Zoning Meeting Scheduled for Parc Deux Restaurant Coming to Logan Circle

14th and Q St, NW

It’s been a long time since we first heard the scuttlebutt of a Stephen Starr restaurant coming to the old laundry at 14th and Q St, NW in Logan Circle. I was happy to see a Zoning Poster out front announcing a meeting on Sept. 18th:

Hopefully it goes smoothly as the space has been completely gutted:

Here’s what it looked like in May 2011:

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  • Can I get them to put the dry cleaning fluid on the side?

  • it would be helpful if you reported what they were applying for….

    though if i squint my eyes it looks like it’s just a simple request for relief from the rear yard requirements.

    • They are applying to add a level.

      • Or thats the way I interpreted a one-story addition. I guess that could mean just filling the side yard in.

        • I’d guess adding a ground-level addition. The Board of Zoning Adjustment is set up to make small tweaks to zoning regulations, where zoning may have changed since the property was built that prevents the owner from making needed changes, or where a single property lot is split between two zones and needs to be reconciled, etc. Adding a second story would require a much larger review (historic preservation, full zoning commission appeal, etc.) and likely require way more money to complete.

  • can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s done!

    • Speaking of which, does anyone know where we might get a look at drawings of the envisioned finished product? Searching the DC zoning website (case 18396) only generated this:

      Application of Starr Restaurants, pursuant to 11 DCMR 3104.1, for a special exceptions from the rear yd. requirements under section 774, to allow a one -story addition to an existing commercial building in the Arts/C-3-A District at premises 1601 14th Street, NW (Sq. 240 Lot 82)

      Interestingly the “property address” is 9464 Newbridge Drive, Potomac, MD 20854, Washington, DC, which I assume is the address for the landlord or construction firm?

    • perhaps it will look something like the original Parc in Philadelphia, which would be disappointing as it would look very much like any of the other french restaurants in town:


      on the other hand, the amazing interiors of some of the Starr restaurants can be viewed here:


      • Whoa, I had no idea this Starr Restaurants company was so large. Interesting they’re expanding into the DC scene.

        I wonder how well they’ll do against the local concept chains like the Hilton Bros, Clydes Group, and Great American Restaurants?

  • I attended the Zoning Adjustment meeting this morning (9/18) and they were granted their variance to extend the building towards the alley for a refrigerated trash storage system.

    I talked to the architect (Richard) and the Star representative (Phil) and found out they are on schedule to open in January and will have seating for 280. One of their biggest problems has been removing the contaminated soil leftover from the days as a laundry.

    There had been rumors of a roof deck but they stated that is not in the plans but outdoor seating will be along Q street where the building steps back from the street.

  • A restaurant this big must build a garage below or create/rent parking! A density impact study needs to be done or more VA TAGS will park up the residential neighborhood. We don’t need a 100+ person restaurant and it’s employees taking up the few parking spaces we have for its tax paying citizens.
    This place is being very quiet about its building and move in. This is a red flag to me! One would guess that they break building codes and get fined to just pay the fines as a cost of doing business.

    What’s gonna happen to the neighborhood with another restaurant is more crime as we have seen increases due to increased nightlife and restaurants since the 14th St / Mid-City boom had begun.

    We could use a good book store, a self-service laundromat, a small NY Bagelry, more Small Business Mom & Pop shops, an Italian food store / International Deli or a pet store. Basically we need small localized businesses that require minimal parking impact to the people who live here!!

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