The Guards (Since 1966) Closes in Georgetown

2915 M Street, NW

Their Web site says:

The Washington Post reports:

“It’s just my decision not to sign a new lease,” says Shirvani [the owner], claiming business is still good in Georgetown and the rent affordable. “We need to pass on the torch. You know what I mean? We need to get new blood in there.”

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  • With Winstons, the Guards, Saloun, and Garretts all gone its like a significant portion of my life has evaporated with nothing to ever prove it happened.

    • So true. The loss of places like Hawk & Dove (to be replaced by another douchy cafe) and the places you mentioned is sad. Hopefully someone will fill this space with a non-theme restaurant. A nice pub (a real one – not Fado, Queen Vic, Brixton, etc.) would be great.

      • I think we both know what is to blame: gentrification.

        • Ha. No, not gentrification, just the bad taste of too many DC bar owners and patrons. Faux is “in”, but I hope that trend ends soon.

          • Interesting, but my memories of nightlife at the guards back in early 2000s was that it was pretty douchy back then. The downstairs dancefloor was a frat party hook up fest. No judgment, though. I enjoyed it a time or two

    • it’s like the 90s never happened.

    • Mine too…

  • Georgetown nightlife needs help… BADLY. As Anon X said, nothing’s really left. It’s actually bad for the city to have Gtown be just a big shopping mall with no nightlife or non-tourist restaurants.

  • Let’s talk about the real reason the Guards is closing down.

    From the WP article: “[The owner] Shirvani says he’s 60 years old now and needs to take a break from the restaurant business. He’s owned The Guards since 1982 … “Basically, I’m a little burned out,” he says. “I need to take some time off.”

    The owner also has a young wife, Valerie Shirvani, 25, who is applying to the University of Florida, with the idea of eventually becoming a pediatric doctor. The couple plans to move south soon.”

  • Georgetown as a nightlife neighborhood was killed by the Late Night Shots/frat-tastic southern it’s-still-2006 scene.

    • It sucked well before 2006.

    • I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. Places in Dupont like Public or Chinatown like Rocket Bar are still thriving on that scene. I think it’s more the expanding options in other neighborhoods. The same GW and Georgetown kids are going to keep going out on M Street, but now with people living in DC (and increasingly, people from the suburbs) expanding their horizons to H Street NE, Columbia Heights 11th Street, etc. Georgetown could probably use some fresh ideas with restaurant/nightlife.

      That said, I’m really miss my Garretts and Guards days…

  • They’re not telling the truth, they’re suffering from a decentralizing trend in fine DC dining. That’s my opinion.

  • Perhaps an intervention from the Saint Elmo’s Fire cast?

  • The Guards, the Bayou, Au Pied Du Cochon, The Cellar Door. What’s next, Martin’s?

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