Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

This rental is located at 1713 Willard Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Freshly painted lower level unit on quiet one way street. Conveniently located to shopping and green and red line metros. Looking for one year min. lease. Available immed.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,650/Mo.

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  • Queue the “Oh mah gawd, there’s, like, no windows – I could, like, never live there” crowd.

    Cute little apt, great location, good deal.

  • springroadintoaction

    Man, like even a year ago you wouldn’t be able to get over 1400 for this tiny photo darkroom.

    • Really? 650 sq ft 1 bedroom 1 bath with w/d in apt in U Street area… yea a year ago it could have gone for $1400. Easily. 5 years ago, 1200.. and for shits and giggles, 10 years ago it woulda been $650.

  • Cute? No – depressing!!

  • Seen worse kitchens in bigger apartments with higher rents in worse locations. If a workable kitchen is your thing, and you need to be in this *great* location, I say good deal.

    Hard for me to judge completely though without seeing the living space and bedroom. The shots of the kitchen make the space look a bit awkward (L-shaped?) which, in my opinion, can make 650 sqft seem more like 500 sqft. The location only goes so far when I’m the renter, so for me the value has declined significantly unless I’m completely wrong about the floor plan.

    • Also, is it just me, or is this the time of month where the quality and number of rental options declines significantly? Been looking for me own 1 bedroom and after finding 3 or 4 good options a 10 or 12 days ago, I’ve been struggling to find much that fits my not-too-picky-but-still-kind-of-picky wish list.

      • Schools coming back – the kids are renting after the summer, and it’s new-hire move-in season too (after that summer off post-grad that people with parents rich enough they can afford to take an internship do).

    • The bedroom is the front area with the pole in it and the living space is the first picture

  • I like that they say “lower level” instead of “basement”

    Still, I suppose a pretty good deal for a 1br in this location.

    • That’s the terminology in this area, I’ve noticed. Where I grew up we had a 2-story house with a basement. Around here it would be called a 3-level house, presumably because you could stick a tenant or something in the basement.

  • 1) it looks genuinely depressing, 2) you can get a 1 bedroom above ground with a balcony and all utilities included a few blocks away for $50 more (2112 NH Apts).

  • For an extra $2200 a month you can get the apartment near Logan Circle yesterday that people thought was an amazing deal.

  • I lived on this street for years and really loved the location. It is a bit far from the metro for some (i.e. a 15 min walk), but you can very easily walk to dupont, u street and admo. It’s also a very quiet street, surprisingly, being just off of U street and so close to 18th street and both a police and fire station. The one downside was that on-street parking became quite difficult in recent years, although you certainly don’t need car here (I only had one because my job required me to drive). Many of the neighbors have also put a lot of pride into developing their front gardens and tree boxes, making for a very charming street.

    • I love Willard. I dated someone on Willard and it’s probably my favorite street in NW. I liked the location far more than the ex.

  • Nice location, but the unit itself looks not so nice. Rent prices in the Shaw area have skyrocketed since I moved to the area 5 years ago.

  • It’s not clear if there are any windows in the back, but there _are_ windows in the front.

  • This was posted back in February.

    Considering that the landlord wanted a one year lease back then, the fact that it’s back on the market so soon and “Available immed.” is highly suspicious to me.

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