Prime Logan Circle (Half) Building For Sale for $3 Million

1614 14th Street, NW

This prime building is located at the corner of 14th and Corcoran St, NW (next to Black Jack). The listing says:

“Located in one of the hottest areas in Washington, DC. This building has four levels. The top twqo levels were at onetime rental units and the ground levelis currently a hair salon. The potential uses of this building are many. This propery is sold as is-where is.”

It’s yours for $3,000,000.

Update: I’m told this only half (the south side) of the building.

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  • Sold “where is”?

    Total deal breaker.

  • Hopefully someone buys it and opens a small-plates restaurant.

    • Please no small plates!!!! what I would like to see in the area is a cleveland park bar type of place where one could watch the games and eat good food…….also cafe deluxe would be good, wish they had put one of those in instead of tortilla coast.

    • Joe, this is inevitable. Like the hookers that walked this strip in the 90s, small plates will dominate this corridor with the tenacity of an antibiotic-resistant venereal disease.

  • This is actually quite a deal from a CRE standpoint.

  • What’s going to happen to these “hot” places when the government starts cutting back spending this winter? All those DoD contractors, federal employees, lobbyists, etc will start to feel the pinch and economic activity will fall sharply. Dark clouds are headed for DC, you’d have to be blind not to see them.

    • So you’re saying it should be a REALLY-small-plates restaurant?

    • The current boom will slow. Okay. You think dc is going away or something?

    • You must be new to DC. This area never takes an economic hit. The country may be swirling down the economic toiletbowl, but DC always makes sure its own are plump and jolly.

    • Maybe. But I’d be more worried about the suburbs than DC itself. Most likely, some sort of last-minute deal will be hashed out that will begin the draw-down of employees at contracting agencies located in VA and MD, who’ll be laying off the higher-paid, older workers first–the ones more likely to be found living in Reston than the 14th Street corridor.

      The end result might be that we’ll see a reverse of what happened in 2001. In many ways, the attacks then were good for DC–they led to a filling in of jobs lost from the tech bubble bursting with jobs from an exploding military sector. Now, the tech and biotech industries here are really flourishing, and they will hopefully absorb some of the job losses.

  • Where-is? Is that a real real-estate-ad thing, or are they joking? (I’m picturing an offer that says the buyer will pay full asking, but the seller has to load the property on a giant truck and move it a few miles west…)

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