New Tryst/Diner Spot Coming to Columbia Heights to be Called “The Coupe”, “soft opening over the next few weeks”

A few weeks ago we got a pre-preview of the new Tryst/Diner concept coming to 11th and Monroe St, NW in Columbia Heights. Now we finally have a name – The Coupe! And they’ll be “soft opening over the next few weeks”.

From a press release:

The creators of Tryst, The Diner and Open City are scheduled to open their latest spot in Columbia Heights over the next few weeks. The Coupe, a hybrid of their first three concepts, will be a community gathering place located at 3415 11th Street on the corner of 11th and Monroe.

The owner, Constantine Stavropoulos has had a strong bond to this neighborhood since he first toured an old abandoned grocery store on 11th Street six years ago. With the recent mix of independent business development, the 11th Street neighborhood was an ideal place to open their fifth location (in May of this year, they opened ‘Tryst at the Phillips’, making The Coupe number five).

Much like what their other concepts did for their respective neighborhoods, The Coupe, located in a 7,000 square foot space, hopes to become that “third place” for the residents of Columbia Heights. Open 24 hours, this coffeehouse, diner, lounge and bar will offer signature Tryst coffees using a variety of brewing methods, homemade pastries and desserts, a restaurant menu that offers a range of comfort food items throughout the day and night with an added mix of entrees and specials at certain times (eggs, waffles and other diner staples will be served all the time), and a bar program with an emphasis on craft cocktails, an eclectic mix of beers, and a lot of wines by the glass, bottle and on tap.

Follow The Coupe’s progress on FB and Twitter at @thecoupedc

11th and Monroe St, NW

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  • Is there a reason it’s called “The Coupe” and not “The Coop?” Is there a subtle reference to automobiles I’m missing?

  • The name is good. Margot’s Chair made me cringe.

  • Congrats! Can’t wait to visit!

  • About time. They were losing ground while some other awesome new places opened up and down 11th Street. Really excited about this though.

  • I approve!

  • Whatever happened to the name “Margot’s Chair”? Last minute change?

  • So, so awesome. Can’t wait for it to open!

  • Margot’s chair is the name of the LLC but was never the proposed name of the business.

  • Yippeee! Can’t wait for this!

  • Just another move by the 11th Street Chicken to take over the entire road.

  • That’s where the 11th Street chicken has been operating out of

  • can’t wait!

  • and is the free-range black chicken a pre-advertisement or an escapee from a Santeria “coop” ?

  • The logo is stellar! Love it.

  • Glad they’re opening, not glad it’s still 24 hours. I hope they do great business during normal hours and are successful but do really horrible business from midnight to six am and scrap that idea.

  • Can’t wait to come check it out! Love all their spots!

  • More good news for 64 bus commuters & 11th street afficianados. Their coffee is not half bad, hope they will have french fries and not just tater tots. P.S. Constantine: Kids menu kids menu kids menu
    Dear neighbors, I promise not to barf too loudly after overindulging and winding up here.
    Also hoping they will have police 24/7, I have to ride through here on my bike at some ridiculous hours for work and it’s a bit creepy, hoping this will bring more foot traffic like you see on 18th during the swing swift.

  • Oh no! I am a huge supporter of this project. Love tryst – so psyched that Constantine is coming to CH – but the Coupe? Really? I HATE HATE HATE the name.

    “I’m going to The coupe”? Really? UGH……

    • Yeah, not a great name – and from a business standpoint possibly damaging as it is odd, confusing and not-memorable easily for google-ing – but it will be an excellent place anyway! I was just walking my dog and a young woman asked directions to the “Couvee?” – “Covy” “Cuppa” or “something like that” – she couldn’t remember. It was on 11th st. Her little phone map line seemed to point to 11th & Park. I couldn’t think of what else was around there that she might be confused about. Hope she got where she wanted to go!

  • I was excited about The HAMILTON being open 24 hours then they scraped the idea and went to boring hours of operation. So I hope this stays 24 hours because I am a night owl and I need my 3am breakfast fix now and then. And new 24 hour place in DC is welcomed by me! THE DINER is horrible after the menu change so I hope they are what the diner USED to be. Then again with this push for everything healthy it probably won’t be good. I’m sorry but a 24 hour place shouldn’t be focused on health nuts at 3am. 3am customers want good grease!

  • I kind of like the name, “The Coop” was the shorthand name for the student co-op snack bar at my alma mater, Pomona College – a good place to see student art, play pinball, and study if you wanted some fries with that shake. There are a lot of Pomona people here in DC. 47! Go Sagehens!

  • I hope they have some healthier food to eat. Doesn’t have to be crazy healthy -simply lower fat, lower cholestoral, taste good for those of us soothing our hearts.

    With slight bitterness I hope that the two neighborhood detractors, who went to great lengths to stop this place from opening despite large community support, repents publically and often.

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