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  • that’s racist! – Sorry I had to.

  • Perhaps the Rite-Aid is working with the school’s truancy staff and the school requested this .

  • Ah, I see I was right, since the sign is written on Booker school letterhead.

  • That’s more cost effective than locking all of their inventory in plastic cases, like the CVS near 11 & U does. I don’t care where you are, kids like stealing stuff.

  • I think that’s excellent. It takes a village. I don’t mind if Rite Aid had their own agenda in doing this, I think it’s great that the school and Rite Aid are collaborating to make sure kids are in school.

    • Huh? Like truant kids just hang out in Rite Aid? I’m sure they have better places to go.

      I’m not certain of the legality of this move. What’s next? Why not say no women are allowed shop here? Or gays? Or Latinos? Seems odd.

      • Get off your soap box! Its not racist! They said Booker T. Washington students weren’t allowed…I didn’t see race brought up on that flyer, did you anyone else?

        Don’t play the race card, its BS and distracts from the real discussion.

      • You guys realize that using proxy critera to discriminate against protected classes is well-worn rookie-level strategy that has constantly been challenged in court, right?
        Not that I agree that that’s what’s going on with this sign, but it’s easy to see why someone might suspect that in this racially charged city with resentment openly spread by the professional class on sites like this.

      • Actually, discrimination based on matriculation is illegal in DC. In this case, though, I commend Rite-Aid and the school for this discrimination.

      • geez louise. they’re just trying to do their part to make sure the kids go to scholl and learn something! rather than malicious, it seems like they’re really just trying to help them out!

  • what time does class start?

      • actually, it’s strange that the ban doesn’t run till 3:20. do they get off campus lunch time?

        • If that’s the case, let’s convince a student to try shopping there at 12pm and see how that goes….?

          • what are you getting at?

          • Im glad most of you all on here are intelligent, good readers, understanding, and knows what it takes for children to be

            If the school shows that it is putting things in place to make sure that CVS, Rite Aide, Mc Donalds, or any of those places end up being their career choices for the rest of their lives, then I do understand the problem.

            Now please dont try and twist what I’m saying by saying whats wrong with having one of those jobs! Nothing is wrong with working there if you need a job, but to make that your last stop in life as a career choice, thats a problem.

            The students at that school and any other school for that matter needs to know what it means to be punctual, prepared, and time management skills. Because if dont teach them that, these kids will not have the necessary skills to live and lead a healthy and succesfull life.

            And I dont recall the sign saying that students were not allowed in there before 8am, afterschool, or on the weekends. So therefore I dont know how some of you on here dont see it’s being used as a support system for both students and parents.

            Think about the parents that would be upset to know that there child/children are late to school because they stopped at a store to purchase snacks before school and not because of an unfortunate mishap..

            We as adults and those that are professionals and that are deep into our careers should do whatever we can to make sure that teens become responsible adults. I know it sound silly any many wont make the connection between something simple as being to school on time and having a well paying desrving job that they can keep because they are there on time…

    • 8:15am

  • It’s only 8-10:30 am so unless race changes during the day, I truly do believe that this is a truancy issue.

  • There was a Godfather’s Pizza across from my high school and they had so many kids plowing through their buffet (5 kids eating off of one person’s plate) that they made a rule saying you had to be 18+ to eat there during school hours. Not the same as truancy but they definitely kept out the kids.

  • There was a corner store near my elementary school that banned kids until after school hours. Not seeing any issue with this, and glad to see a business and a school working together to keep kids from becoming truants.

  • I’ve seen other stores near schools in DC that have signs that limit the number of students in the store at one time. Some of it has to do with that fact that they tend to move in packs of 5-8, blocks aisles, are generally loud, and have no consideration for the other shoppers around them (try going to the Dupont Circle CVS around 3:30). Meanwhile, one of them just buys a pack of gum while their friends shoplift five candy bars… I don’t have a problem with these stores trying to protect themselves, particularly during school hours when students shouldn’t be in there anyway.

