TakeEatEasy Coming to 1990 M St, NW – No Longer Affiliated with Fast Gourmet

1990 M St, NW

Back in Jan. 2012 we learned TakeEatEasty would be coming to the former China Cafe space at 1990 M St, NW. The folks from Fast Gourmet write me to say that they are no longer affiliated with the project. Fast Gourmet owners Fernando and Lina Almiron write:

We wanted to in form you that our partnership with Juan Olivera has ended as of July 23rd. Juan (AKA Nacho) and Manuel Olivera are no longer part of Fast Gourmet. Fernando Almiron Founder and Owner of Fast Gourmet has purchased Mr. Oliveras shares and ended his partnership with him due to irreconcilable differences.

We want to make sure that is clear Fast Gourmet has nothing to do with the place the Oliveras are opening in the next coming months. TAKEATEASY is not part of Fast Gourmet and never was, this is a venture Mr.Olivera has with other investors.

As always our focus is to provide our clients a great dinning experience, nothing in the daily operations of the restaurant will change, just minor improvements to enhance the experience here at Fast Gourmet.

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  • Restaurant drama < Baby mama drama

  • I’m curious to see if this affects the quality of Fast Gourmet at all..

  • Oh well. No delicious chivitos or Cuban sandwiches at the office for me. At least I won’t have to patronize a place with a name as dumb as TakeEatEasy.

  • A “great dinning experience” is right. Last time I went to Fast Gourmet, the music was way, way, way too loud — quite a din.

  • Let’s see, the guys who actually put the menu together are leaving Fast Gourmet to open TakEatEasy? My guess is that it will be better than Fast Gourmet soon enough. Can’t imagine that the financial backers of Fast Gourmet are actually going to improve the menu at all.

  • I have been a Fast Gourmet Fan since I was referred to it last year. I actually went there this last weekend to check and see if my fav place was still the same, and Its still the same awesome flavor that I tasted that first day. I do see that the place is a lot cleaner, and that grumpy cashier is no longer working there. Its sad to hear that they split due to “irreconcilable” differences that basically shows things did not end in a good note. That explains the last comment posted by cohi-uruguy. that shows that there are still a lot of haters out there.
    Why cant people just focus on great food and forget the drama. Once takeeateasy or what ever the f the name is opens Ill be thrilled to try it and then we will, if its as good as Cohi-Uruguy says is going to be.

    Aren’t the one that left from Uruguy as well?? hummm

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