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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Did anyone hear the shooting and police activity near 14th and Buchanan last night around 1 AM? I haven’t seen anything about it, but I live a block away and heard at least 10 shots.

  • Rant: Car died last week, drifted to a stop half block from home. Timing belt broken perhaps. $900 repair, or a DIY job. Argh.

  • Rant: What is going on with so many gun robberies? There were 2 gun robberies this morning in the 3rd & 4th Districts. One took place at 18th & Columbia Road, NW in the rear of McDonalds and the over gun robbery was on Somerset Place, NW. Deputy Mayor Paul Quander assured me, Mayor Gray is paying attention to the robberies. However, the D.C. Council Judiciary Committee should be address these gun robberies with the entire D.C. council and Mayor Gray.

    Rave: I support the second amendment for law abiding D.C. residents and I am a Democrat. All Democrats aren’t liberal.

    • Correction:

      The robbery this morning at 18th & Columbia Road, NW was a stabbing with a knife, not a gun robbery. However, there have been too many gun robberies recently in the 4th District.

  • Heavy, heavy rain in DC now. Bloomingdale canoe races begin at 4:20, 500 Rhode Island Ave. . .

  • Rave: Rain
    Rant: People who can’t handle weather

  • Were there really like 5 stabbings this weekend, including K St, Adams Morgan and U St? Wow.

    • I am so f-ing sick of this city and news like this. Where are our tax dollars going that we can’t afford to support our police force?

      • Relax,

        Crime of every sort and metric is down in this town, enormously. Look at the stats from 5, and 10, and 15 and 20 years ago.

        We are in a city, crime happens. Every city in the US deals with drugs and the ghetto folks stabbing people. If the subtantiall decreased crime rates still offend you, I suggest you move back to Brattleboro VT or Iowa…where ever you hail from.

        • many crimes are up from last year.

        • Thanks, I will relax, since my house has been broken into once and I’ve had my ass beat walking home from work at 8pm in the last 2 months. Yeah, totally relaxed. No prob. Just gotta get used to it. Go F yourself.

          • sorry to hear about your string of shitty events. we had our place broken into and the sense of violation is impressive. I’ve never had to defend myself in the city but I can only imagine how pissed I would be… I probably wouldn’t know where to direct my anger (likely the perps get away right?). hoping there’s peace knowing that others out there are in a similar boat as yourself…

        • Dear Relax,

          If you don’t like city dwellers complaining about crime in their city, then get yer ass back to the suburbs.

  • Wondering if anyone has info on a mugging that happened by Lord & Taylor in Friendship heights yesterday? It was around 2:30pm, broad daylight right by the side of the road, and basiiically, I was stopped at a stop-light, looked like two guys were fighting but I didn’t know if they knew each other, annnnd out of no where a guy who apparently knew the other mugger, ran up behind the victim, had him in a choke-hold, possibly stabbed(All I saw is he went weak and was then completely unconscious on the ground)…. I called the cops, they said it had already been reported and they had been dispatched, but they didn’t ask me for a description of the perps and BASICALLY I just wanna make sure the guy was okay 🙁 Really terrifying thing to witness, and I want to make sure the people were arrested. Again, it was like on the corner of Western Ave and Jennifer, riiiiight next to Lord & Taylor.

    • ugh! how horrible 🙁 I used to live right by that area, and I never ever once thought of it being unsafe….even at 3 AM catching the last metro back to Friendship Heights. I hope the victim is OK.

      And I’ll take this as reminder to always be on guard….you never know when people will strike.

  • Rant: Sat in traffic for 7 hours at the tough mudder event in Frederick, MD. I didn’t even get to race. Slept in my car to run the next morning only to say they were cancelling the next day of races. Biggest shit show ever!

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