New Mexican Restaurant, Riscatto, Coming to the Former Galileo III Space Downtown

600 14th Street, NW

Almost exactly a year ago Galileo III closed at at 600 14th St, NW. A new restaurant called Riscatto will be moving into the space by 14th and F Street. A recent liquor license posted says:

“New restaurant serving Mexican and Latin foods for lunch, brunch, and dinner. Background music will be provided. Entertainment will be in the form of a DJ. Seating capacity is 130. Total occupancy load is 190.”

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  • PoP – headline slightly misleading. I was excited that this was a New Mexican (state) restaurant – sadly it is just another Mexican restaurant.
    I guess I’ll have to go to Albuquerque for some green chile.

  • Yet another new restaurant in DC that features brunch and/or a DJ. In only a matter of weeks they’ll apply for outdoor seating. I don’t know how DC does it, but it never fails to get the most boring restaurant announcements.

    • Yeah, brunch and outdoor seating are soo boring. Same with DJs. I wish we had no outside seating, brunch or DJs. Restaurants would be a lot more fun and exciting then. Hopefully they won’t even have alcohol.

    • tonyr

      Boring? This one serves Latin food – can’t wait to try their larks tongues and fried guinea pig. Veni, vidi, vici.

  • hispanicandproud

    Darn! Was hoping a New Mexico style restaurant was coming to DC. I’m in dire need of some fresh green chile.

    • There’s a number of outfits down in Hatch that can ship you fresh chile this time of year that you can roast yourself (my neighboorhood smelled wonderful last night as I roasted mine on our pit) or frozen anytime of year. It’s a bit pricey to pay the shipping fees, but well worth it IMO. Nothing like a bowl of green chile stew once the weather gets cold!

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