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Photo of car fire on H St, NE by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: My house has a ghost. Seriously. It does. Not a friendly one.

    Revel: That’s not my car on fire.

  • Rave: Won free sushi at Yo Sushi last night!

    Rant: Too many meetings today.

  • Revel: Get to go out of town for the night to take my baby sister out for her birthday dinner
    Revel: Ordered her some cupcakes from The Sweet Lobby…that should be a treat.
    Rave: My sister and her young (19,20,21) year old friends having conversations about politics
    Rant: The one damn day I decide to wear a cute dress and some cute shoes…it rains. Mother Nature just doesnt want me to be great.

  • Rant: (and I never rant) Guy in lime green DCKickball shirt riding Capital Bikeshare bike aggressively down 17th St NW this morning – nearly clipping me as I stopped at a stop sign on my bike, blowing through red lights, almost hitting a few pedestrians. It’s bikers like this guy that give the rest of us bad names. Use a little common sense and courtesy, please.
    Revel: 1/2 Marathon, Football and Adams Morgan Day on Sunday!

  • Rant: Why is tuna fish so expensive these days?
    Revel: I’m bringing “foxy” back into the pop-culture lexicon (a work in progress.)

  • RAVE: Michelle Obama’s Speech.
    RAVE: Elizabeth Warren’s Speech
    RAVE: Costco Guy
    Rave: Port City brewery guy
    RAVE: Bill Clinton’s Speech.

  • Rave: Feeling all fired up watching the DNC! Also love the fact that one of my family members is a delegate and am so proud of her!
    Rant: Weather! Can it please act like fall already, I’m over the humidity.

  • Rave: Seeing friends and their kid tonight, followed by pizza and Obama’s speech.
    Rave: Nats tomorrow night, then Baltimore for celebrations about the battle of Baltimore on Saturday
    Rave: Living in a city with fellow nerds who get excited about things like political speeches and historic celebrations
    Rant: The weather. I can do rain or humidity, but not both.

  • Rave: President Clinton did his thing last night. FLOTUS did her thing the night before. I am confident President Obama will give a hell of a speech as well putting the RNC speeches to shame.

  • Rave: Won free tickets to All’s Well That Ends Well at the Shakespeare Theater Company last night. It was a great production!

    Rant: Feeling “off” today–kinda’ shakey, tired, stomach a little iffy. Hoping its from lack of sleep (and not the Bubonic plague!)

    Rant: Meeting across campus in 15 minutes…and it’s raining. Ugh!

    Rave: Two meetings today which makes the day go faster!

    Rant: Old people who get away with being mean just because they’re old. Just because you are upset does not give you the right to yell at me and berate me.

  • Rave – Qualia Coffee. Finally tried it after seeing the ad on the right side of PoP for the last month. Fantastically rich and full-bodied brew. Unfortunately, I can’t make it there regularly since I live on the other side of the city 🙁

    Rant – Group living. I’m so over it. I just got a passive-aggressive email from my roomie about putting wineglasses in the dishwasher (it was one of my other roommates; I don’t drink wine that often, and I wasn’t around for the holiday weekend). Said roommate is literally never there, and when she is, she finds something to complain about. So not what I needed on a rainy Thursday!

    • Screw passive aggression. If it wasn’t you that soiled her wine glasses and did not properly wash them, send a straight up aggressive response telling her to piss off.

    • Grow a backbone and stand-up for yourself. Don’t come ranting here when it’s easy for you to fix the misunderstanding. If you don’t defend yourself, who will? [/tough love]

      • Aren’t you jumping to conclusions a bit, assuming I don’t have a backbone? I do plan to speak to her about it (if I see her, which is rare). I can also be very diplomatic via email. This is an open rant/rave, and I’ll rant about whatever I please, thanks very much.

        • At least you live in a group house where you probably have other people to back you up. When it’s just you and the roommate you start to feel like you’re the crazy one.

      • I totally understand where this person is coming from. Even if they say something to defend themselves, they are in a situation where someone is making them feel uncomfortable about being in their home. It’s an awful feeling.

