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  • You can also see some of the conceptual renderings here – http://www.capitalpixel.com/2012/09/19/the-schafer/

  • Bear

    I would like to think that this is a quality restoration, but those photos are terrible so it’s hard to say.

  • Restoration looks good – but a lot of those units have very few windows. The studio only has 3 in the kitchen – YIKES!
    Also a lot of the Den/2nd bedrooms are really dens because there is no egress window.
    Again quality looks good but I woudln’t want to spend that much for such little natural light.

  • agree with other posters…plus it looks like the 2beds are actually in a basement. So I would not buy it but it looks nicely done.

  • Some parts look great (windows), some parts look horribly generic (kitchens and fireplaces).

    • the fireplaces are actually original – i asked because i thought the one pictured looked really modern. each room has a different fireplace with a different look that suited whatever room it was in, the one pictured used to be the library.

      • Nah, there may have been holes in the wall where those fire places are now, but they were WAY more ornate than that before. What about the common areas, this place had one huge, impressive, solid wood stair case railing and bannisters.

  • This appears to be a very nice restoration. Each unit is unique in terms of layout and a few have private terraces. Considering the location and the overall charm of the building, it’s quite possible sales will be quick.

  • I used to live near this house. I’ve been dying to see the finished product. I’m disappointed in the pictures! It looks like they did a nice job but I agree, it’s tough to tell from the pics.

  • I went through the building this weekend, and thought the restoration was done fairly well, with beautiful fireplaces and a lot of original woodwork. But overall it was disappointing — I think the developers squeezed too many units into the building. The floor plans didn’t feel very spacious, and the 2-bedrooms on the ground floor (which run for $550K and up) have both bedrooms in the basement. One had a very small window, the other no natural light at all. Another 2BR with a beautiful, big terrace had a second bedroom in the attic – which was a cozy room, but the only way to get there was a ladder staircase. The developers seem to think they’ve offered these units at an amazingly low price point, but I still don’t think it was worth it.

    • Sort of along the lines of my first thought which was that I was sorry that the only way to make this a profitable venture was to turn it into small condos with weird layouts.

      • And at those prices, they aren’t going to have an easy time selling it. $550k for 2 bedrooms in the basement isn’t going to fly in Mt. Pleasant. The Metro is almost a mile away, so I wouldn’t exactly call it nearby.

  • I went through this house before the rennovation and it was a disaster. The previous owners let holes in the roof and water destroy lots of the original detail. You are right that the pictures don’t do it justice. Seems like the developer saved all the fireplaces and the staircase. I also remember many of the lead windows broken and they look redone and magnificent. I hope they get some new pictures because there are some special parts inside that are one of a kind. I also saw the carriage house and it is very cool. I hope this kind of new use becomes the norm. Great for the neighborhood.

  • The Mt. P group house phenomenon continues. In a more capitalistic guise.

  • When I lived in Mt P, people used to tell me this was being used as a halfway house. Was that correct?

  • I toured the building on Sunday and was also disappointed. The work itself was mostly fine, the original details that were left intact are great. The original fireplaces are pretty spectacular, but they are not working. (Real estate agent said the developer didn’t want to spend the money, which is a huge missed opportunity.) And even though many units aren’t finished, buyers cannot work with the developer to customize kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures (“not feasible at this price point”). The bathrooms I really did not like, kitchens are blah. The worst was the awkward layouts. The combined kitchen/living room spaces were awkwardly shaped and sized, with gigantic kitchen islands in the middle, making it really difficult to image how to use the rest of the space for, say, a couch. And trying to sell a two bedroom apartment, with one of the bedrooms having no windows, for nearly 600K is just absurd. Most of the apartments had some kind of concession with the layout that didn’t make it worth the asking price. They definitely tried to squeeze too many units in here; a little more space in each apartment would have made them spectacular.

  • 12 units?? Someone got a little greedy…

    They paid $1.35 for it. What do you think reno cost?

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