Listed District’s Phenomenal Finds Vol. 27 – Two by Two

Ellen Richardson, a graphic designer and Pleasant Plains resident, created the blog, Listed District. Listed District offers daily DC Craigslist findings of everything from Mid-Century and Industrial furniture, to bikes and the utterly strange.  Every week Ellen is going to share a roundup of some Phenomenal Finds with PoPville.

I find that it sometimes pays to jump on a Craigslist pair – they can be difficult to come across. Don’t need two? Just sell the other back onto CL to help defray the cost – but don’t be a jerk and charge triple for one what you paid for the pair…or charge triple for one what you paid for two and call it entrepreneurship…? Today’s Listed District roundup serves up some matchy-matchy finds for your pairing pleasure. Happy Hunting!
$20 – Vintage TV Trays – Horse Design!
$50 – Sunny Yellow Glass Lamps
$60 – Gold Globe Sconces
$150 – MCM Slat Side Tables (walnut?)
$150 – Sleek Yellow & Walnut MCM Side Chairs
$175 – Chrome Cantilever Chairs, Knoll Upholstery
$250 (OBO) – Swanky Etched Glass and Brass Waterford Lamps
$250 – Classic Black Wassily-Style Sling Chairs
$450 – Black & Gold Regency Chest of Drawers
$500 – Yellow Leather Tufted Club Chairs
$850 – Vintage Paul McCobb Green Tweed Ottomans

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  • When did buying low and selling high and making a profit start making people jerks?

    • Seriously. When I moved to DC I bought a desk off CL for $35. Seven years later, when I needed to part with it, I decided to list it for the same amount. Someone replied and was able to pick it up immediately. Despite the newly-acquired scratch on top (which I disclosed in the ad) she seemed thrilled with it and gave me $40. Makes me wonder if I could have gotten more for it!

      I used to live with a guy that would resell stuff he found through Freecycle. Aside from the fact that our backyard was filled with old workout equipment and IKEA furniture I didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing. He was taking stuff off people’s hands and selling it to people who still felt they were getting a deal. If had more free time and storage space I’d do it too.

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