Dear PoPville – Gun shots on Euclid St this morning?

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Dear PoPville,

At about 2:30 a.m. this morning I heard what sounded like 5 gunshots on Euclid St. After they were fired, someone shouted hey and ran down the street. I heard some police sirens about 15-20 minutes later but have no seen anything in the news. Have you heard anything about this?

MPD says:

On Thursday, September 27, 2012, at approximately 3:330 AM, a patron from the 2400 block of 18th St was walking thru the area of 17th & Euclid St, NW, when he got into a verbal argument with a local citizen. A friend of the local citizen, who also joined the argument, then fired multiple times at the pedestrian as he walked away. Officers were in the area and made an apprehension. No one was injured as a result of the firing.

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  • How long is it going to take to get rid of the stoop gang at that intersection? They’ve been terrorizing that neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods for the seven years that I’ve lived in DC.

    • Agreed. This corner is the #1 reason we weren’t interested in buying property in east Adams Morgan. I honestly feel sorry for the future residents of the apartment building going up at 17th and Euclid.

      • They’ll probably try to rent those apartments in the winter when they won’t be on the stoop. I bet that’s the only time you can sell real estate around there…

    • I say we take off and nuke the entire corner from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • They prefer to be called the 17th and Euclid crew, or that’s what they tag in the allies. And renegade09 if you have not seen the hand to hands on that corner or not read about any of the other shooting in the three block vicinity of that house that your just not paying attention.

      • Seriously, I’ve been walking/biking through that intersection at least twice a day for 6 years with no trouble. I’m happy for the perception that it’s a dangerous area to persist however if it keeps out the kickball crowd.

        • Having also lived there since 2007 I can tell you that, it’s not the most dangerous place in the city, but there is a significant element of trouble there. There have been too many incidents on that corner to list involving shootings, stabbings, muggings, etc. While you (like myself) may not have had any problems directly, that doesn’t mean there are problems there to be dealt with. Research crime for that little intersection and you’ll probably agree with me.

        • I lived at 16th and Euclid a few years ago and always felt comfortable walking around there too. In fact, I would usually park my car on or near 17th because I felt 15th Street was less safe.

        • My understanding was that the MPD camera on that corner led to the 17th and Euclid crew dispersing from hanging out there much anymore. During the day it’s kids, families and generally people minding their own business on that corner. The whole neighborhood wedged between Columbia and 16th can be iffy at late night, though, because it’s not well travelled, not well lit and has a mix of regular and low income housing.

          I mean, the MPD camera is there for a reason and after Harris Teeter is closed for the night, there’s not a lot of reason to be passing through there unless you live there. But if that corner was as dangerous as people are making it out to be, we might as well all be characters on The Wire.

    • How would you suggest getting rid of them?

  • Gunshots on Euclid? Well, I never!

  • Have you heard anything about this?

    Yeah. It’s called “Wednesday Night on Euclid.”

  • Oh come on. I’ve lived there for 6 years, and never had any trouble or been ‘terrorized’ by anybody in the neighborhood. My perception is that crime has reduced considerably in this period. Anyway, in this case, it seems that the perp has already been caught.

  • thats the infamous corner that’s been write about.

  • “…then fired multiple times at the pedestrian as he walked away…. No one was injured as a result of the firing.”

    Oh ok. No one was injured? Carry on then.

  • The Bennetts live!

  • More than 5 shots were fired after which someone yelled “get him.” Then heard what sounded like the footsteps of at least three people running and some additional shouts. Thankfully, police responded relatively quickly and apparently apprehended one of the people involved in the incident. But scary nonetheless – not a good way to be woken up in the middle of the night.

  • The shooting was around 2:30 as the original tip said, not 3:30 (or 3:330) as the MPD said. I heard 8 shots, followed a few seconds later by 2 more shots.

    Any more information about the incident? Who was apprehended? Was it the bar patron, a local citizen, or the friend of the local citizen? What was the apprehended person charged with?

    • I heard gunshots at 2:20 a.m. But I heard about 15 of them (at least 12). The funny thing is that I was in Petworth, 1.9 miles away, with my second floor windows open, facing west. I had no idea where the shots came from, because they were so distant, so I didn’t bother calling the cops.

    • If history holds true, they’re probably minors which will be caught and then released until they actually kill someone

      • at which point they will likely still be released. This is the DC Juvenile justice system we’re talking about after all…

  • that northwest corner should be razed

  • I lived across the street from that corner house for 2 years and I never felt personally threatened when walking around at any time of day or night. But then I’d come home occasionally and there would be police tape up because of a shooting. Weird area.

  • From MPD website, total crimes within 500 ft of address in past year:

    1701 Euclid Street NW: 43 (<1 per week)
    1401 Columbia Road NW: 176

    It's not great that people go firing guns but things like that do sometimes happen in the big city and the idea that there is some mythic bermuda triangle of crime at 17th&Euclid is just BS.

    • I must have missed the metro stop and shopping mall (no, the Harris Teeter doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as DC USA) located a block from 1701 Euclid.

      Without adjusting for foot traffic, population desnsity, et. al, your comparison is useless

      • I couldn’t really give a rat’s ass about foot traffic or population density, I just want to know what are the chances of me getting shot or jacked, and it seems I’m at more risk walking to or from Columbia Heights metro than I would be hanging around the “infamous corner” 17th & Euclid. But feel free to enter your own addresses into the MPD website if you want to get whatever you think is a perfect comparison.

        • It’s not my fault you don’t understand probability and statistics (or give a “rat’s ass” about things like math), but you’re more likely, percentage wise, to be a victim of a crime in an area with higher per capita crime rate even if the total (nominal) number of crimes is lower than some other area with a larger (nominal) number of crimes and and a lower per capita crime rate. There are probably way more total crimes in Manhattan than Camden NJ but that doesn’t mean that Camden is “safer” than Manhattan. Pulling two random numbers, like you do, and then using them for comparison is no more valid than any other subjective means of analysis. Maybe 17th & Euclid is less crime-y, but the analysis you provided doesn’t show that.

          • You’re splitting hair here, dude. I don’t understand the point of going out of your way to attack someone who put up some useful, factual crime statistics. If you have a beef to pick, tell the MPD to put up estimated foot traffic so you can try to decipher the percentage chance of being a victim of crime.

            The fact of the matter is that the area around this corner has less instances of crime than the area close to the Columbia Road projects. And frankly, if I have to be walking somewhere at 2am I’d much rather it be 17th & Euclid than the Columbia Road projects.

          • Except the cited statistics aren’t useful at all because he omitted data that is completely necessary to properly evaluating the numbers. Pointing that out isn’t splitting hairs, it’s trying to increase statistical literacy.

        • Well you should give a rat’s ass since your statistics are comparing two completely different populated areas. I guarantee certain areas of PG County have much less crime than both those areas since they are less populated but I probably wouldn’t want to walking around after dark (or in the daytime in some cases).

  • Two people were arrested last night, neither one of them lives at 1701 Euclid and neither one of them are minors.

  • I heard this happen, too. Right after the gunshots, I heard 3 people running north on 17th, when one of them fell/got tackled by the other 2. The 1 guy was claiming about how he was the victim, and the other 2 were cops, who cuffed him. Cops continued to shout expletives at him but didn’t beat him up or anything. 6 cop cars then rolled up and canvassed the area. Props to the initial 2 cops for the 1 minute response time.

    No way this one dude’s innocent, obviously. Those guys on the corner are sketch but they don’t shoot at you for no reason.

    • They have been known to shoot people because they “think” you have something they want. We are talking about some of the dumbest / most vicious people in the world so I would not put too much weight on reasoning.

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