Dear PoPville – Daylight Drug Deal and Crack Smoking in Stanton Park

Dear PoPville,

I witnessed a drug deal and then the woman on the right smoking crack at 6 PM yesterday in Stanton Park in Capitol Hill. They pretended to be watching a movie on a DVD player, but then he made the sale and she leaned over to smoke. The park was packed with kids, people walking home from work and people throwing balls to dogs. Would like to bring it to the attention of the police, but didn’t have much success calling 311 (put on hold, no one ever came back).

In a situation like this call 911. Anytime you need the police always call 911.

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  • Well, the good news is that it was probably an isolated incident. I’ve often walked through Stanton Park around this time and didn’t see any shady activity.

  • A woman smoking crack is not an emergency. 911 is for emergencies.

  • 311 for non emergencies does NOT exist anymore. It hasn’t for over a year now. If you want a police office, emergency or not, always call 911! 311 is for service related requests (graffitti removal, bulk trash etc…and most of that can be done online now as well).
    and please call 911 when you see this type of drug use and dealing, especially in a a park.

  • How is this still confusing/unknown to people!?

    For several years now, 911 has been the ONLY number to call for ANY emergency or non-emergency need for Police/Fire/Ambulance. Always call 911 — the dispatchers will prioritize and dispatch for your call based on its urgency.

  • And you know this was crack because…? Have you ever seen crack, have you ever smelled it before? I am not saying it was or it was not but I do take it that the photo came from you in which I doubt you could see that it was crack and likely could not smell it. And if you could smell it then I take it many other people could also smell it in which would make really baffle me as to why two people would smoke crack in the middle of Stanton Park of all places. I’m just saying…

    • Plus, aren’t there always some sort of police (MPD, Cap…) around there?

    • What else would it be? I’m actually interested to know as we’ve had bums in the alley behind my house on and off for a few years and when I saw them making deals and smoking something out of a glass pipe and afterwards wandering around mumbling to themselves, I always assumed they were smoking crack. But then again most of my knowledge about drugs comes from Intervention, not personal experience.

      • I have no clue what it was and neither does anyone else, it could have been anything. That is my point. Little reckless just to up and say they were smoking crack unless you saw it or smelled it. I am not sure about the purpose of this post. Anyone can feel free to explain it to me or prove me wrong.

        People don’t typically sit in public high density areas that the police are known to be around and blatantly smoke crack.

      • the obvious answer here is “weed”

      • It could’ve been meth. I’ve never smoked meth – or crack – but I think they’re similar.

        Could any body tell me how to launder money?

    • seriously man?

      • Yes seriously. They didn’t say they saw it, smelled it or anything. They say they “saw” a drug deal and that it was crack. It may have very well been I don’t know but neither do they. Hell it could have been weed for all we know.

        • If you see someone stuff something in a glass pipe and smoke it, just call 911 and let the experts figure it out, Sherlock Holmes.

          • Hey, not quite SH. Where in the OP dud you read anything about a someone stuffing something into a glass pipe and smoking it. Reading is fundamental my dear Watson.

        • while most of us probably don’t care about people smoking pot, you know its still against the law, right? the OP is perfectly within their rights and obligations as an american to call the cops. its your type of attitude of scrutinizing the legitimacy of citizens claims that has held this city down so long. this has long been the problem with 911… ” before i ‘ll send the cops, are you sure it’s prostitution.. how do you know..? are you sure it was an automatic weapon….. how can you be certain. ”
          its why people give up.

          • What is it with people today? I never said any of that or that they should not have called. I think people like you that can’t read nor comprehend is what is wrong with society because you make shit up thus leading to all kinds of BS. I simply said, how do you know what was going on from so far away, never said they were right or wrong and if you weren’t so quick to jump on your soapbox you would have read that the person with the OP said I was right and further explained what happened thus filling in the missing details of the story. I suggest you learn to fully understand what is going on before coming at me with your BS.

          • try again. you missed the point.

          • You’re taking it waay too for granted that a police state is preferable to everyone than occaisional “sketchiness”.

  • I work down the street from there and about a year ago saw a guy masturbating in the park. He was lying on the ground with a magazine and his shorts pulled down. He was probably 30 feet from the kid’s play area. Not a pleasant experience.

    There’s always a Capitol Police officer sitting in a car at the intersection of C and 2nd streets, so I walked over and told him. He called it in, but I don’t know what happened. I’m still trying to unsee that sight.

  • Ah, leave ’em alone. They’re just havin’ some fun.

  • There’s been an increase of bums hanging out there, maybe because it’s summer

  • all i see are some shady looking trees.

  • Snitches get stitches OP!

  • I’ve walked down NYC city streets where people openly partook in crack, and in much of California there’s an epidemic of teenage anxiety and glaucoma requiring toking weed in broad daylight in public spaces with large groups of friends who share their affliction.

    Ultimately — how does this really affect the OP? This would no exactly qualify as an open air drug market, and they’re just as likely to get busted by the MPD leash police as a narcotics unit.