    • Ha! That reminds me of the roommate I had that was a compulsive shopper and would buy all this stuff for our kitchen that she never used. Like four French presses even though she doesn’t drive coffee, a $600 blender even though she doesn’t blend anything, etc. I was repeatedly told that I was free to use the stuff, but she would treat me like a criminal whenever I did. The last straw was when she spotted me drinking water out of one of her cheap stemless wine glass, and gave me a stern lecture about how those were for wine only. That was the last roommate I ever had!

      • Oh, and like your roommate mine was hardly ever there either. Her employer gave her free airline miles to use for whatever she wanted, so when she wasn’t shopping she was traveling around the world. But she inspected all her items when she got home, and she’d give me a hard time about it if there was indication they’d been used. Even though I was free to use whatever I wanted.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I think my little kitty is sick, she’s been coughing all week and today her eyes were watery. I hope it’s just a cold or she’s allergic to DC like I am. I hope I don’t have to take her to the vet.

    Rave: The vet has longer hours than my people doctor.

    • It’s probably allergies, but I’d get it checked out just in case. The vet can give your kitty some allergy meds that should help!

      • Emmaleigh504

        That’s what I’m hoping. She still has an appetite and she’s not any more lazy than usual, so I’m probably worrying for nothing. I didn’t get much sleep last night, not because of my cat for once, and it’s made me an emotional, worrying mess. I bet I’ll get home and she’ll just look at me like, what? did you expect me to die? And then we will snuggle and she’ll keep me up all night wanting to talk and all will be right with the world.

    • Cats can definitely get allergies, and one of mine has been suffering the last few days, just like her people! It’s a good idea to get her checked, but don’t worry too much! (I know it’s hard, I’m a champion at kitty-worries.)

  • Rave: 2 more days left at my job.

    Rant: People asking me to do things for them before I leave. I am soooo checked out it’s not even funny.

    • talula

      I love that feeling of not caring when it’s your last days at work. When I left my previous job a few years ago, on very last day, after my good bye party, while I was saying my final goodbyes to my work friends and literally on my way out the door, my boss came up to me and asked if I could stay late to proofread a paper. It was so satisfying to tell her “nope!” and not care anymore. I nearly laughed in her face but I kept it together and walked out the door.

    • On the last day at my last job, my boss pulled me into a meeting at 4:30 with the kid (yes, kid) that was taking my spot “to make sure we had covered everything”. I had been effin’ training that kid for a month, give me a break! Obviously, I’m still bitter…

  • Rave: Working with a great group of people. I really like all of them and we tend to be on the same page in terms of what we think is important.

    Rant: Total absence of management. There are no sensible procedures for anything. Nobody is responsible for something so it never gets done. Or there are 3 parallel procedures, none of which really works because not everyone is doing the same thing. From little things like keeping the photocopier stocked with paper, to major things like organizing a big project, everyone just toodles along doing things without letting anyone else impacted know.

    Rant: It is getting harder and harder to keep my total exasperation from bubbling to the surface. Must remember that I like these people…..

  • I’m sad Andy Roddick is retiring. I’ve enjoyed watching him play over the years. Even when he wasn’t winning, he brought some hilarity to post match interviews.

  • Rant: Friends who are too self-absorbed to be a good friend. We’ve both had a rough year, yet I’m always the one listening to this person and being there for this person. It would be nice if s/he would take some time to be there for me. When I say I’m having a crappy day, ask me about it. Don’t turn the conversation back to you one second later. Related rant: I usually call people on this kind of BS, but I can’t seem to do it with this person.

    Rave: The people I work with make me laugh, even if they don’t do it on purpose.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Arithmetic!
    Rave: finished editing 700+ photos! (the perfectionist in me says no)
    Rave: now I can continue with other projects
    Rave: I’m putting my foot on the rant’s head today

    • i’m a big clinton fan and a lifelong democrat, but we need to acknowledge that “arithmetic” has a large dose of republican congressional strength in there. when he takes 100% credit, it is dishonest.

