Lime Fresh Mexican Grill to Replace Potbelly’s on 7th Street in Chinatown/Penn Quarter

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From a press release:

Douglas Development is pleased to announce that Lime Fresh Mexican Grill will occupy 2,000 square feet in the Douglas Development-owned property at 726 7th Street in Penn Quarter. The space is currently occupied by Potbelly Sandwich Works and is scheduled to open as Lime Fresh Mexican Grill in mid-2013.

Potbelly will close its doors before the opening of Lime Fresh in mid-2013.

Lime Fresh recently opened up another location in Columbia Heights in the DC USA.

For those who work nearby – do you prefer a Lime Fresh Mexican Grill over a Potbelly here?

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  • That’s an upgrade. Potbelly’s is an embarrassment for such a high-profile part of town, although not the humiliation that Hooters is.

    • Yes, please keep Penn Quarter high end with such places as The Greene Turtle, Dunkin Donuts, Fuddruckers, La Tasca, Wok and Roll, Burger King, McDonalds, Auntie Annies, Bar Louie…

      • Exactly. It’s next to California Tortilla and on the same block as Fuddruckers and Ruby Tuesdays.

        Prefer Potbelly being here since the aforementioned CA Tortilla is right there too and Chipotle is across the street. Seems kinda silly to have a 3rd cheap quasi-Mexican food place.

  • I am happy that Douglas Development is pleased, but I will be pleased when Douglas Development gets around to doing something with the property that’s languishing at the NE corner of Florida and Georgia Avenues. The building is lackluster, but renovated. It contributes to the blaaaach that is that intersection.

  • never been to Lime Fresh, but there are a zillion Potbellies around the city, so I probably won’t miss that one.

  • Thank you, PoP, for taunting me with the unnecessary apostrophe-s.

  • On the same block as California Tortilla and Chipotle? OK then.

  • I’ve been to the Lime Fresh in Columbia Heights. It’s not amazing, but I think it’s better than chipotle. Good tortillas.

  • Went to their location in Pentagon Row. OK food, but the music was extremely loud.

  • A fuax attempt at being a little more upscale than Chipotle. I’d rather have the Potbelly.

  • Never understood why there was a Potbelly’s up there when one is four blocks away on Indiana Ave.

  • Been to their Pentagon Row store. It’s bland. I prefer Chipotle or maybe even Baja Fresh, which it replaces in Pentagon Row. It tries to be more of a sit-down restaurant, and a happy hour spot than a good fast take out.

  • I like that Potbelly’s it will be missed. I invariably end up taking visitors to Chinatown ALL the time, and when we want a low key lunch option, now I will have to say, which of the 3 mexican-ish places do you want?

    That being said, Lime is ok…bonus points if they offer a dinner and a movie deal! The space doesnt seem nearly as large as the one they just put in CH (which is massive)

  • I’ve been to the one in Arlington a few times and just was not at all impressed. Like another commenter said, music was loud, in a ‘bad early 2000s songs reverberating off metal tables’ kind of way. Food was so meh. People that worked there were super nice, though, so I’m hoping it gets better.

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