Lost Dog – Aurnia


“She was last seen at 9pm last night at 17th St NW and Kalorama.
She does not have a leash or tags on her, but is microchipped.
She is afraid of loud noises and people she doesn’t know well (especially men), so if you’re trying to get a leash around her, doggie treats/food and a calm, nice demeanor would help keep her calm so that she doesn’t run off again.
Animal Control has been notified and has received a few reports of her.
We’re hoping that she is brought to safety soon!”

We lost our friend’s dog tonight and wanted to post her photo and information in case anyone found her.
In the attached photo, she is the dog on the right.

Her name is Aurnia and she is a beautiful chow mix that our friend adopted from the rescue shelter a few months ago.

She got out of her harness as we were walking in Dupont Circle and was last seen around the Meridian Park area heading up 16th St NW.

If anyone has seen her, please call Rochelle at 202-747-4630.

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  • I hope you find her soon! Poor thing. And you must be just beside yourself. Sending you all and her all the positive vibes I can!

  • I know this dog’s owner and she is probably besides herself…please help find Aurnia!

  • My friends and I saw her run by when we were playing bocce last night, but we weren’t able to get close enough to catch her. I hope you find her!!

    • Can you tell us where you located when you saw her? We’re canvassing the area to see if she’s still in the same area. Thanks!

  • Cute dog, hope it is found and returned. The owner should look into using a slip collar in the future.

  • ledroittiger

    I live at that intersection and will keep an eye out when I return from work this evening!

  • I posted on Facebook for my friends in that neighborhood. Perhaps post on Craigslist, too, to get the word out.

  • Aurnia was spotted today at 8:45am in Georgetown at the tennis courts at Dumbarton Oaks/Montrose Park and then ran into the woods at Dumbarton Oaks/Montrose Park. Dog owner is canvassing the wooded area with friends. If you spot her, please do not approach her. It will scare her and cause her to run off. Please immediately call DC Animal Control at (202) 576-6664 or Michael (dog owner) at (202) 494-1884.

  • WE FOUND THE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so glad that she is ok! Thank you so much for your support and help!

  • Rochelle – we’re so glad. I know the time between and loss and when she was found was agonizing. I actually saw the dog on 16th Street the other day while I was driving. I pulled over, left my car runnning (with passenger) and tried to help, but to no avail. Didn’t want to post anything since other posts had already covered that location. We have a black lab and love her so, so much. She’s collared and has a chip, and for the last few days my partner and our dog have pined about your situation. I can’t tell you how happy we are that Aurnia is back home and safe.

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