Embassy of Pakistan Starting to Look Good on Embassy Row

The embassy is located at 2315 Massachusetts Ave, NW.

Remember how beat up these sculptures used to look:

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  • Nice. Although it baffles me why a government that likes to harbor Al Qaida and the Taliban would be into sprucing up beat up statues. Usually they’re into… well… beating them up.

    • A guy who goes by the name Joe Blow is baffled. Shocker

      • Joey is making a good point my friend. Don’t be sad.

        • Your right I’m sad that someone named Joe Blow and thatshitcray have schooled me on international affairs. What is this world coming to. Now I will go cry in the car. But feel free to make a thread about architecture into a political one. Whatever gets you through the day.

  • Is your pseudonym a drug reference? In college we used to say, “Last night, I was hanging out with Joey Blowzinki.” for, well, you know….

  • The Embassy of Pakistan is located at International Court in Van Ness, not sure if Pakistan maintains this

  • This is the former Embassy building which they’re now renovating — there were rumours that it might be made into a museum a few years ago, but nothing has been decided yet.

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