Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

This rental is located at 927 W Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Gorgeous renovated 2BR/1.5BA rowhouse 2 blocks from U Street at the corner of 10th/W NW. Ready to go. Available furnished/unfurnished. Corner lot with plenty of light and private outdoor space. Granite and stainless kitchen, harwoods throughout, fireplace, fenced backyard, and lots more.”

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $2,500/Mo.

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  • Looks pretty small. Good location. No pics of bedrooms. I’d want to know more, but seems like a fair price in today’s market.

  • 1250 a month per bedroom to SHARE a bath…in that location?


    • I can’t comment on the location, as I’m not very familiar with that stretch, but for a certain kind of renter, a shared bath might not be such a dealbreaker. While roommates might not be anxious to double up in the bathroom, it could work for a couple, for instance, who might want to use the 2nd bedroom as a home office space?

      But I’ve spent my whole life living in 1 or 1.5-bathroom houses and apartments, so maybe I’m biased.

      • great neighborhood. close to everything. safe. price is fair, too, without seeing photos or knowing the exact size. I live around the corner in a similar sized house.

        • Totally safe – if you’re a dude. I live around the corner too and I’d definitely think twice if I were a single woman looking at this place. There’s still a few unsavory characters around who bother females late at night.

          That said, this place is perfect for a couple. Would like to see some pics of the bedrooms, the yard, and perhaps get some numbers on the sq footage.

    • Really? Is it so strange for roommates to share a bathroom these days?

      • I don’t think so! But I haven’t had a roommate (that I wasn’t dating) since 2005 so maybe out of the loop.

    • Are you kidding? In this location they could probably charge more. Immediate access to metro, great restaurants and bars. 1250/month for a two bedroom in this location isn’t that bad considering I’ve seen 1 bedroom apts go for well over $2000/month around the corner.

  • FAIR price, good location

  • price is fair, which means it will probably end up renting for $200 more a month once the landlord receives 30 applications. le sigh…

  • I really don’t understand the aversion to shared bathrooms. I’ve always shared a bathroom with at least one other person (usually more like 3 or 4) and have had almost no problems. Have I just been really lucky?

  • Simple call: good price if it’s two real usable bedrooms. Bad price if it’s one bedroom and one tiny room (we all know the kind of tiny room many DC rowhouses have that realtors call bedrooms but can’t fit an adult-sized bed).

  • I think we actually looked at this house when we were in the market to buy in 2009. If it’s the same house it is *tiny* inside. We didn’t like the kitchen layout at all, and there is no storage. The master BR is a nice size (really the best feature of the house) but the second BR is usable really only as a study or office. The outdoor space was very nice though, spacious side yard. That price would be about what a mortage payment would have come out to, so the price seems fair.

  • I live in this area, and most of the renters (that I’ve met) of houses similar to this one are couples. These houses typically have one really big bedroom and one very small one. $2500 for a couple sharing a very large master bedroom and one full bath, with a “study” or whatever you want to use the second small bedrrom for, a backyard, and the space on the first floor sounds like a good deal. Consider the rental rates for nearby one bedroom condos that have no outdoor space and less overall space.

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