Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Lost Dog – Tiny

Dear PoPville,

Sad to report that my toy poodle mix, deathray_2000 (also known as “Tiny”) escaped through a tiny hole in the back fence and made a break for it. Happened around 4PM Sunday.

She has no collar or tag but she is microchipped.

She escaped to the alley behind the 4100 block of Arkansas Avenue NW. Closest intersection is 16th and Upshur.

She is a 6LB toy poodle mixed with either havanese or papillon. She is fluffy, white with a big brown dot on her back. Her ears are pretty long.

She is very people-friendly and probably got scooped up by someone who saw here running free. I’m hoping someone might have seen her.

Contact: Michael 202-374-6591

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  • My goodness, that is a ridiculously cute dog.

  • Poor tiny. I hope you find her soon.

  • Thanks for the well wishes, Anon. 10:01 & annonny. Making flyers now, gonna put them up this afternoon. Silly little dog. My sister, always with great humor, says she’s out on a bender.

  • I am really sorry to hear this. That is an incredibly cute dog. I hope you can find her soon.

  • Live somewhat near that area, and will keep my eyes open for the tiny little thing.

    • I’ll keep an eye out too, though it’s highly improbable those tiny legs would make it down to my neck of the woods.

  • Seriously, deathray_2000 is the most awesome name ever. Cute and unusual looking little dog. I hope you find her.

  • Sad to hear….hope she’s found soon!

  • Hello from the person who lost TINY. Thanks for all of your support. I’ve met a number of you over the years, and many more in the past couple of days.

    I received a suspicious phone call at 5PM today from a young male using a BLOCKED cell phone number. There were a few voices in the background, and he seemed somewhat distracted as I talked to him.

    His first question was whether the dog can be tracked with her microchip. I said No, the chip provides ID information when the dog is brought to a shelter.

    I asked whether he had seen the dog, and he said Yes, about 30 minutes before. Where? Running down Upshur Street. Then, he hung up on me.

    I think someone picked the dog up on Sunday afternoon, soon after she got away, and wants to keep her but not get caught. They saw the one of my flyers or one of the neighborhood listserv notices, and started to worry about being identified by the microchip in the dog.

    So, I ask everyone to keep your eyes open for a young person or small group of young people who may be playing with Tiny. Since the weather is so beautiful, I’m sure they will be outside, maybe in the front yard or the backyard. They may be taking her for a walk. She can be identified by the two large brown spots in her fur on her back, and by a small white bump on her underside, just in front of her left back leg.

    Michael Wilkinson
    Arkansas Avenue

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