DC State Fair Takes Place Saturday, September 22 at the Barracks Row Fall Festival

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From DC State Fair:

DC had no county or state fair where DC residents can show off their talents in baking, canning, urban agriculture, poetry, and photography. Three years ago, local food and garden bloggers decided that was a shame and started DC State Fair, which features contests such as Tastiest Tomato, Funkiest-Looking Vegetable, Best Homemade Pie, a DC neighborhood photography contest, and Best Homemade Jam, to name a few. For the first time ever, DC State Fair has added Sewing, Knit & Crochet, Honey, Heaviest Fruit, Fermented Vegetable, and Kids’ Art and Poetry Contests to the 2012 Fair so more of DC’s residents can showcase their talents. DC residents can submit their entries for a chance to win everlasting glory (and prizes!). DC State Fair will be judging entries for most contests, announcing contest winners, and putting on educational demonstrations on Saturday, September 22, at the Barracks Row Fall Festival.

Beyond the vegetable, cooking, and art competitions and educational demonstrations on homebrewing, beekeeping, canning, and vegetables run by DC State Fair, Barracks Row Fall Festival itself will feature stages with musical acts and other entertainment, a petting zoo, the Military Chef’s Cook-Off, and many other activities and groups focused on the Barracks Row neighborhood.

DC State Fair’s has succeeded in turning this event into an annual tradition that aims to foster community spirit and celebrate DC’s talented residents. Be sure to check out the contests, submit your entries, and swing by the Fair to experience the fun!

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  • Shouldn’t that be DC “State” Fair?

  • The irony of it all.

    Could we at least please call it something else because for the obvious reasons but also we are really playing ourselves if we are calling this a state fair. Matter of fact, I hear MN and TX (and pretty much every other state with a real state fair) laughing right now.

    I know, I know, at least we are trying though…

    • It was named the “State” fair because the District isn’t a state – not out of ignorance of that fact nor irony.

      And because there was not State or District fair.

    • We certainly are trying. Texas, Minnesota, and other states with “real” state fairs certainly have the history we can’t yet rival–but if DC State Fair had never started, we’d never get the chance to grow into a similar decades-old festival to showcase our community’s talents!

  • Same day as the Library of Congress Book Festival and the planned “march’ of Aryan Nations to and from Lincoln Park to “protest” “genocide” against white farmers in South Africa.

    good times

  • Have any of you entered or plan on entering? I’d like to give it a try but I can’t decide if I should enter for photography, knitting, pie, cupcakes, or one of the prepared food categories. I do all pretty well but probably not well enough to win.

  • If they don’t have dangerous carny rides, deep fried food, funnel cakes and livestock judging, it ain’t a fair.
    Actually the one in Los Angeles has all that corny stuff plus extremely good artwork from the talented local student base, LA being a huge county and all. And beer. Will there be Bluejacket, DC Brau and Chocolate City beer?

  • brookland_rez

    Will there be sketchy carnival rides? Every state fair has those.

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