Good Deal or Not? “ridiculously fantastic location” edition (reader request)

This condo is located at 1521 Kingman Pl, NW:

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The listing says:

“JUST LISTED! Totally adorable, immaculate in ridiculously fantastic location! This sun-filled condo is located just a block from Logan Circle, 14th and P Street, Whole Foods and VIDA Fitness. Open living room and kitchen are perfect for entertaining! HUGE Closet with LOTS of storage. Updated bathroom. Condo is on the second floor in a very well run building. Great shared back deck!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $279,000 ($255 monthly condo fee.)

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  • a little small but love it

  • i wish i could live in that location.

  • Awesome location, but wall unit air & heat suck

  • Where do these staging companies find all that teeny tiny furniture? It looks like they sacrificed a big chunk of living area for “all that storage”. they turned 600sf into 550 plus a closet.

  • Always wondered what this place looked like inside. I’m glad they painted the exterior. It was always so ugly when compared to the rest of the block.

  • Great location, but I have a hard time believing that is really 600 sq ft. It looks much smaller, despite the clever tiny furniture they used to stage it. Perhaps the listing is including the square footage of the back patio? Zillow’s public facts on that place says it is 315, which sounds closer to the truth.

  • I like it but I’d be concerned about the shared deck from a noise and privacy perspective. A little over-priced I think for the size, but you make it back in location.

  • 1 bedroom in that location is a pretty good deal. Even if you are showering in your kitchen.

  • I’m not a big fan of Logan Circle. It’s got some nice businesses for sure, and I go there once in a while, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Too far from the metro and zero diversity at this point. I’m all for economic development and am skeptical about complaints of gentrification just because businesses are opening up and homes are being improved. But when a neighborhood goes way past the tipping point like this and has no balance at all, meh, no thanks.

  • Seems like you could pretty easily rent this unit out for way more than the cost of the mortgage… wonder if there’s big restrictions on renting out?

  • Super cute apartment. I think it’s a good deal.

  • Great investment. Mortgage would probably be less than renting elsewhere, plus you’re building equity. I have a similarly open closet (I call it a “walk-through”) and it works really well.

  • I went to see it today, and I’d say 300sqft is a generous estimate of the size. Now, it’s VERY well laid out for 300sqft, but there is no laundry and it’s tiny – so I’d say it’s about $40k overpriced. Just not worth it – it’s barely big enough to put an SUV in if it was a garage – so don’t plan to bring any of your stuff!

  • Saw it at the Open House. It is teeny TINY, but really adorable. The layout is practical if you are fairly minimalist. A nice alternative to a studio. The location is killer though. Nice street close to everything. I wish I had my act together to pull the trigger on this one.

  • Fair price. Nice place, great location. Prob good for a single person who plans on eating out every night. Kitchen looks unusable (other than microwaving pizza or frying eggs). Wall units suck.

    • I was wondering about that kitchen. I wonder if you could install more counter space or is there just no place to put them? It would be a shame to live 1 block from Whole Foods and not be able to cook.

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