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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: Working for people who feel like certain tasks are beneath them. Working for people who second guess all your work, all the time. Feeling constant condescension in the office, with no support from any other staff because, “that’s just how it is around here.” Seriously missing my past jobs in empowering positions that focused on professional/personal development.

    Rave: I have fun happy hour plans tonight with one of my favorite people and football all day on Sunday to cheer me up!

  • Rant: Flat tire on my bike ride home last night meant no morning bike commute this morning (forgot to stock up on new tubes…)

    Rave: Walked to work instead – sometimes the slower pace is nice! Plus I made some phone calls to…

    Rant: Contractors, plumbers, dry wall people, who work in your house and leave it messier and worse off than before. Seriously, who walks in floor glue and then walks across your bathroom and bath mats leaving sticky glue everywhere? Who cuts dry wall and leaves a gross chalky puddle all over? Is it that hard to clean up after yourself?

    • I’m still cleaning up after the people who refinished our floors a month after the fact. They didn’t wipe anything down afterwards, left used toilet paper rolls on the roller with new rolls just sitting on top, all toilet seats up, food trash on our kitchen counters, etc.

      It’s like they seriously don’t care about getting recommendations. I don’t get it.

      • Ugh! I’m so sorry. Glad to know it’s not just me!
        It’s so frustrating – who doesn’t notice that they’ve tracked floor glue through out someone’s home? Who doesn’t notice that they’ve marked up an entire wall with wood marks? More importantly, who notices and probably just doesn’t care?!

  • claire

    Rave: Last day of work!!!
    Rant: Still have a lot to do and approximately zero motivation to do it.

  • Rant: House got broken into yesterday. Broke the back window and took TV’s, cameras, jewlery. grrrr. 4 years in our house and no problems at all.

  • RAVE: Headed to see my family this weekend for only 3rd time this year.
    RANT: My family never comes to see me.

  • Rave: Headed to Pittsburgh next weekend to see family that I haven’t seen since my wedding for Rosh Hashana. The Jewish Holidays are my favorite time of year because I can eat the weight of a toddler in matzo ball soup and I love seeing that part of my family.

    Rave: I also love Pittsburgh.

    Rant: This spring, it’ll be 10 years since I graduate from Pitt. I’m so f’ing old.

    • Another great thing about the holidays is gefilte fish. I don’t like it much, but a couple of times a year I eat it (topped with mountains of horseradish!)

      • I am only a fan of homemade – there’s a long tradition in my family of homemade and I really enjoy it (it isn’t fishy). Back when the old folks were able, we used beets from my Aunt’s mom’s garden (they aren’t Jewish, so it was always nice to know a lovely older Methodist woman was growing beets to make delicious Rosh Hashana horse radish!) and hand shred the horse radish. I just love the family togetherness. I won’t be with my husband this year because he has no time off work (and wasn’t with him last year because he was in Afghanistan), but that’s ok!

    • Hooray for Pittsburgh! Have fun!

      • $14.50 round trip on Megabus! It’s pretty amazing.

        And Pittsburgh is great – Anyone looking for a great long weekend, head to the ‘Burgh. Eat good food, hit some lovely museums, and see gorgeous houses that cost as much as shit box condos in DC! It’s where my family settled in 1919 right from Ellis Island and I love it – I find myself looking for jobs there from time to time, but it’s really a two industry city for now (medical and computer tech [esp robotics if you’re a genius])

        • Any ideas for reasonablly priced hotels in downtown area? If I take the bus there I would want to be able to walk to everything. I’ve never been there but would love to visit.

          • I would stay near squirrel hill or shadyside because there’s lots of busses – consider the Shady Side Inn. It’s an odd place, but well located near lots of bus lines (buy bus tickets online in advance if you can) – you can get a multi-bedroom room and travel with friends easily. There are a few other places – a Holiday Inn in Oakland (right near Pitt and CMU). The Inn on Negley gets good reviews and is conveniently located as well (but keep in mind, I have lots of family there and have only recently started staying in hotels, and have usually stayed at the Shadyside Inn or the Courtyard in Homestead (which you’d probably need a car for, realistically).

            I would bus up there then take a cab to my hotel because I’m personally not 100% sure where the Megabus drops you (I’ve only driven/flown before. And study the bus lines – it’s a bus city. And REALLY not that difficult to walk around. Most things aren’t downtown (though, the old jail is pretty awesome). A car is great there, but I lived for 4 years without a car during college and did just fine with the bus system and my feet!

          • I don’t know Pittsburgh but you should check out airbnb – whenever we travel to a city we always try to get an apartment and end up paying much less than hotels and actually staying in the neighborhoods we think we’d enjoy.

          • re: AirBnB….pittsburgh is a city full of neighborhoods (much like Baltimore actually), so if you aren’t familar, just be careful not to get stuck in a place without much public transportation.

            And you MUST do the incline. I love it.

          • Jindc – Megabus drops you off right under the overpass of the convention center, on 10th Street (unless there’s some big event happening there, in which case it drops off in front of the convention center on Penn, between 10th and 11th).

    • I was just thinking this morning about how it’s been 14 years since I pledged my sorority there… oh how I miss Pamela’s.

