Woodley Park’s New CVS Applying for a Liquor License

2601 Connecticut Ave, NW

Woodley Park’s new CVS at the corner of Connecticut and Calvert St, NW has applied for a liquor license to sell beer and wine.

Does anyone remember if the old CVS sold beer and wine? I don’t believe they did.

I imagine nearby Sherry’s Liquor at 2627 Connecticut Ave, NW will not be happy:

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  • The old one definitely didn’t sell beer or wine. It was an awful hole of a store, and the new one is much nicer/more spacious. This is more good news.

  • I wish every CVS would sell wine and beer like in some places.

  • I had no idea CVS stores were allowed to sell booze. It makes me wonder why (or whether?) others around here don’t try…

    • The CVS a little ways up Connecticut Avenue near Politics & Prose sells beer/wine. That’s the only one in the District I can think of off hand.

      In some places, drug stores even sell liquor (spirits). The only one in this area I remember seeing is a Rite Aid in Annapolis, but I’ve seen it in California as well.

  • The old one often did not sell milk, let alone selling beer or wine.

    I prefer the new CVS to the old one but will still support Sherry’s and Manhattan Market. Can’t wait for the new hardware store.

  • I’ve seen a lot of CVS stores that sell beer and wine. Maybe it’s just in Virginia? I can’t recall.

  • Sherry’s selection is fabulous; I don’t think they need to be worried about much!

  • The funny thing is…Sherry’s used to be in that location of the “new” CVS years ago.

  • Sherry’s used to be where the Chipotle is now.

    • speaking of Chipotle….how awesome would it be if they got a liquor license and sold beer and margaritas…many other Chipotles do, at least in VA. Would be a nice cheap place to drink on their patio.

  • Fine with me. I doubt Sherry’s is “worried” too much, as long as CVS doesn’t start cutting into their craft beer market (that Sherry’s stocks so well). If anything, Manhattan Market should be worried, because it now means a second option of where to buy beer and wine on sundays (and, increasingly overall, this new and improved CVS has gotta be a bit more of a competition)

    • The closest I’ve seen any CVS come to craft beer is Sam Adams, and their stock tends to be pretty small, so I wouldn’t really think that they’ll be a threat to Sherry’s. You’d go to CVS for a six-pack of Miller Lite, and you’d go to Sherry’s for the pricey, rare stuff.

  • The CVS always sells beer very cheaply. $5 for a six pack of Newcastle? Can’t beat that.

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