Dear PoPville – Anyone Know What’s Going on at at 5th and Kennedy St, NW?

Dear PoPville,

I noticed some work going on at the commercial property located at 5505 5th St, near the corner of 5th and Kennedy. The old sign indicates it was the home of the National Association of Former Foster Care Children of America. Know what’s up?

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  • There’s a for lease sign on it that says something like “non-profits, medical, office…” so I think it will be office space rather than residential.

  • A looong time ago (3-4 years), I toured it with a residential developer who was interested in turning it into some pretty cool lofts. However, the market didn’t, and likely still wouldn’t support the pricng. It used to be medical use, but was pretty much abandoned – dentist equipment and office supplies scattered all over the place. Very, very creepy vibe exactly like the opening scene of 28 Days Later. It was like it was in use and then evacuated all at once and no one ever came back.

    Land records show it was purchased in 2011 for $1,300,000 by Kennedy Partners LLC, which doesn’t immediately give away who it is.

    • And the business address listed for the LLC is the Reagan Building, which is slightly odd.

      • Not really. While the Reagan building houses a couple Federal Agencies, there is also hundreds of thousands of sq/ft of standard rentable office space than any business could rent. I know of two Real Estate Developers in the Reagan Building, both there because of its proximity (right across the alley) to the Wilson Building. It makes it easier to walk across the street and meet with City Administration on projects.

  • I talked to the contractors and the building is going to be condos with parking on the first floor. I’m excited to see the end result! Great for the neighborhood, for sure.

    • Lets just hope these condos turn out better than the ones several blocks east…definitely a good thing to see movement of any kind around there, with some money coming in from the KDY St Revitilization Plan maybe, just maybe, someone will take a chance on this corridor.

    • Thanks for the info! Also looking forward to the finished product (a definite improvement!), but would really like to see some first floor retail/bar/restaurant.

      • Agreed – a coffee shop would be awesome. Or a bar. Speaking of which…has anyone checked out Ache which is just around the corner on Kennedy Street? It says “now open” and appears to be a restaurant and lounge. Any good?

        • Look at the sign again–it’s a “restuarant.” :p I’d go despite that, but it basically looks like a prison. Not very appealing or safe looking, especially not knowing anything about it.

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