      And is it just me, or does it seem like Sunseri’s been the QB for about 8 years now??? The game last night was just embarrassing.

  • Rant: Why does WMATA bother to spend time and money devising bus route schedules and posting them at stops? These are so innaccurate they amount to pure fiction.

    Rave: The “Next Bus” system was really accurate when I used it the other day. To the minute.

    • NextBus is great, I use it every day. My only complaint is that sometimes buses that are actually coming don’t appear in NextBus – so I start walking thinking there’s no bus for 20 minutes, then a minute later the bus goes by (and I’m stuck walking).

      • NextBus is surprisingly pretty accurate for the buses I take daily. They’re not as accurate at night, I’ve noticed…sometimes there will be listed a bus as “Arriving” but it never shows up.

        Maybe it’s a ghost bus?

        • I’ve heard of the ghost bus phenomenon but I don’t think it’s ever happened to me. Sounds really annoying though.

          • It’s happened to me when I was waiting for a bus on a Saturday afternoon on U Street. Waited for twice for a bus ended up cabbing home

        • It’s happened to me when they were doing construction in Adams Morgan and I didn’t know the buses had been rerouted. I waited an hour and a half at a stop that wasn’t being serviced, while NextBus kept assuring me a bus was coming.

          Also, NextBus is terrible when it comes to suburban buses, but suburban buses are terrible to begin with.

    • The NextBus site for the Circulator can be a little frustrating. There are days when it’s spot-on and there are days where I stand for 40 minutes waiting for buses that are ‘one minute away’ or ‘arriving’ that never appear.

  • Rave: Quiet day at work, since my two of my coworkers are out. I don’t dislike them, but they can be loud and annoying.

    Rant: Where is everybody today?

  • Revel: Housewarming Party at my new place in Petworth tonight! Hope to see lots of faces I haven’t seen in a while

    Rant: Didn’t get to do as much outreach to the neighbors as I had wanted.

  • Rave: Picnicing in Dupont Circle with a friend after work. I come armed with card games!

    Rave: Gabby Giffords leading the Pledge. Tears!

    Rant: Dreaming about our new credit card reconcialiation procedure at work.

    Rave: Played the game Life last night. I was a teacher with a $100k salary who won a Nobel Prize and hosted Grammy parties. It’s fun to dream…

    • OMG I was trying SO hard not to cry. Then MSNBC went to Rachel Maddow who said something like, “don’t turn to me! I’m crying!” so I think my husband thought I was giggling, not crying. Whew!

  • Rave: Strasburg tonight, Bob Mould tomorrow night.

  • Rave: Obama’s Speech!
    Rant: Eastwood’s Speech!

  • Rave: Day Off
    Rave: HBO Series I never watched before. First up Newsroom next Treme
    Rave: Beef and Cheese Jamaican Patties…at some point I need to learn how to make these things
    Rave: Tea tree Mint Hair Shampoo and Conditioner (i love a clean scalp)
    Rave: Old comfy PJs…AKA Loungewear
    Question: What ever happened with the ghost situation from yesterday?

  • Rant: I think I woman I met online and with whom I’ve been to dinner twice is obsessed with me, and I’m uncomfortable about it. I like her and think she’s interesting, but don’t think I want to date her. In fact, I think she’s coming on a little too strong and I wish she would pull back. She’s getting on my nerves and stressing me out and making me not even want to pursue a friendship.

    Hmmm: this gives me a little perspective on when I’ve obsessed about someone and then thought that maybe I could just be friends with that person since they aren’t interested in me.


    • My roommate just went through that with a guy she met online. He was very clingy (via texting) and after three dates mentioned having her meet his parents. It is officially over as of last night.

    • I went on a great date with a guy from OK Cupid – funny and nice but just wasn’t feeling the spark . He asked me out again the next day and I responded with a “You’re cool /I’m cool – I think we could be great friends” thing and he bailed. Sad – he really was a cool guy.

    • That’s the thing, after date #2, which I thought was fine, but not great, she invited me to dinner at her house. Actually, after both dates, I thought we wouldn’t see each other again and that she was no more interested in me than I in her (we’re both women).

      Great article in the Post last Sunday about ending relationships online. Anyone see it? May have to do that. Kinda like the “you’re cool/I’m cool, but no” thing.

  • Rant: Cardinal Dolan at the convention. How could progressives allow a homophobic bigot like him to speak?! I might just vote for a third party candidate because of this.

  • rant: so much work to do, feeling overwhelmed, need to work this weekend again after working 2 days of last weekend
    rave: I have it better off than alot of people by having a job that I don’t hate and which is occassionally interesting. low standards, I suppose, but they’re paying for me to go to school part-time so I plan to be here for awhile!

  • RAVE: Back from mountain biking, trail racing, fishing and best of all getting married out in Colorado.

    DOUBLE RAVE: Gabriel Iglesias tonight at DAR with the wife!

  • Rant: I discovered fleas on my dog last night and now I’m freaking out. I gave her a flea bath and vacuumed the apartment. Should I be doing anything else?

  • Rant: The corner of 14th and Park smells sooo bad every morning when I pass it to get to the metro. Like Cheese and toenails and dead things. Worst thing ever to get caught waiting for the light to change. It has smelled this bad the past couple months.

    Rave: Friday.

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