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  • Just checked out Union Market for the first time this weekend and it was great! Lots of delicious vendors and the space was perfect.

    • I wouldn’t say lots of delicious vendors. I, for one, was disappointed to see only about 1/4th of the vendor stalls occupied. Judging by the signs hanging above said unoccupied vendor stalls, however, there will be a lot of delicious vendors sometime in the future!

      • Agreed. They seemed to rush to open. Half the stalls were empty and the ones that were open seemed to be just winging it with coolers. Has potential. Anyone that thinks its great has bought the hype.

  • Did anyone else see the worker at Buffalo and Bergen licking the spoon after he mixed a drink and then use the same spoon to mix other drinks??

  • What exactly is this place? Is this just wholesale?

    • No, not wholesale at all. Small bites and drinks (think coffee, oysters, tacos) and gourmet groceries (think organic grassfed milk, fancy jams and jellies, olive oils). There are also a few stands similar to what you’d see in Eastern Market (flowers, fresh produce, meats).

  • I was disappointed. Great potential though. It wasn’t clear though from the website that all vendors arent open yet.

    • Good to know, thanks. I have family coming in this weekend and I think they would definitely like something like this, but now may wait until more of the vendors are open.

      • The majority of the vendors listed on the website weren’t there yet, and only a couple (Peregrine and the Oyster place) had what I would consider a permanent setup.

  • I would love to go there but taking Metro there on weekends sounds like a nightmarish ordeal, no?

  • it’s sort of like dean and deluca for this decades yuppies.

  • Maybe, despite all I read, I thought it could end up like Eastern Market. But that doesnt appear to be the case. I can go to Eastern Market and buy many different things that might complement each other, and some vendors carry similar things so there is some competition.

    You are going to have to want oysters, a 5 dollar soda, or ice cream. Not a place to just go with nothing in mind and figure it out later

  • Didn’t go this weekend, but read an overwhelming number of negative tweets about it. Maybe that will change as it fills in? But most of what I saw was a criticism of how it doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood, and residents are disappointed it’s not an actual market but a Dean & Deluca-type place as someone noted. And some took their sign about not recognizing the place, “promise,” as offensive.

    • wait, the sign on florida ave? maybe the market has a sign too, but the one on florida is someone else’s and has been there for 5 or 6 years.

  • thebear

    We dropped in on Sunday afternoon. It was a huge disappointment…a whole lot of niente. Our opinion was it’s a good thing we are not in the NoMa demographic that falls adheres to “Oooooh! SHINY!!! Must. Over. Pay.” At long last, the Shiny People have a place just for them. I hope this means there will now be significantly fewer of them to get in everyone’s way at Eastern Market while they stop dead in their tracks to text/tweet/instagram.

  • This place could have real potential if it opened as a European-style food market, such as the Central Market Hall in Budapest which has a rich variety of sellers of produce, meats, cheeses, spices, etc in additional to small restaurants & stands with prepared foods.

    However, if it’s just a glorified Dean & Deluca, no thanks. It’s too far out of the way to justify trekking there for some overpriced stuff.

  • A whole lot of extremely negative people knocking an awesome place that they’ve never been to, and has been open for exactly two days… check it out, it’s a cool place.

    The crowd was big and diverse, the selection was pretty good, most of the vendors had great prices (especially the oyster bar, bakery, and produce), and this is just the opening… more vendors will arrive nearly every week, and this is also only the first to open of ~10 buildings that the developer owns here in the market. The full opening, with longer hours and more vendors, will be in November.

  • If you go there be sure to check out A. Literis which is right round the corner – http://www.litteris.com/ The original Italian deli market and one of my go-to food stops in DC!
    Haven’t checked ou the market yet but will this week. Can’t wait.

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