      • What he can take 100% credit for is the tax cut that was enacted in his first term, which 100% of republicans opposed. Al Gore had to come to the Senate and provide the tie breaking vote. That tax cut – “the biggest in American history” – was supposed to destroy America. It was going to kill jobs, drive businesses overseas, kill the American Dream. At least that’s what the republicans who opposed it said. “When this goes South,” they said, “and it will, blame Bill Clinton.” Instead, it laid the groundwork for the largest peacetime economic expansion in US history, as well as the balanced budgets and budget surpluses of Clinton’s second term.

  • Rant: Slipped on some stairs in my building yesterday and damn near broke my arm and back. I have lovely bruises on my forearm and across my lower back where I hit the step.

    Rave: I’m fine, aside from being a little banged up and really embarrassed (it happened in front of my building manager and the repairman I was rushing to meet).

  • RANT – HEY TASTYDLITE – If you’re temporarily closed maybe someone should temporarily shut the lights off in your store. SMH.

    • Driving me even more crazy, the escalators at the South end of the Dupont Circle station are still running. You know, the escalators that go to and from an entrance that will be closed for A YEAR.

  • Revel: heading for a fun getaway this weekend to Pittsburgh and FallingWater/Kentucky Knob. Anyone have any suggestions for must-do things to do in Pittsburgh or along the way? Great restaurants or sights to see? (I have played in Pittsburgh a ton, but never get a chance to see much more than the venue and a late night after-show trip to Primanti Bros)?

    Rant: missing Adams Morgan day, and realizing that I’m now old enough to not really care. It used to be fun to camp out on the Toledo patio at noon, and spend the day getting drunk, sunburnt, and people-watching. I no longer find that activity appealing….ah, maturity!

  • Rant: I am so over the Clinton adoration. Maybe he has an understanding with Hillary that I don’t know about but to me guys that run around on and publicly humiliate their wives, then lie about it to everyone’s face, are total d-bags. I get that people separate the leader from the man but I don’t. Character is character in my book and a leader is someone I would actually want to follow.

    • The USA’s best years in my lifetime (I’m 34) were when Clinton was President. Was he the reason? No, but he definitely was a significant factor.

      And if you think he’s a poor leader, I hope you think even less of Dubya and Cheney. At least Clinton didn’t send fellow Americans to invade another country for BS reasons.

      Clinton has his flaws, but at least he is intelligent and well-intentioned. He also doesn’t make up facts about himself or others (unlike Mr. Paul Ryan).

      • And sorry, I made it sound like I was assuming you’re Republican, I’m not. Just meant some of us might also hold Clinton in high regard because he really was a leader compared to the man he followed…

      • I am a registered democrat but only so I can have a meaningful vote in D.C. elections. I am not comparing him to Bush. I thought Bush was a disaster.

    • who would you follow?

    • Maybe you should ask yourself why you need to be led around?

  • claire

    Rant: Feeling under the weather, partly due to staying up late last night to watch Clinton’s speech and partly due, I think, to the constant anxiety that has set over me now that my move is less than two weeks away.
    Rave: Going away party at work in fifteen minutes!
    Rave: Made sundried tomato hummus, snickerdoodle bars, and brownies for the party – might be a little overboard, but I just love being able to do some cooking projects and provide food for people!

  • Rave – had a lovely, relaxing 3-day cruise

    Rave- came home to have my sister visit for 2 days

    RANT – got off he boat on Mondy and am still dizzy and nauseous (I felt 100% fie on the boat!). Totally takes the rave out of rave 1. 🙁 Doc says to give it a few more days and if I still don’t feel well I need to come in.

  • Rave: The pedestrian crossing lights at 14th, Park, and Lamont seems to have been retooled. The walk signals coincide now, so you can get from the corner in front of Z Burger to the sidewalk in front of Staples all within about 10 seconds. Before this would have taken about 5 minutes, or you would just give up, cross against the light, and risk your life in the midst of the World’s Most Confusing Traffic Pattern. Much better!

  • Rant: Broken car
    Rave: Living close enough to school and work to be able to mostly hack it without a car
    Rant: Except for groceries and the kid’s dance class and weekends away and…
    Rave: Car2Go!

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