Good Deal or Not? “Only 2 bd in area at 1bd price” edition

This condo is located at 1438 Meridian Place, NW:

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The listing says:

“Beautiful, bright & cozy 2 bd 1 bath in highly sought after Columbia Heights. Condo features: hardwood floors, open floorplan, walk-in closets, kitchen w/ stainless appliances, & washer & dryer. Only 5 minute walk to Metro. Convenient to shops (Giant & Target, etc), restaurants, entertainment, Adams Morgan & Rock Creek Park. Pet friendly building & exercise area! Only 2 bd in area at 1bd price.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $339,990 ($224 monthly condo fee.)

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  • Is the couch in a hallway, or is that the living room?

    • That’s the living room.

      It’s a very claustrophobic apartment. Yikes.

    • Hmmm, I wonder if maybe the furniture is just not arranged optimally in the pictures?

      But yeah, this *is* technically a 2BR at a 1BR price, but I wonder if more people would prefer a 1BR with a comfortable living area to this.

      • Hard to tell just from photos, but maybe if they flipped the LR and DR? Looks like there’s more open space in the DR area, and the long narrow space wouldn’t be noticeably cramped if they had the DR there instead.

  • Cramped!!! No thanks

  • I live in this building and it’s a great place to live! The residents are quiet and respectful. The condo assoc. is active and responsible, and the building is kept in really good shape. The building manager is a super cool dude and not a big management company. He is very responsive and helpful. The fenced dog area on the side is good for taking the dog out when you don’t want to go far. The location is really good too. I’m right between the S-buses on 16th and everything happening on 14th st. This is the only place in DC I’d want to live!

    • Knew you would chime in on this post Sarah… 🙂

    • Sarah — this is off the topic of the post but since you mentioned the condo board, I thought I’d reply to you. I live in 1436 (and rent). Our landlord told us that calling 311 is the only course of action for the overflowing (to say the least) grocery carts that are piling up in the alley behind us. At first the carts were fine, but it’s really gotten out of hand in the last week and seems to be turning into a dumping ground. As a renter, I don’t know anyone on the condo board. If you do, could we find a way to swap that info so I can find out who, if anyone, I should call. My landlord said that calling 311 probably wouldn’t lead to any action unless a lot of people called. Thanks!

      • sunsquashed

        Aha, that’s where they went. They were previously in the alley behind our place down the street for several days.

        • Yeah, about 5-6 showed up in early July, then they disappeared for a few days; then returned. Until mid-August there were just 5-6 carts, neatly arranged (I’d seen others lined up in the neighborhood at the same time). Now there are 16 carts along with piles lined up against the carts. It’s already a rat-infested area, so they must be living especially large at the moment.

          • sunsquashed

            Woah! You guys have been dealing with it longer than us. I saw them for a few days at a time in Aug., but never before or after.
            Yeah, the rat problem back there is horrible! I have to booby trap all of our plants/herbs out back with giant rat traps, yet they still manage to eat everything they can. I know a big part of the problem is dumpster behind the Getaway, as well as the abandoned house at 1408 Meridian, but I didn’t realize the rat problem extends back that far East. I’ve called 311 a couple times asking for DC pest control to rat bait/poison, but I don’t think they’ve ever responded.

  • Yikes. “Cozy” is right.

    When did Columbia Heights become “highly sought after?”

  • I wouldn’t think a cramped living room explains a price this low. Must be something else going on, right?

    • The price strikes you as low? Seems reasonable for a 2BR condo in an area where you can get a whole house for 520.

      • Can you get a whole house for 520 in this neighborhood? I’m not really so sure about that. And even if so, 520 is a lot more than 340.

        • Yep – just look around up to 3 blocks north and south. Don’t even have to cross 14th.

        • The row house I live on 16th a couple blocks North are valued at $525-$625K, and they’re some of the bigger ones, with 3-4 bedrooms plus a 1bedroom rental in the basement. But they are 2.5 stories tall. Some of the other Row houses East of 16th are more modest in size and 2 stories tall. I’d suspect they go for much less.

  • Very claustrophobic, although I’ve seen newer places with just as little space for far more, mostly in U St or Logan.

  • It also looks like there are glass doors between the second bedroom and the “dining area.” very weird layout. And few windows.

  • 557 Sq Ft. That’s not a livable 2 BR.

  • I live in the building next to this one (exactly the same size and floor plan). My one-bedroom condo was advertised as a “converted 2-bedroom.” I love the neighborhood and the building but cannot imagine having it arranged as a 2 bedroom — the shared living space would be very, very small (no bigger than the photos indicate). As a one-bedroom, it’s small but doable for a couple…but not for 340k.

  • I lived right across the hall from this apartment from 2001 to 2004. My apartment was exactly the same layout. It’s small, yes, but my roommate and I got along fine in it (we were young and didn’t have very much stuff).

    Would I live with a roommate in that apartment now? Nope. Would I live by myself in that apartment now (if I weren’t married with a kid)? Sure. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

  • I also lived in this condo building – it is not v. livable as a 2 bedroom, better as one bed. – use the 2nd as sitting room and put dining table in the narrower interconnecting area – or just knock out the 2nd bed. And 5 mins drive mot walk to metro – a definite 10 mins!

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