The (New) Iron Gate Restaurant Applies for a Liquor License in Dupont Circle

1734 N Street, NW

Back in Oct. 2010 we were saddened to learn that Iron Gate restaurant was closing at 1734 N St, NW. Fortunately in May 2012 we learned Iron Gate would be reopening under chef Tony Chittum from Vermilion in Alexandria.

The liquor license says:

“This is a new restaurant serving Greek and Italian style cuisine. Total Occupancy 99, with 50 seats. Summer Garden has 120 seats.”

It’ll be awesome to get the summer garden seating back in action. Updates as construction progresses.

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  • Is that an apartment building? If so, I can imagine the residents whose units face that courtyard not being particularly happy when some drunken restaurant patrons start getting loud.

    • No, I believe a non-profit agency works out of that building.

    • It may surprise you to learn that not every restaurant features or caters to drunken patrons. A great number of restaurants coexist in residential areas just fine.

      • In other words, this is the sort of place where grandma likes to eat, and it’ll be packed full of senior citizens from 5-8pm, then it’ll be empty. Fair enough.

    • Is that building near people who enjoy city dining? If so, I can imagine the residents not being particularly happy when some anonymous NIMBY (possibly drunken) starts getting loud.

    • I remember the Iron Gate from my first days working in DC in the mid-80s. Had the first poster bothered to read this piece or, God forbid, click through to the item referenced in the first sentence on the history of the spot, they would have discovered the “new” restaurant was replacing a restaurant that had operated continuously since the 1920s. Most current residents in the surrounding buildings had been dealing with the Iron Gate until less than two years ago. That stretch of N Street NW is hardly a drunken revelers’ hang-out. Except when the Tabard Inn patrons go buck-wild.

      If you move to an urban area, you are going to co-exist with commercial properties. If you want silence, move to the country (of course there you have howling coyotes and the like).

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