  • There’s the same sign at the CVS at 14th and W, as well as the gas station across the street, I think.

    It’s definitely an effort by the school, not Riteaid.

  • not one person that has a students best interest in mind would have a problem with this.

  • The SCHOOL works with CVS to not allow students during the morning because they have a view that many students are arriving late because they stop at CVS.

    Its so racist it makes me wanna puke.

  • It is scientific fact that even the most well behaved students steal from 8-10:30am. They can’t help it, it’s a werewolf kind of thing. You guys can’t argue with science.

  • My question is how will they identify which students are Booker T Washington students? Would it be legal for Rite Aid to require every student that comes in the store to provide their student ID prior to a purchase?

  • A similar sign has been up at the CVS on U Street and 10th, next to the east entrance to the metro since about two weeks ago. Also, the same exact sign went up in the 7-11 on U and 12th a day ago. Definitively an effort by the school to limit truancy. And, probably, for the business to keep packs of kids out.

    And no, these kids have nowhere better to go during the day. If they’re outside, they’ll get rolled by the MPD.

  • Get your ass to school, punks, unless you want to end up clerking here.

  • Allison

    I think I recall seeing a similar sign, although not school-sponsored, on the DTLR clothing shop on 14th street from a while ago.

  • I really dislike when people throw out the ‘racist’ word. It diminishes actual instances of racism.

    • That’s like being worried about diminishing true instances of stupidity by using the word “stupid” too much.

  • Why doesn’t PoP investigate this more? A quick phone call could resolve whether this is a collaboration between Rite Aid and the school aimed to curb truancy.

  • The real issue here is neglect. It seems certain students need to frequent these establishments before school because their GUARDIANS are not providing them with breakfast or a means to it. The larger issue is not truancy, but kids getting what they deserve, a damn breakfast. Why do they steal? Well instead of damning them to Hell, try and understand that maybe they HAVE to steal. A lot of the food programs at schools have been cut. A lot of kids go to school starving and pissed off from their circumstances. They turn to crime. The school district needs to get off its high horse and help the students get access to proper meals.

    • there is so much clueless in your comment i dont know where to begin.

      • so raising the issue about kids who are neglected and unable to get breakfast is ridiculous huh? People never cease to amaze me with their POMPOUS attitudes. No one is condoning stealing. I was raising the issue that maybe schools should provide free breakfasts’s like some school programs have done. Why is this ridiculous? Why has this turned into, OH THE COMMENTER THINKS ITS OK TO STEAL? I am saying SOLVE THE ISSUE THE CREATES THE STEALING! Do you realize how many students suffer from malnutrition in our area? It is a major issue. But all you can worry about is a few tasty cakes being stolen from RITE AID rather than looking at the LARGER OVERARCHING ISSUE. Not every kid who steals is a horrible child worthy of being demonized. They need help. Parents are to blame in my opinion or whoever is suppose to be raising them. They are hungry. What kid can go to school ready to learn if they are hungry?

        • first off, lets get this straight: no one said the kids were stealing

          and jesus you have a lot of baggage about what you think i must be believing.

          i’m no porter. carry you own damn bags.

    • Bart: Uh, say, are you guys crooks?

      Fat Tony: Bart, is it wrong to steal a loaf of bread to feed your starving family?

      Bart: No.

      Fat Tony: Well, suppose you got a large starving family. Is it wrong to steal a truckload of bread to feed them?

      Bart: Uh uh.

      Fat Tony: And, what if your family don’t like bread? They like… cigarettes?

      Bart: I guess that’s okay.

      Fat Tony: Now, what if instead of giving them away, you sold them at a price that was practically giving them away. Would that be a crime, Bart?

      Bart: Hell, no.

  • Booker T. Washington Public Charter School for Technical Arts would welcome visits by the neighbors. We can explain our all our day and evening educational programs. And just so you know, BTW offers breakfast and lunch to all our high school students.

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