Tropicalia Opens at 14th and U St, NW

14th and U St, NW beneath Subway

Tropicalia, global dance hall, opened last night in the basement level beneath Subway at the corner of 14th and U St, NW. Here’s some cool shots courtesy of Tropicalia:


Front bar:


And here’s a look at a list of some house drinks. I had a caipirinha which was pretty damn tasty:

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  • beautiful spot for grown ups!

  • Love the decor! It’s kind of all over the place but it comes together somehow.

  • Wow, loving the drink names, and the place looks terrific. Too bad I’m probably a little too old to be in the club. I’ll listen to some Os Mutantes and have a caipirinha at home instead.

  • Yeah, looks like there are going to be a lot of fights, stabbings and shooting there. We can’t have this on our block. NIMBY!

    I pretty much avoid U St. these days but I might have to check this out, not to worry, I will have my kevlar on. Ha!

  • Clockwork Orange milk bar meets The Wiz?

  • Wow, it looks great. And I’m always excited to see dance clubs that combine DJ culture with live musicians, which can result in a really hip vibe with great energy.

    A musician friend of mine has a great band called Alma Tropicalia that does Brazilian psychedelia….ESL needs to sign them and make them the permanent house band here!

  • Leblon is no good for caipirinhas. You need the cheap stuff: Pitú or 51. And this sugar cane syrup stuff? Nonsense. Cut up the limes, remove the white part from the center of the wedges, add an unreasonable amount of cane sugar (the less refined and more translucent, the better), muddle, throw in some ice, add cachaça, and you’re done. And not naming a drink after Raul Seixas is just criminal.

  • Isn’t this considered swagger jacking?

  • looks amazing.

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