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  • Thank you for the inclusion of the quarter to illustrate scale!

  • Is that a black widow in DC? I’ve never seen a poisonus spider in this area, but I’ve seen many pictures of what Brown Recluse Spiders can do, and I hope they’re not anywhere near to here.

  • I think that spider is neither a black widow nor a brown recluse. But, whatever it is, I think we’ve got one as well. Built a huge web near the top of our porch, and he’s big…the biggest I’ve seen in DC. Unfortunately, I can’t get a snap because he hides during the day.

  • I think it’s one of the many orb weavers. They do not bite and aren’t poisonous. Last summer, I had one outside of my window — three stories up. It had a huge web strung between my building and a cable wire.

  • We have one of these too. I hope he isn’t going to get *that* big. Yikes. Beautiful webs though.

  • It’s a Writing Spider, and like almost all spiders it’s completely harmless to us humans, but deadly for all those no-see-ems out there.

  • Holy shit! We used to have those spiders at my parents’ house!!


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