Your Afternoon Animal Fix

If you have any fun or interesting animal/pet photos please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and your neighborhood. If you’ve already entered your pet and would like to do so again – that’s no problem – just space the entries out a bit.

“A falcon in the City! A male American Kestrel perched on goal posts at Kenilworth Park (adjacent to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens) SE.”

“Zoey, a former Petworth stray, is now both our indoor & outdoor cat.”

“Zoe from Eckington.”

“Jack from Eckington”

“Pat is a 1 year old kitty, available for adoption through 4Paws Rescue. We are fostering him in Columbia Heights. Interested parties can email me at crocodilecrane at gmail dot com. We are happy to tell you all about him!”

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  • Pat the cat! (Don’t mind if I do!)

  • cute batch today! that falcon is incredible.

    one note: I’m sure Pat is a great cat, but if you are posting pics in order to get him adopted, you might want to take the photo at a moment where he’s not so crunked looking. unless you want to bill it as his charm is that he’s crunked. people are picky and see their animals as extensions of themselves. weird, but it’s true.

    • Whatever. I think he’s adorable.

    • I was just thinking that as well – it looks like they woke him up to take the picture. Whereas Jack is alert and relaxed, which lets his charm come through.

    • claire

      On the one hand, what you’re saying is true (there was actually some volunteer movement among photographers lately (that I’m too lazy to look up) where they take professional photos of shelter animals in order to help them get adopted). On the other hand, I think Pat looks chilled out and I love his oversized ears!

    • I’m not sure what “crunked” means but he had minor surgery on one of his eyes. We are doing the best we can!

      • Pat is just adorable and looks so sweet. I think anyone would be lucky to adopt him… and props for fostering him!

      • His eye looks a little strange, I take it from the surgery, but I think otherwise his charm definitely comes through. Pat looks absolutely adorable! I wish I could just snuggle up next to him! Damn apartment rules 🙁

        I would include a brief blurb about his personality though, cuz you only get so much from a picture.

    • Seriously? I was just thinking how adorable this picture was. That cat looks awesome. Go away.

  • I like the pairing of the black-and-white Zoey and Zoe!

  • Ahhhh. Adorable. All of them.

  • Sweat Falcon! Pretty amazing what wildlife is still able to eek out a living in DC.

    • Hawks & falcons aren’t eking – (or eeking) – out a living here, they’re thriving! Cities are great for birds of prey, with an endless buffet of pigeons & rats. In the spring & fall when many are migrating, it isn’t unusual to see one or two every day. Terrific picture!

      • I saw one of those small hawks/falcons swoop down to the narrow median on Maryland Ave right by the American Indian Museum and capture a mouse.

      • Boy oh boy, I wish a family of falcons would move into Adams Morgan. They could feast on rats 7 days a week!

        • Seriously! Last night I saw a rat the size of my forearm running along Columbia Rd.

        • A pair of Kestrels actually nested successfully on a condo building at the SW corner of T & 17th St. NW this year! Unfortunately 2 of the 3 fell to their deaths, but a third fledged successfully!

  • Zoe from Eckington is a near-ringer for our Kojak from in Columbia Heights, right down to the tag on his collar. K is brindled where Z appears all black.

  • ThunderCheese

    There was a family of Kestrels at 17th and T NW all summer.

  • Zoey is REALLY a tuxedo cat! She looks quite spiffy.

  • To the owner of Zoey: is the cat by any chance a male? And found in the Farragut-Emerson-Delafield Streets below 5th street? I ask because I remember a similar cat and would be so delighted to see he got a good home.. thanks!

  • Pat is super cute and cuddly! Hope he will find a good home soon!

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