Good Deal or Not? “Charming garden w/deck” edition

This house is located at 2742 Woodley Place, NW:

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The listing says:

“Renovated Wardman-style home on quiet 1-way st near Metro! Easy walk to DuPont, Adams Mrgn, Clvlnd Pk. Sunlit main lvl w/foyer, LR w/fpl, DR, fam/sunroom, kitchen, HB. 2BR/2FB up including fab mstr suite with sitting room/study, spa bath, walk-in closet. Fin bsmt w/rec rm, office & FB. Charming garden w/deck, patio, arbor, prking inside & outside the fence. Conveys AS-IS but in very good condition”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/3.5 bath is going for $950,000.

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  • WOW, I love everything about this house!

  • Awesome house. Still has the radiators. I love the bedrooms upstairs. Buy it now.

  • God damn, that’s a charming house. And the backyard is SO DAMN AWESOME. Plus parking for two cars.

    Though, what’s the market for a $950K 2BR? This house is too small for a family that wants two kids, but the price is probably too high for a single person. They’re chasing the DINK market.

  • Yep, that is pretty much exactly the house I’d want if I had a million dollars.

  • They’re definitely and wisely chasing the market for DINKS and young couples who want to stay in the city before their kids go to school. It’s a really great space for a young family–the kid(s) get the front bedroom and the basement can become a guest room–not the usual set up, but far roomier than what you get in most 2BR houses in this city. Interested folks should look at the other side of the creek. Similar houses often pop up in Columbia Heights for considerably less money.

    • Yes, but they aren’t in Woodley Park. The house is really nice, nice lot but people pay nearly a million for a 2 bedroom place because it is a 4 minute walk from the Woodley Park metro.

      And Redfin says it was under contract in 4 days

      • I wasn’t speaking to those who can afford Woodley. I was speaking to those who can afford Columbia Heights. We all know Woodley is better, but we can’t all afford to live in the Great White Ward.

  • It was under contract in 4 days, so I guess someone thinks it was a good deal.

    And considering the number of people that thought that house last week at 1311 10th street was a good deal, this house has a lot 240% larger (and nicer), off street parking and this house is 40% larger (and much nicer on the inside).

    Lastly, it is at the Woodley Park metro. Probably one of the top 3 least crime and trash infested areas in town. Of course it is going to go for nearly a million.

  • I live on this block a few houses down in a rental. Fantastic street and neighborhood. Well worth it.

  • In bounds for Oyster that’s all you need to know. I’m sure that whoever bought it a) has one child or b) only intends to stay in city till middle school because then you could put the kids in the same room till that age before they start to kill each other.

    • Wow, this school sounds awesome. And I can see why the house is highly coveted. Spot on analysis.

      Check out the crazy admission caveat:
      “Oyster-Adams is a highly coveted school in DC. Administrative offices are required by DCPS regulations to closely evaluate proof of residency. The school is also required to report suspicious addresses and residency claims to the Office of Residency Verification.

      *NOTE* Beginning in 2010-2011: All students who enter Oyster-Adams for the first time under the “in-boundary” process in 2010-2011, will risk losing their space if they move out of boundary after the beginning of the school year or in the future years. Students who move mid year will be allowed to finish the school year at Oyster-Adams but may then be asked to re-apply via the lottery for subsequent years. This is necessary to ensure manageable class sizes and to counter a documented pattern of families moving to the boundary for one year only to gain access to the school’s in-boundary status.”

  • What about conveying as is? That scares me, something has to be wrong with it.

    • bfinpetworth

      As-is doesn’t necessarily mean much, except that the sellers don’t want to go through a second round of dickering about fixing things. It does not mean that there can’t be an inspection contingency, just that they aren’t going to fix anything. As a person who has sold a few old houses, I don’t blame them one bit. You can always find things wrong and buyers end up asking you to do what really amounts to home improvement after already agreeing on a price for the house. It’s a crappy part of the home selling process.

  • Pretty sure I know the owners (relatives of a long ago boyfriend) and they have lived there for decades; no children, both lawyers, one a judge, both work downtown. Perfect size for a child-free couple who can afford it.

  • People are insane. What of that house is renovated?? Radiators, ceiling fans, drop tile, carpeted basement, tiny living room/kitchen.

    Back yard/patio is nice though.

  • I looove this street. I wrote a blog post about this neighborhood a few months back and actually snapped a pic of this house. I think it would be a great place to live.

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