Double Shooting at 2:15am on the 700 Block of 12th St, SE

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From @DCPoliceDept:

“1D Double shooting /700 blk 12th St SE /(2) adult males (1) shot in the head unconscious (1) shot in the hip conscious/breathing”

From Alert DC:

“Shooting_0215 hrs_700 blk of 12th St SE_B/M 20’s skinny build wearing a wht t-shirt blue jeans shorts armed with a blk revolver L/S fleeing in a yellow cab DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911”

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  • Stabbings and carjackings too last night over in SE! Why oh why, it’s almost as if it’s a weekend ritual?

  • The American culture needs to be fixed.

    Hand-wringing over how bad these kids turn out won’t fix it. Warehousing them in jail after they go bad won’t fix it.

    The “haves” living in gated/moated communities to protect themselves from the “have nots” is the only outcome in our future if we don’t change our approach.

    The only difference between these “thugs” and a vegan hipster is an accident of birth. But in today’s America (the real 2012 America, not the America of post-WW2 myth), it’s ALL about where you were born.

    • much more complex than the ‘accident of birth’… but nevermind that… just go enjoy the beautiful day

    • yes, i also took sociology 101.

    • It isn’t “American” culture that’s broken. That you’re so far from the root problem means that you’ll never find a solution.

      • I have a feeling that “the real root problem” is less conducive to a solution, and that it’s intent is to apologize for the status quo and remove any complicity from people already comfortable in an growingly inequitable society.

      • American culture is the problem when countries with similar levels of affluence have only a fraction of the crime.

    • your attitude, unfortunately shared by many others, is one of the big problems – someoje born into the have nots who worked his butt off to escape it

    • I was born into a poor family in the South. We didn’t have much, but I worked hard (both at school and in part-time employment), went to a state school, and I worked 5 jobs and relied on loans to pay my way through it. I started with the same (or less) than a lot of these wannabe-thugs going around robbing people. The difference? Parenting. I was taught to respect my elders, work hard, and it paid off.

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