Update on New Houses Being Built near Tregaron Conservancy in Cleveland Park

Lots of progress on the two new houses being built on the 3000 block of Macomb St, NW by the Tregaron Conservancy in Cleveland Park. You can see what they looked like in April here.

Second house after the jump.

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  • I have to say, those are nice looking traditional houses that fit in the neighborhood.

  • The builders are trying to make these houses look old, but man, the roof on that first house is ponderous! Like a man wearing a hat a few sizes bigger than needed. The gray-blue is too dour for my taste, but then I can’t afford to buy either one of these…

  • Frankly, I’m a little disappointed. They look like they’re made of papier mâché, and the design is very suburban. This was an opportunity to introduce Cleveland Park to attractive urbanism, hoping to demonstrate that their implacable opposition to density is unnecessary. I suppose it’s zoned R-1 or −2, like the rest of the neighbourhood. *sigh*

  • Boring. A waste of a precious piece of green space.

    • Boring. A less than optimal use of a PRIVATE lot close to metro. Just wish they would have put more like 10 units on those lots. Either way, a W for DC. Construction helps the local economy, and the RE taxes on these are not going to be cheap. Good alternative for the lawyer who currently lives in McLean.

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