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  • I had heard there was a plan to build a multi-unit condo building behind it that would also incoroporate this building.

  • There are no walls nor a roof on these buildings. Putting new windows and doors in is tantamount to putting a band-Aid on severed limb. Is there any serious work going on here?

    • agreed… if things keep going down the same path… it might be the first place to get a horse’s ass award before and after renovation!

  • I say kudos to the owner for fixing up the facade even before development. Too bad big corporations like Marriott, which owns all of the boarded up buildings on 9th Street just north of L, can’t do the same. Just because an owner isn’t ready to redevelop a property doesn’t mean that the neighborhood should look like a bombed-out wreck. The same should apply to buildings across the city, if you can’t afford windows, a door, and a decent coat of paint then you can’t afford to own a building – even in rough parts of town. Leaving the buildings decrepit is just a way of poisoning your neighbors quality of life.

  • saf

    This is the building where Ella Watson’s apartment was.


    • You’re right! Google street view matches the view from her window. It’s cool to think that the photo with her granddaughter was taken right behind those new windows.

    • I am ECSTATIC that you pointed that out, SAF! In fact, I thought that I was the only person who figured it out. A couple of years ago I noticed the same vantage point from the bedroom but the LOC records doesn’t list an address. But I know it’s the right location and glance at it almost every day (I pass by at least 2/day during the week). Was always worried that it’d be knocked down….and guilty for not speaking up about it. Good for you!

      • saf

        There’s a GW professor (i have suddenly forgotten his name) who confirms this in a book. Howard something?

        There will also be a sign on the upcoming Logan Circle Heritage Trail.

  • Update: According to the developer, here are some things to know:

    1. Plans for a 6-unit condo project are being reviewed by DCRA.
    2. Project was already approved by HPRB.
    3. Construction is subject to permit approval and therefore likely in about 1-2 months.
    4. The new doors are temporaty but are to make the building look better and offer security and access during construction. Much better looking doors will be installed toward the end of construction.
    5. 2nd floor windows are the permanent windows. 1st floor are temp.
    6. Units will be JR 1 BR, 1 BR, and 2 BR’s. 3 parking spaces.
    7. Finishes will be high quality and stylish
    8. The developer is Robertson Development who also did Woodson Row on 12th Street (1916-1922), the Highland at 1531-1535 P, The Beauregard at 2100 11th and others.
    9. Construction should take 10-12 months.
    10. Sales will begin around the time of completion.

  • I know the developer is interested in the communities ideas for a name for the condo building. Perhaps posting ideas here will help!

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