The Diner Launches New Menu in Adams Morgan – Get a 50% Off Dinner This Monday

Photo of The Diner, 2453 18th Street, NW, by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

From a press release:

When The Diner in Adams Morgan opened its doors in 2000 it the menu was one page, back and front, full of dishes that were high quality and injected a sense of playful spin on diner fare. To celebrate the newly launched menu, reminiscent to the one presented 13 years ago, this Monday, from 5 to 11 p.m. The Diner will allow patrons to try out the new menu at 50% off.

The intention at the core of this menu change has always been to fully realize The Diner’s mission statement of “exceeding the culinary expectations of the traditional diner”.

“In reducing the size of our menu, we’ve done our best to focus on the dishes that we are proudest of, the ones that exemplify what we do best, and the ones that add an unexpected twist to comfort food classics,” explains The Diner GM, Clementine Thomas. “It’s in many ways a return to our roots”

Featured new items include:

Bread Pudding French Toast with citrus whipped cream and fresh berries

Homemade Pimento & Cheese Dip
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with homemade onion marmalade, tomato aioli and crispy potato chips

The Boss Hog- a signature pulled pork sandwich smothered in homemade BBQ sauce and topped with broccoli slaw

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Grilled Salmon served over jalapeno cheese grits with cremini mushrooms and pesto citrus butter

Angel Hair Pasta tossed with farmer’s market raw tomato sauce (much lighter and summery than typical marinara).

Other menu changes include a separate late night menu. The Diner, located at 2453 18th Street NW is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Full menus can be accessed online.

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  • Was so angry when I came in there last week and my tried and true chicken parm was gone. SO ANGRY

  • As a hardcore Diner fan (since it has opened, I’ve probably been there at least twice a month, and it always delivers), I was very nervous when I showed up a few weeks ago and saw the new menu. Some of my favorite dishes are gone (although many remain), and it seems like they went a shade snootier with the new additions, rather than “playful.”

    That said, I’m trying not to fear change, as all restaurants need an opportunity to grow with their menu. However, the last time I went with my friend, we both felt like our dishes were a step below what we usually had received in the past. Growing pains, I hope…

  • I was shocked two weeks ago when I sat down at the diner and was handed a new menu. Why change a great thing?!? And isn’t that the point of a diner– to offer a huge selection?? I don’t think a place is allowed to call themselves a diner without a tri-fold menu. What a HUGE disappointment.

  • I wish they’d refresh Open City’s lunch/dinner menu while they’re at it. I think it’s pretty much unchanged from when they opened.

  • if they get rid of omelets, i may die

  • #FAIL, bring back the old menu! I missed all my wonderful options last weekend.

    • I agree, I missed the old, trusty, reliable and delicious menu options!

  • Prefer the old menu. It’s a shame eggs chesapeake and benedict are gone.

  • Very disappointed. Only veggie dinner option is angel hair pasta?! How uninspiring. I used to love the grilled portabella dinner. Maybe I’ll go back if I want to get a sandwich or something, but not interested otherwise. Bummer.

    • +1. I’ve always thought of the Diner as being a veggie friendly place, but so much for that. I guess when you have only a single non-meat option it has to be a least common denominator item, except that means it generally sucks. Pasta with tomato sauce? I’ll stay home.

  • it’s a shame you can no longer get a grilled cheese or BLT at the diner.

    • That’s strange… I had a grilled cheese yesterday and my friend had a BLT. No problems at all – both as delicious as ever!

  • first, they took away the cubano and now this… many steps in the wrong direction

  • change is inevitable. all you The Diner old timers need to understand this.

  • Popped in The Diner for lunch this weekend. What a disappointment! Not only have they removed some of the classic diner fare from the menu (eggs benedict, tuna melt) but those dishes that remain are mediocre at best. Both my dining companion and I left with figurative and literal bad tastes in our mouths.

    I’m all for refreshing a menu and well-executed change is great. This, however, is neither of those.

  • In my experience The Diner has always been a mediocre and highly overrated dining experience whose only asset is its location.

    I’ll come in and try the new menu, hopefully it will be an improvement.

  • The only thing I really like was the $6 BLT and that is gone. All the food that is left went up a $1 or so. Ill be skipping the diner for now

  • The new menu is horrible. The food is a step down. Personally, the wings were what really set me off. How can you mess up wings? They have these new grilled wings that are as dry as cardboar and rather burned. The Diner used to have juicy amazing addictive wings!!! The new menu is tasteless. Who goes to a “DINER” for “healthy” or “pretentious” dining fair? Bring back the grease and grit! Bring back the basics!

  • After trying several of the new menu items, they’ve lost me as a customer. For the past decade I would frequently eat at the diner at least twice a week and sometimes more. The food wasn’t fantastic but it served as a decent substitute for what a bachelor should cook for himself (salmon w/ rice & broc, chicken w/ green beans, NY strip steak + mash pots, Greek pasta, etc). In my view, the new menu exceeds the scope of a diner. Most of the new items don’t comprise what normal people eat on a regular basis — the new options are high calorie and unnecessarily rich not to mention too expensive. One example: The old menu had an $11 Salmon w/ mango sauce + rice & broccoli; on the new menu this has become a $15 “Pesto Rubbed Grilled Salmon” that comes with “Jalapeno-cheese grits, scallion, cremini mushroom, citrus butter”. Cheese grits? c’mon. Twice the calories for nearly $5 more. I must admit it tasted good, but I want basic choices. Diner: please don’t try to seduce my inner glutton, keep things simple. The angel hair pasta is decent but the portion is far too large. I’d rather have half the size for $3 dollars less. Earlier in the summer they had an amazing and simple special: Baked Haddoc with rice and tomatoe slices and it was truly was amazing — why didn’t that end up on the new menu?

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