Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale

This rental is located at 101 U Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Lots of new restaurants/shops. Walk to METRO. 1 BR plus Den or 2nd BR/Huge foyer can be an office/computer nook. Front and rear entrance/yd. for entertaining. Steps to Howard U., Timor Organic Grocery, Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market and Windows Cafe LB on lower level basement apartment, iron gate. Pets welcome on case by case basis. Utilities included”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,600/Mo.

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  • I wish the church which owns this house would take better care of the yard so it doesn’t look so ghetto and do something about the trash-collecting shrub disaster in the treebox. If you rent here, you’ll have a clear view of the gang members who congregate across the street each evening.

    • tonyr

      Don’t worry, you’ll be able to out run any ne’er-do-wells. All the walking to the Metro will result in elevated fitness levels.

  • both comments so far totally unnecessary

    • tonyr

      I was trying to point out, humorously, that this place is nowhere near Metro, nor just “steps” to Howard U either for that matter. Do you disagree?

      • how close does a place need to be to be considered “close” in your opinion?

      • I disagree. It’s very close to Howard University. In the above map, the brown/tan shaded area IS Howard.

        • ledroittiger

          Maybe steps is an exaggeration. It’s a ten minute walk. Five if you’re going to the most easterly dorms.

          Metro is 15-20 mins, but could be less if you jump on the G8 on the corner of Rhode Island Ave. Anyway, why take the Metro if you can either take the G8, G2, or 80? Or better yet, take a Bikeshare from the SW corner of RI & 1st.

  • I thought this was abandoned for the longest time, then finally saw some people living in it. 1600 is way to steep for the price asking. I would think 700 would be a better price. This is more or less a rooming house. And thugs do all congregate across the street at the pink/yellow house and the MircoMart and the New Res Market. I am shocked to see it asking for so much.

    • +1.

      I also thought it was abandoned until I saw people going in and out of it. And I remember a cop at a meeting of the Civic Association talking about how they know those men who hang out on the corner across the street are gang members, some of whom used to live in the neighborhood and others who have relatives in it. I seriously doubt they mess with the people who live in the boarding house in question, but having to listen to some of the hootin’ and hollerin’ that goes on at night would be unpleasant. I agree that the price seems too high, and I love seeing high prices in B’dale!

  • this neighborhood looks awful to me, and this apartment is the definition of depressing. i rent a basement apartment about 14 blocks straight west from here, it’s much bigger, nicer, less dungeoun-like, is in the middle of everything, and i only pay a few hundred dollars more. wtf?

    • It IS awful! That’s why houses fly off the market for only about $7-900,000. It’s best to stay as close to 14th street as possible.

      • show me a houses in bloomingdale and/or ledroit park that “fly off the market” for 900k. you can’t, because they don’t. oh, you may find a few if you look really hard, maybe, but they’re the exception and not the rule.

        900k is a 14th street price. if you’re lucky.

        • so i did a search myself, on redfin. only ONE single family home in LeDroit Park sold for over 850 last year, and only ONE single family home in Bloomingdale did. both sold for less than a million, and both cases the homes were huge and completely renovated. the bloomingdale house only sold at 190 a square foot. neither “flew off the market” either.

          there were 23 homes in the 14th street corridor that went for OVER a million. throw in the ones at 850+ and the number is much higher.

          clearly the market still prefers 14th street. bloomingdale has a long way to go.

          • $1600 is too much for this apartment. Without question.

            Logan is a lovely neighborhood and is indeed further along the revitalization process than Bloomingdale. It has had many years head start on Bloomingdale so it is no wonder. But Bloomingdale is not without its charms. It is a good thing that different neighborhoods appeal to different people. 7-900 is a bit of an exageration. Realistically 6-800 though is not. 134 Seaton went on the market Saturday listed for $729,900 and is under contract today. 59 R was sold for $652 without even being officially listed. A house at 2nd and S sold for $707, bid up from list, within a week. 21 S sold mid-six in about a week. That beautiful house on U sold for mid-seven in a week. Houses that need complete gut jobs are selling in the 4-5 range. There are several other houses that sold for the mid-six to low-sevens that went under a month. No, Bloomingdale is not at the level of Logan but it is coming along too much to be dismissed out of hand. There certainly is more room for develpment still. One nice thing about Bloomingdale is that it is close enough to the development in Logan, U Street, H Street, but removed enough from the craziness to go home to quiet for those of us who are a bit stodgier. Also, there is a very nice sense of close-knit community within each of the blocks – at least from observation of those blocks south of Rhode Island.

            It’s not particularly necessary to have a competition amongst the neighborhoods for each to have pro’s as well as con’s. I love living in Bloomingdale but I also think Logan is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city.

      • Not meant to be a competition. Just meant to correct an exaggeration that Bloomingdale made after I suggested that $1600 is too high for that apartment in that neighborhood.

    • Who to choose in this battle of exaggeration?

  • With all the recent flooding problems in Bloomingdale, a basement apartment there sounds like a bad idea.

    • ledroittiger

      It’s pretty much confined to a couple of blocks. I am leaving the neighborhood (sadly) this month because I was flooded out of a basement. The landlord has since made the necessary installations (backflow preventer/sump pumps), but I can’t live in a basement apartment again because of the psychological damage I suffered. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford anything else in Bloomingdale (or LeDroit, or Shaw, or Eckington, or NoMa, or Howard U) that I liked, including options for roommates. I’m going to miss it…Great new things happening there that people from the west largely can’t understand.

      And FYI, the Office of the Tenant Advocate said they wouldn’t get caught dead in a basement apartment in this city. She said that if they don’t flood, something else will inevitably go wrong with them.

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