PoP Preview – Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market and Cafe

1781 Florida Ave, NW

Back in March 2012 we learned that Pleasant Pops would be opening a brick and mortar Farmhouse Market and Cafe in the former Rita’s space at 1781 Florida Ave, NW beneath Mint in Adams Morgan. I stopped by yesterday to take a look and the space looks great.

They are still stocking the space and waiting on a few final permits but should be open in about a week. The curved space has a great cafe seating section. Looks like it’s gonna be a great addition to Adams Morgan.

More photos after the jump.

Folks who donated through kickstarter

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  • Love the beautiful ‘Farmhouse Founders’ carvings! Good luck, Pleasant Pops, it’ll be great to have you in the neighborhood and best wishes!!

  • Looking forward to the store opening! What an awesome addition to our neighborhood!!

  • Looks like a nice use of space, and I love non-chain businesses in the neighborhood, but are they going to expand the menu now that the weather is cooling down? Hard to imagine they will be able to sustain business only selling ice pops and Route 11 potato chips once we enter winter….

  • Welcome to the neighborhood! Is there a menu/list of what else they plan to sell (given the space, hoping for robust offerings).

  • It doesn’t matter what moves in there; it’s a dead zone for foot traffic. Has anything lasted longer than 18 months?

    • Yes. There is a clothing store and furniture store on that bloack that have been there for years. As a matter of fact, I think Ritas was the only prior occupant of that space….correct me if Im wrong.

  • Note to PP – I highly suggest you stock some post-workout goodies for the Mint crowd. Lord knows I would stop in there for a protein boost after my lifting. In the summertime protein shakes (or pops if they can be tastily executed) and in the winter I’m guessing you will have to go another route. I would also buy full meals post-workout for sure. But it has/should be tailored to the post-workout crowd if you want easy foot traffic wins. Also a nice espresso bar would be great at those windows.

  • I hope these guys do well, but opening a popscicle store right as Summer is about to turn to fall/winter??

    What elese do they plan on selling?

    • This hasn’t stopped Ben and Jerry’s, Dairy Queen, and many more frozen treat centric places from succeeding year-round.

  • Out of curiosity, how did the Kickstarter thing work for these guys? Was it an actual investment with potential returns, or simply a good-will donation?

    • Donation.

      • Wow. I guess people are free to do whatever they wish with their money, no matter how smart or not so smart, but donating money to a for-profit business just to get your name on a little wooden plaque really makes very little sense to me. Either a lot of people around here have a lot of money to burn, or these guys are selling something more than popsicles out of their truck!!!

  • A popsicle-themed restaurant? Wait, I have another idea for a themed restaurant that will no doubt be just as successful: A cereal restaurant!!!

  • i stopped by for a soft opening for kickstarter backers this weekend. had a salad and half a sandwich. very tasty and fresh!

  • Congratulations! The place looks fabulous. can’t wait to visit and sample the many flavors. Hope this is the first of many.

  • Wow, looks nice. I can’t wait until it’s open. Hope they can offer warm treats for the cold winter months.

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