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  • What a great location – right next to Howard Town Center! Oh, wait a sec…

  • Conveniently located next to Howard Town Center. Oh, wait…

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this pretty big news for that area? I live near here and I remember thinking that when Potebelly came in it was huge. There’s not a lot of sitdown places on this stretch of Georgia, even though it seems as though there should be with the HU population right there. I think this is a good sign for GA Avenue.

  • This is awesome news for that area!!!

  • I think Georgia Avenue is getting pretty nice, really fast so it’ll take something more to impress it. It already has a HIlton Bros Chez Billy in Petworth and will betting a sessy safeway. Wake me when Trader’s Joes moves in. Yawn.

  • OK GABoy, it’s because awesome businesses who will help lift up that corridor will eventually move there but have not yet, give it time…

  • Good news. The students have suffered due to a ball dropping decades ago by corrupt HU presidents in cahoots with residential and commercial slum lords (who happened to be white, GABoy). It was never going to be Cambridge, MA but could have been more than an extension of the ghettofab corridor it became–hair salons, athletic shoes, catmeat-serving carryouts, busted housing. Redevelopment literally leapfrogged the university, whereas in most cities the university drives it. Look at 9th, U st and portions of Florida, over to Sherman, across to LeDroit, down to Shaw and Bloomingdale, up to Parkview. HU students shop at DCUSA for doem supplies, rather than trek to Md. or Va. The university still has little to do with an improving commercial and housing profile. Its just that the changes are finally catching up. But in true Howard style, I’m sure they will claim credit. My wife, an alum, will kill me for saying that. LOL

    • So what happened ProfChris? Did the HU presidents get paid off to prevent new development?

      • When real estate prices skyrocketed, HU finally woke up and got it: they own many of the vacant buildings along GA Ave and realized that they were sitting on a gold mine. All of a sudden they stopped resisting development.

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