West Nile recently. Seems like a public health threat to me.

        I hadn’t heard anything about the spraying starting, just heard a noise, looked out the window, and there they were. No idea if there is a schedule somewhere. I sure wouldn’t want to have my windows open when the truck goes by.

  • Rant: Back injuries. As I attempted to reposition a 35-lb, water logged sandbag at our basement threshold this weekend I suddenly heard a loud pop in my spine, followed by searing pain and the inability to stand up straight. I never want to hear any part of my body make that noise again!

    Rave: Muscle relaxers. I am so, so thankful for modern pharmaceuticals!

  • I live in Eckington, the rats have taken over. We have a major infestation. What is going on in your neighborhood?Curious to hear if our situation is unusual or part of a pattern.

    • That sucks. Is there construction nearby (within a mile or two)? That will usually shake things up and get them moving, searching for new dwellings.

    • It’s not just you. I’ve been trying to get someone to come out and do abatement near our apartment, but I keep getting passed off to other agencies. It’s getting beyond gross.

    • It’s been a very bad (or good if you’re a rat) year for rats everywhere. Call 311 and request they come treat the whole block. They are pretty good at finding burrows, but if you and your neighbors can identify and point out active burrows it will be easier.

      Look especially around edges of yards, by tree roots – in yards with ornamental grass. If there is an active burrow you will also see lots of flies and smell a distinctively bad smell.

    • Contact Charlie Kelly at Paddy’s Pub. He’s a champion rat killer!

    • The recent flooding may be forcing rats out also. Second the 311 call and getting in touch with your ANC rep.

    • I know the city is dropping the ball here but it’s not that expensive to do your own abatement. I’ve spent a grand total of ~$30 over the past 5 years on abatement by DIY-ing it. What you need to do is “find” a bait box. They’re all over the place when you know what you’re looking for. Then, go online and order a big bucket (5 pounds) of bait for ~$30.

      When you first bait it, let it sit for about a week so the rats get used to it. Then check it about once a week to see how fast they’re eating the bait. When they get bad, I have to rebait 2x a week. Other times the box goes 1-2 months without needing rebaiting. It ebbs and flows with the seasons.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I hate my job today.

    Rave: My job is not my life.

  • Rant: My brother’s piece of shit roommate.

    My brother and his friend/roommate recently caught their third roommate on video stealing from them, and he has admitted (in person and over email) to several other incidents. They think he did this at least a dozen more times, but it was relatively small increments of money, and the sort of thing where they didn’t put two and two together until it had likely been happening for months, perhaps years. They suspect that he has stolen some of my brother’s girlfriend’s family jewelry that went missing at their apartment, but have no evidence of this.

    So far, they have wanted to just get him out of the apartment and never have to deal with him again, but did not particularly want to pursue criminal charges. He was a long time friend and they didn’t want to make things terrible for him if they don’t have to.

    However, my brother was recently offered a dream job. The bad roommate was also given a referral by the same friend who recommended my brother. Both have been offered positions–on the same team. My brother doesn’t want to work with this asshole on a daily basis. But can he alert HR at the new company? Or is it too much of a “my word against his” thing unless they have pressed charges? He doesn’t want to compromise his own standing at the new company, but at the same time, knowing this guy has admitted to committing what constitutes a felony seems like grounds to do SOMETHING.

    Just an all around shitty situation that makes me want to punch this asshole in the teeth.

    • Wow. What a terrible situation.

      I would not advise going to HR. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that doing that might be a big legal no-no, if the roommate gets terminated on those grounds. It sounds like your brother should be talking to an attorney to find out how he should handle this.

    • Its not “my word against his” if you have video. Fuck him.

      • The amount he took when they caught him on video was small. It’s just really complicated, and my brother certainly doesn’t want to jeopardize his own career. But yes, fuck him. I’m so tempted to send a Facebook message to his girlfriend and family.

    • Remember: HR doesn’t work for you, it works for the company.

    • Can your brother’s friend retract his referral of the roommate without jeopardizing your brother’s offer? I assume the roommate hasn’t accepted the offer yet.

  • Rave: Just found out that I can get a large iced coffee for $1.73 at the cafe around the corner! And it comes with a bendy straw!

    Rant: My left contact has been bothering me all day. I’m not going straight home after work and won’t get home until after 9. Long day of contact pain. 🙁

    Rant: The closing of Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda. So obnoxious!

  • Rant: Need recommendations for a simple surveillance system. Someone is purposefully having their dog defecate in the same spot on a relative’s property multiple times a week. I would like the surveillance to be hidden as I would like to find out who the perpetrator is rather than use it as a deterrent. There is a window with a clear view of the affected area that I think could be helpful but I don’t know what time of day it’s occurring. I check up on the property because the relative is out of the country for an extended prior of time and internet access is currently unavailable so a recording webcam isn’t an option. Any suggestions?

    • There are motion activated cameras that record directly onto SD memory cards or have built-in harddrives. They’ll take, like, 2 photos per second or something like that. You’ll also need to have the area fairly well lit, in case it is at night.

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