Fiesta DC Festival Photos

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

Thanks to all who uploaded so many great photos of Fiesta DC (and all the other great festivals) from over the weekend.

For fans of Fiesta DC – how did this year’s downtown compare to previous year’s in Mt. Pleasant?

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

Photo by PoPville flickr user schmiddi

Photo by PoPville flickr user schmiddi

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  • pablo .raw

    I was pleasantly surprised, I thought it was going to look empty in a wider street but it didn’t. I couldn’t stay there for a long time, but it also surprised me how many Bolivian groups are there compared to ones of other countries. It also made me happy that there was an amazing weather yesterday! poor dancers didn’t suffer as much as hotter years with their heavy costumes.

    • There may not be as many Bolivians in the DC area as there are Latinos from other countries, but there are a lot of Cochabambinos in particular in Northern Virginia. It is great to see how many active dancing groups there are in this area, and in Bolivia they have entradas (parades) throughout the year so the dancing is not reserved only for Carnival. Pablo, I always love your pics of the parade – unfortunately I couldn’t go this year.

  • Bigger and better. I’m glad that the organizers finally acknowledged the fact that it had outgrown Mt. Pleasant Street.

    • Those of us in MtP completely agree with you.

      • Some do, some don’t. I think the festival in Mount Pleasant was always fun, though last year was poorly managed. This year — a non-event on par with a generic chili-cook off or some other event that has no neighborhood connection.

        OTOH, the Mount Pleasant laundromats were humming with life. What a village in the city!

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