Capital Bike Share Bikes – Used for more than just Commuting

A friend of mine writes:

“I salute the bold individual who did yesterday’s Nations Triathlon with a Capital Bikeshare roadster! I kid you not.”

Insane!!! And congrats to all who finished the triathlon.

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  • i wouldn’t trust the bikes for that. actually i don’t trust them for anything. but especially a race.

  • This participant was right across from me. I never saw him but I knew somebody would do the Tri with a bikeshare. Actually joked with my team that I thought of asking Capital Bikeshare to sponsor me and give me one to train on this season. I’m glad I didn’t… I looked up this guy’s participant number and saw how long it took to compete the ride. Props to him though.

    If you haven’t done a Tri but have considered it, this is an amazingly well organized and run event. Also, the Potomac isn’t as nasty as everyne jokes. It didn’t really taste like anything and there’s nothing in there a few pre-race vitamins can’t solve.

  • Not sure that was a good idea. Note that there is only one other bike on the rack, the participant’s bag is still there, and the other folks are packing up to leave. He/she must still be on the run…

    Like the previous poster said this really is a great race, have done it 2 times, and the DC Tri once. Plan to do it next year.

  • I love it!….wouldn’t have done it myself but what the hell. The Nation’s Tri isn’t like the Jingle Bell run where people get goofy. It’s for people who are pretty serious about doing a tri. That doesn’t mean you have to be an expert but there are plenty of experts in the race.

    The coolest thing I saw was a fox! A red fox walked across the sidewalk in front of me and my buddy at 6am on the north side of the Lincoln Memorial as we were walking from our car to the race site.

  • Was that Mikael from Copenhagenize?

  • This athlete has my respect!!! Props to the triathlete on the CaBi!!!

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