Ma Ma’s Southern Cuisine Looking to Stay Open 24 Hours a Day

3118 Georgia Avenue, NW

Back in early Aug. we noted that Ma Ma’s Southern Cuisine was getting renovated at 3113 Georgia Ave, NW. They are now looking to offer breakfast all day – literally. A recent request to amend their liquor license says they’d like:

“To operate 24 hours/day, seven days per week to serve food.”

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  • that is such fantastic news! oh, happy day! dc needs more 24 hour places.

  • Awesome – do it!!

  • good news for dc. i wish more place closer to downtown were 24hr. crazy not to have a place in chinatown, or u street.

    hey PoP, you got a list of 24 hour joints?

    • If not we/he should do a post compiling them – crowdsource the list!

    • The Hamilton had to wrap up their 24-hour service because they were getting “unsavory” clientele in the wee small hours – angry drunks who wanted food and couldn’t figure out how to pay their bill.

      Which leads me to my question – and yes, I’m going to be the jerk here: is this area really the kind of neighborhood where we want a late-night dining option? I cringe when I think about what the 4am scene might look like on this block….

      (I know, it’s not that bad, but it’s certainly not that good there either…)

      • +1. Also, it will be a big jump for them to go to 24/7 seeing as every time I try to eat there during what I would think are normal restaurant hours, they are closed.

      • If the area makes you “cringe” so much.. then dont come near it!

        • Hah, the area doesn’t make me cringe at all…I’ve played many times at Sankofa and a few other places on the block as well. It’s cool during the evening, but I was saying that at 4am it might not the place to grab a late night bite. Make it a haven for the drunken late night crowd, with no added police, and that is a recipe for disaster. That is all I was trying to say…

  • Fried chicken and collards for breakfast?

    Yes please!

  • Before everyone gets all excited, has anyone eaten there yet?

  • I live right by Mama’s. It’s a great place….delicious home-cooked food and the nicest, funniest owners. It’s definitely a bright spot in the Park View area! Hopefully it won’t attract the Eddie Leonard crowd…

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