Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Shaw

This rental is located at 440 Rhode Island Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“2BR/2BA unit in a newly constructed building minutes from the Shaw Metro and minutes away from shopping, U street & fine dinnings. Open Floor plan with lots of natural light. High end kitchen with Silestone Counters, European Cabinets, Stainless Steel Appliances, and a breakfast bar. Private Balcony and common Roof Deck.Parking Convey.”

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,800/Mo.

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  • diploj

    I’ll say $200-$300 too high.

  • This building always has vacancies in it despite it being really close to the metro. I haven’t been inside, but someone told me the layouts are weird. It’s in a bit of a funky location, right on RI Avenue and beside a gas station. I think $1,400/month (shared by 2 people) is probably about right, since basement apartments in the area go for about $1600.

  • I live in this building! My gf owns so I won’t comment on the price, but I just want to say that I feel this is a great location. Only a few blocks from the metro, 2 blocks from Shaw’s Tavern/Bistro Bohem/et al. 4 blocks from Boundary Stone/Farmer’s Market/et al. Beau Thai literally behind the building. Plus multiple bus lines are right there. Some people will say that Rhode Island Ave is loud, but this will be a rear facing apt. I’ll say that we live front facing and the road just becomes white noise to us, if we hear it. Also, closest grocery is the Safeway at New York, which is kinda lengthy but we’ve never found it to be a problem. Overall, great location with a lot going for it.

  • We looked at a 2bed/2bath unit that was for sale. Nice but not $2800 nice. Right next to a gas station and at the intersection of two major streets. At what point can you stop calling it newly constructed? We saw it last summer and people had been living there for a while.

  • It all depends on what you want, are willing to put up with and will work for. I bought a place at the same time these came on the market. Granted it is 6 blocks further up Rhode Island from the Metro, but my two bed two bath penthouse with loft, off street parking and private roof top deck with monument / dome / cathedral views is now only 1600 a month mortgage including taxes. If you are willing to put in the work to find the perfect place, and willing to hold out until you do (and able to close in 30 days or less) you can get what you want.

  • Please please please, prospective renters, wait this one out till it drops a few hundred bucks. Do it for those of us who can’t afford to pay $2,800 just to live in the hood. I’m amazed/terrified at how such high rents are creeping steadily eastward.

    • I’m super psyched about these awesome high prices that allowed me to get a high enough appraisal on my rowhouse to refinance at 3%! Yay gentrification!

  • Sparta

    I toured this when it was first opening in Feb. 2011. The prices were much higher then, but no one was buying. I’ve seen two For Sale signs in front ever since, even though the prices have been lowered considerably since then. Their inability to sell goes against the trend in that area.

    The rental price is egregious for what you get. A year ago, 2 bedrooms were available at Park Place for the same price, but with a 24 hour concierge, fitness room, gorgeous landscaped roof with permanent barbeques, etc. I’m sure rents have gone up since then there, but not so much as to make this a good deal.

    • Completely different neighborhoods.. . Why doesn’t a similar unit in Georgetown go for the same price in Logan? I don’t get it.

      Anyhow you might want to check out Park Place prices again

      Seems like the cheapest way to get in there right now is unit 1R at the low price of $2100/month for a 1 bedroom.

  • No.. These are cheaply made and small. There were some major flooding issues last year damaging the basement condos. They are 800 bucks overpriced.

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