Good Deal or Not? “recent updates throughout” edition

This house is located at 2609 Sherman Ave, NW:

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The listing says:

“Prime location in Columbia Heights!!! This wonderful home has modern design with recent updates throughout. Features open floor plan with full basement . Fully fenced yard with the potential for parking. Conveniently located within minutes to shops, dining and public transportation.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $475,000.

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  • Almost 500,000 for 2 bedrooms in that neighborhood? I seriously need to get out of this city. That’s insane.

    • Don’t worry, the owner is just being a little too lofty… This place is quite overpriced at this point in time. You can buy a much bigger house just 4 blocks north for $450k… no offense, but there are condos larger than this on the market right now, a more reasonable price would be around $360k, only having one bathroom in a rowhouse is pretty bad in this housing market, the property value would be increased greatly if another was added before selling, with only 1BA, it might as well be an apartment if you ask me…

  • Good deal. It’s a larger 2/1 house and the Sherman streetscape project will only make this area more desirable. Is the streetcar coming? Does anyone know? I know 475 seems like a lot now, but is anyone like me and kicking themselves for not buying a Columbia Heights condo in 2002 for 125k?!

  • 475K is too much for two bedrooms on this busy street in this shooty area.

    • That is what people said about Columbia Heights in 2003 when I bought my 1 bedroom condo for 175k.

    • gotryit

      I walk by that area frequently, and it is getting less shady very quickly.

      • I live in this area and there was a drive by shooting right up Sherman what, 2 weeks ago? Plus it’s not very close to a grocery store and that crazy man who collects metal and lives out of his truck has been parking over there recently. IMO, as a neighborhood resident, anything East of 11th – even some parts of 11th – are sketch, ie empty houses, people (drunks/crackheads) hanging out/panhandling, muggings fairly often. Mr Yu’s get’s robbed every couple months or so. I mean I’m sure property values in this area will rise, I just don’t get it though.

        • Drive by was last Tuesday morning (1 week ago).

        • gotryit

          Sure, it’s not Friendship Heights.

          The only things on that list that really concern me are muggings and stores being robbed, but those happen all the way over to 14th street.

          The gangs that are responsible for the drive-bys are being pushed out by gentrification.

          Then again, I live closer to Georgia Ave, so maybe I’m too numb to your notion of sketchiness.

          • Fair enough. I’ve been in the neighborhood for about three years now and I never was super sketched out until I signed up for AlertDC updates a few months ago. Now I wake up almost every morning to a reported mugging/robbery in the neighborhood and THAT sketches me out.

            Call me old fashioned/not from the East Coast but for half a million dollars I don’t want a homeless man camped out in his truck in front of my house and I want to live in a neighborhood where I feel safe walking outside after dark. For half a million dollars, I shouldn’t have to be numb to sketchiness.

        • You should have stopped at “I’m mean.”

          • This is the seller chiming in. What a lively exchange! Thanks for all the feedback.

            I’m not going to defend my house. I love the place, and if you don’t, then hopefully it will connect with the right person.

            What I am concerned about though is the casual put-downs of my neighbors and neighborhood. Everyone’s entitled to their views. But, this is a community where people wake up every morning, come home tired after a long day, sit on the porch, watch the neighbor kids run up and down the sidewalk, and spend a big chunk of our lives. Even if it has its problems (and what community doesn’t?), we’re working through them as best we can with what little time we have. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for a decade, and am proud of my neighbors who’ve withstood gang violence, the transformation of Sherman Avenue into an expressway for commuters, blight, and economic transformation. Through all of that, this is also a neighborhood with a proud history that includes Duke Ellington, Dick Gregory, Howard University, too many civil rights leaders to name, the Emergence Community Arts Collective, Banneker Recreation Center, the Pleasant Plains Civic Association (the oldest in the city and a major force for civil rights), Banneker High School (consistently among the nation’s Top 100 high schools), and thousands of proud, multi-generational families that continue to model community citizenship and civic responsibility.

            Take issue with what you will. Maybe we’re asking too much for our house. Maybe you want to live closer to a grocery store. Maybe you’re looking for proximity to a Metro stop. But, do not move here if you’re looking for a place completely scrubbed of its color (and I mean that in every sense of the word). This remains one of DC’s vital communities, and it deserves your respect. We are proud residents of Sherman Avenue and Pleasant Plains.

            One more thing: That “crazy homeless guy?” His name is Renny, and he’s lived in my neighborhood for more than 40 years. Yes, he’s unique, but he cares and watches out for everyone and everything on our street. I’d take one of him over 1000 others. There’s no need for folks on this blog to get personal, especially when they really don’t know the person they’re dismissing out of hand.

  • As a neighbor and owner of a similar house, I would be so psyched to see this go for $475K.

    However, my gut feeling (supported by the fact that is has been on the market for almost a month – decades in our neighborhood!) is that this house is probably overpriced by a bunch – maybe even by $50-60K – and therefore not a particularly good deal.

    I’ll be curious to see what it settles for and wholeheartedly agree that the location will only get better!

    • I concur with the above. If something lasts more than 5 days on the market, it’s overpriced. Anything remotely reasonable is getting snapped up very quickly.

  • As one who is looking to buy, homes like this in DC under 500k are not easy to come by these days. Crazy, but true.

  • The kitchen renovation is odd, the second bedroom is tiny, there’s a lot of carpet, no half bath anywhere and it just looks weird.

    In that neighborhood, I’d want it all fixed up, with at least a powder room and hardwood floors for that price. Or drop the price by $25-50k.

  • Poorly done slate steps leading up to a concrete front walk that then goes to …. wooden steps and a wooden front porch? And a corrugated steel ceiling with a bare light bulb in the basement? SOLD!

    • All the cattiness on this comment thread is fairly obnoxious. I wouldn’t want to move to this neighborhood if I had to deal with snobs overanalyzing every detail about my place.

    • You’re upset that he didn’t finish the basement? and that there is a wood porch? I guess 3/4 of the housing stock in town is ghetto by your standards.

  • No brainier-good deal!

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