New Dog Park for Columbia Heights?

Alley behind 14th, Irving, Columbia and Hiatt Pl, NW

I was checking out the new Highland Park II building in Columbia Heights and heard about a very interesting development being discussed. Apparently the alley (pictured above) used to be a mess and filled with garbage. It’s been cleaned and fenced and is owned by the city. So what to do with the space? One option I heard mentioned was a dog park. Do you think this would be a good space for a new dog park in Columbia Heights (in addition to the one at 11th and Park Rd, NW)?

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  • There is 25 years worth of piss in that strip already- a dog park can’t hurt!

    • anything to stop all the bums and degenerates from urinating all over that alley. It’s particularly disgusting in the narrow area by the health center. Just a few hundred yards from the metro… piss everywhere.

  • the condo adjacent to the alleyway just wants their parking lot back!

    also for people to stop driving like maniacs through there now that the driveable area has been significantly reduced. super huge blindspot with the covered fence? yeah i’m just on pins and needles to hear the first accident back there

  • is this the former trailer homeless shelter?

  • Pave it and lease it to Back Alley Waffles.

  • What happened to the plan for the community based residential facility (shelter) behind the apts?

  • 1. I thought the residential facility was going in front of the apartments (although the space left in front looks pretty darn shallow to me, I still assume that space has been left open for that plan to come to fruition).

    2. Before investing in another dog park, the city absolutely has to invest a modest amount to make the existing dog park an actual, you know, dog park. I was hoping the users of the park (who to their credit did a great job building the tree boxes) would organize to raise some money, but they’ve never exhibited any interest in doing so. The park needs to be surfaced as it is now a dust bowl which spills over into the sidewalk and where there is no drainage for the urine and such that I’m sure is all over the place there. It could also use some more permanent seating. It wouldn’t take much money, relatively, to turn this into a real dog park, and given its very heavy usage, it’s kind of nuts that there hasn’t been more effort to make this happen.

    • I don’t use the CH dog park you reference, but I agree it needs some improvement. As long as Metro owns it, it’ll likely never get further investment.

    • The existing “dog park” is not and has never been an actual “dog park.” It’s an access point for Metro, which has been kind enough to let dog owners use the space. Any cleanup or beautification efforts we do have to be approved by WMATA. It’s not a matter of the dog park users not being organized or willing — it’s the matter that this land’s primary purpose is to serve Metro’s needs, not dog owners’ needs.

  • Oh please please anything in that alley. I’ve contacted CM Graham several times about this, but nothing…I just want to be able to walk through there without covering my nose and mouth

  • Doesn’t “new” imply that one exists already? The park on 11th is not technically a dog park and an official one would be more than welcome.

  • hispanicandproud

    I always yell from my balcony for guys to stop peeing in that alley. One day I’ll get shot.

  • People pee over by the alley entrance not the fenced area. The fenced area is in 1 yr lease to the construction co. To stage for the construction of the adjacent new buildings. No plans for after that though.

    The community lost about 35 parking spots to that project and it would be nice to see the alley repaved and reconverted to resident parking. Meanwhile the blind curve caused by the new fence is dangerous for cars and deadly for pedestrians. Cars are a lot quieter than dogs, I doubt the residents would want the extra noise.

    Also interesting, the fenced part of the alley used to have privately owned single car garages! The alley itself dates back over 100 years. Who knew?

  • YES! Absolutely in favor of a dog park! Thanks for the heads’ up…

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