Have a Look at the new Hitching Post Menu

200 Upshur St, NW

On Aug. 22 the new Hitching Post soft opened at 200 Upshur St, NW across from the Old Soldiers Home in Petworth. Here’s a look at the menu:

Field greens/tomato & Bacon 7
Beans & Smoked Ham Hock Soup 6
Lamb chops 12
Black eye pea cake 7
Hitching Post fried wings 3/5 6/10
Hitching post Fried Chicken 4 pieces 8

All entrée come with two sides
Spinach and Corn (vegetarian) 12
Shrimp fried or Steamed 21
Crab Cakes 24
Pasta with Shrimp and Rich Makhani Sauce 17
Pasta with Spicy Italian Sausage 14
Pasta with Grilled Chicken 14
Hitching Post Fried Chicken 8 pieces 15.75
Fried Chicken Dinner all white meat 15
Chicken Wing Dinner 15.75
Spicy Porter House Steak Stew 16
Pork Chops 15
Fish Fried 15
Lamb Chop Dinner 25

Sandwiches /Burgers with fries or salad
Tuna Sandwich 10
Crab Cake Sandwich 12
Honey Baked Turkey 10
Smoke Salmon Sandwich 8
Roast Beef Sandwich 8
Hitching Post Burger 8

Side orders
Mac & cheese 4
Collard greens 5.5
Mashed Potatoes 4.5
Home made fries 3.5
Cole slaw 4
Potato salad 5.5
Broccoli 5

Cheese cake 6
Carrot Cake 6

Please Ask Your Server For daily Specials

Happy Hour 4Pm-7pm

Margarita 5
Martini 5
Mango Cosmo 5
Manhattan 5

Hours: Tue-Sunday 11:30 am-11pm
Kitchen Closed at 10:30pm

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  • Some prices are very low or moderate, and others are incredibly high. Pretty bizarre. That fried chicken is a damn steal- cheaper than Popeyes. Sides and apps are laugably expensive.

  • Do they have a website?

  • Looks like they tried to maintain the integrity of the menu, which is more than they did with the space.

    If the chicken, mac and cheese and greens are still good I am there…

  • Eh. Nothing on the menu we’d eat, except maybe the broccoli. But the happy hour prices look good!

  • And by 8 pieces of chicken they mean 37 pieces, right?

  • are they doing breakfast?

  • We went last week and it was a lot of fun. Really good vibe. More seating than before, and the food came out fairly quickly (compared to in the past). The only problem was that not everything made it to us right away. I ended up stringing together a bunch of the vegetarian sides for a pretty decent meal. It would definitely be nice to have a few more veggie options, but my friends all thought the chicken was fantastic.

  • Spinach and CORN? That’s not an entree, that’s an afterthought. No vegetarian sandwiches or appetizers, either (if the black-eyed pea cakes are made with bacon, like Hoppin’ John salad is).

    Guess I won’t be going here 🙁

  • why does every restaurant have to cater to the vegetarian crowd? I don’t see vegetarian restaurants catering to meat eaters

    • Is that a serious question? Every restaurant already caters to omnis. Yeesh. We’d just like some options too.

      • Maybe you should broaden your horizons and try the meat. Take it from me, it’s actually pretty good and won’t hurt you. Our species has been eating it for millions of years.

        • From eater.com:

          Last night on Treme, Janette Desautel is working at chef David Chang’s restaurant Lucky Peach, a fictionalized hybrid of Momofuku Ko and Ssäm Bar. After a vegetarian “freaked out because the broth wasn’t totally veg,” Chang makes a decision to change the menu. “Fuck her man,” says Chang. “Starting tomorrow, let’s put pork in every fucking dish.”

    • If they had no veggie options at all, I wouldn’t have even commented because it would clearly be Not For Me. Oohs and Aahs has no vegetarian entree and that’s fine.

      But if you’re gonna provide SOMETHING, it ought to be just as good as the rest of what you’re serving. Or at least a complete meal. Savory hoecakes with spinach and mushrooms? Sounds good. Pasta with fried green tomato sauce? OMG, sign me up. Spinach and corn? I’ll eat at home, thanks.

  • We went for dinner last week on Tuesday or Wednesday. I had the “Burger Platter”, which I don’t see listed above, but was only $9 and came with 2 burgers and a pile of hand cut fries! Awesome! Not sure if that has changed since the price and description above are new. Drinks were cheap and there was a fun conversation going on amongst some old regulars at the bar regarding the DNC on the TV. Will definitely be back. Do they have a new phone number or website available so we can check availability or order carry-out?

  • I live a few blocks away from the restaurant, and was very excited when I heard the place was getting revamped. I went in for dinner last week and the food was awful. The fried chicken was old, and the sides were bland. The only positive point is that the server was very friendly and attentive.

    • Please come back and give it another try

    • Same here…couple of blocks away, but a totally different opinion on the food. The Frogette and I ordered a single 8 piece chicken platter with an extra side of mac-and-cheese and got enough food for a week. Seriously, we made three meals out of this, and the chicken was delicious.

  • I ate the chicken there last week and can certify that they’re using the same recipe. The Jukebox is great, completely different than anywhere else’s. The deck out front is also good. I do wish they arranged a dance floor somewhere, that would def. help their business to flourish.

  • It’s barely worth saying as you know the anonymites are just trying to start a fight, but let people be, if you don’t eat meat who cares? Think of it as criticizing someone who is eating kosher or halal, it’s akin to a religion for many of them. Live and let live and all that. Or fight about religion.

  • Beers$ 3.00, wine $ 5.00 happy hour

  • bfinpetworth

    After reading this yesterday, my partner and I stopped in last night. We had a great time. Sat at the bar with a bunch of the old regulars, chatted it up, found out we had a common connection with a friend of ours in Vermont, and ate some good food. Met some fascinating people sitting at the bar! Some of the old movers and shakers of DC stop in there and they all know each other. Just a fascinating night.

    Regarding the food – definitely same recipe for chicken, the portions are more reasonable (although still very large). One suggestion to Barry – the fried chicken breast pieces were a bit overdone, probably because they are cutting the breast into smaller pieces and the chef (carried over from the Carter’s Hitching Post) isn’t used to those smaller breast pieces. Otherwise, loved it and loved our evening there!

  • Wow what a disappointment! I was looking forward to trying this restaurant! There is hardly a thing for vegetarians!

    To the person who said to expand horizons, I respect meat eaters, and hope you can give the same respect to us vegetarians! By the way, it is healthier to be vegetarian and environmentally friendly.

    To the restaurant owners, please try to expand the menu and offer more delicious vegetarian options, not just sides. Get creative and use all this yummy produce we get from local farmers nearby!

    We want your business to succeed, but you have to offer us food we can all enjoy! Thank you & welcome to the neighborhood!

  • I havent been to the new and improved hitching post yet, but I am sure I will miss the carters and look forward to meeting the new owners.

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