Arboretum’s Koi Pond Getting Renovated – Now’s Your Chance to Buy One

Photo by PoPville flickr user elliotmitchell

Besides the trees, of course, one of my favorite parts of the Arboretum is their amazing koi pond. These are some seriously beautiful fish. Thanks to a reader for passing on an email:

Surplus Koi Sale
Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase Arboretum koi!

Sale: Saturday, October 13, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Preview: October 13, 8:00 am – 9:00 am

The Arboretum’s koi must be sold so that the pool can be drained and renovated. Wide range of sizes, colors, and prices available. Terms of sale: Cash or check with ID (no credit cards); all sales final.

Click here for a list of all fall events.

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  • Finally. Dinner plans solved.

  • Just don’t put them in the fountain at Meridian Hill Park. It will cause mass hysteria across the DC blogosphere.

  • Algal blooms in the newly renovated reflecting pool + surplus koi from the National Arboretum = government problems solving themselves!

  • “Koi Fishing in the District”
    A British fisheries expert is approached by a Mayor-for-life to help realize his lifelong vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to the 8th Ward and embarks on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible possible.

    • Hate to bust your bubble but it already exist.

      • Kam – it was a play on the film “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”

        • oops, never saw that one. my bad.

          On my point, I don’t people realize the fishing that can be had around here. Well, I haven’t done it but I read that this is a GREAT spot for bass fishing and if you are into carp fishing, they have huge carp in the tidal basin as well. Of course, don’t eat the fish.

  • How much are they going for? Not sure how one would gauge the purchase price for a koi.

    • At the 2010 koi sale, prices ranged from $1 to $75. If you’re serious about buying, get there early. We got there at 9:30 and there were probably 75 people in line already for a 10 a.m. start. It looked like the line stayed long for the two hours we were at the Arboretum.

      Buyers were given a number and only a certain number of them were allowed in the sale area at a time. I don’t know koi — I just went to watch, so they let us walk around to look at the fish. One koi enthusiast said that the fish for sale were not top quality but the price was good. There were about 100 koi for sale that year; someone said that the sale three years before that had 800 for sale.

  • interested in purchasing 1 or 2 small koi

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