  • I was with the OP last night when this occurred. We walked right beside them (didn’t feel comfortable taking a photo that close) where they were clearly and openly selling drugs, putting something in a glass pipe and taking turns smoking from it.

    Kam – you are right, it could have been any type of drug, we just assumed it was crack because it didn’t smell like pot. The point is that we are shocked that at 6pm in broad daylight surrounded by tons of joggers, little kids and people walking their dogs that they were openly doing drugs and getting away with it. Clearly from the comments we need to call 911 rather than 311 next time but we thought the community should be aware of it! And no, there were no police officers around.

    • Not to butt in or anything, but honestly do have no shame? The cash transaction could have easily been for a past debt, i.e. for which one of the two had lent each other some money for the purpose of purchasing economics textbooks to read for their own edification, and the substance in the glass pipe could easily have been perfectly legal. How would you know otherwise? Further, by having posted the picture, your friend, the OP, has unjustifiably threatened the good name of the two citizens pictured, as it is conceivable that they could be identified on the basis of the picture. Good day, sir or madam.

      • Your so wrong Cam, from that picture I clearly see a full fledged crack party! I think the OP is a tad bitter for not getting the invite. All they had to do is ask nicely for a toke. Broad daylight crackheads are some of the most sharing people.

    • Thank you LW. At least someone gets what I am saying. Funny enough, it was a person that was actually there. Go figure.

    • they obviously never watched The Wire — 1st rule of slingin’ — never get high on you own supply

  • maybe she didn’t want to share?

  • This “evidence’ kind of reminds me of the photos taken by Marissa Tomei in “My Cousin Vinny”.

  • I would also report this to my council member, unless it was Barry. I want a finder’s fee from Barry before disclosing a convenient park for him to swing past on his way home.

  • So let me guess, if I make a comment or retort mine will get deleted but assholes can continue to be rude, mock my POV of the situation. I never stated that it didn’t happen, I simply said that how does one know. Big shame on you PoP, this isn’t the first time you have let this happen. What is good for the goose is good for the gander right?

    Furthermore for you assholes, LW (who says they were there) validated my point. The OP never posted those details and that is all I was asking for. Plain and simple. I am just not going with what I am told without somekind of other information. I don’t live in a world where I believe what I am told because someone said it. Cam, Cum, whoever you claim to be can fuck off.

    • I guess this is what happens when you ask sensible questions.

      For half of you idiots, I could take a picture of two black teens, dressed however and say that they were smoking weed and selling crack and I am sure all kinds of comments would be made about it, none of which likely would ask poignant questions but would likey rather just go along with the perception given on this blog by some people. You should all be ashamed.

      This isn’t any kind of diss to the OP or LW btw.

      • I should have said they were high on PCP to better illustrate my point.

        • crack users don’t scare me — they’re pretty docile once they get their stuff. The PCP users are just out of their minds and unpredictable. I’ve seen much more evidence in public spaces of PCP use than crack. It’s like — ‘no dude, you CAN’T run your fingers through my small child’s hair.’ or ‘shouldn’t you be wearing pants?’

    • Dear Sir,

      I don’t understand the hostility. I simply gave my take on the situation. One which, as it happens tends, tends to err on the side of caution when casting aspersions on our neighbors in a hasty manner. I understand from your post than you seem to presume that my posts are of a mocking nature, but isn’t it conceivable that someone named Cameron may take a slightly more err-on-the-side-of-presuming-innocence approach than you? Oh dear. baseless assumptions tossed around so blithely all around this thread!

      Yours, etc.,


    • Dude, you need to chill out.

    • Funny I tend to quickly glance at PoP comments just to see what rediculous things he has to say. Seems today he was been called out, and can’t take it.

  • Kam fired up today

  • It’s a bummer to see this but I’m on the fence about whether this situation is worth a 911 call. Where the line is, is a legitimate question.

    From my deck in CH, I see all kinds of people doing illegal stuff in the alley but it’s mostly stuff that doesn’t hurt anyone – smoking pot and other stuff, drinking, rolling dice, etc. I’ve called 911 plenty of times but for stuff like a crowd of kids tagging or otherwise getting out of control, or when someone is damaging property.

    Here’s my urban park story. In 2000, I went to Logan Circle during a weekday to work on my laptop. As I was walking up a woman dropped her pants by the plants around the statue to relieve herself. Seeing that I stuck out like a sore thumb, I turned and walked back home (and didn’t call 911).

    • while individual drug use is victimless, the entire drug market is not. until it is legalized, drug use is intimately tied with violence.

  • I do not want to detract from the seriousness of the event, but I do not recognize any of the buildings in your picture bordering Stanton Park. Where were you?

  • Is this the 5 o’clock free crack giveaway?

  • So, what does crack smell like? I want to know in case I ever see someone smoking a glass pipe in public I can identify the substance by smell before callin 911.

  • Seriously, CALL 911. It’s not that hard. We had a neighbor watch someone climb over our fence and break into our house last week and not call. The thief got about 5k in stuff. The idiot neighbor told the cop she saw the guy, but it didn’t occur to her to call 911. So stupid. If you see something you think the police would want to know about CALL 911!

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